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What is a Cash House Buyer?

A cash house buyer is an organisation which pays for the entirety of your property up-front for cash.

These businesses do not operate within a chain and make you an offer which is typically 15-20% below the market value. They make a profit by selling your property on further down the line, once improvements have been made. These businesses aim to make your life easier by achieving a quick sale and sidestepping all the hassle involved with ‘traditional’ methods of selling a house.

You might choose to use a cash buyer if you need your sale to be completed in a short time frame. Alternatively, if your property cannot be sold ‘on the market’ – perhaps because it is derelict, or because your EPC rating is not good enough – a cash buyer will still purchase it from you, without you having to take the time to fix these issues.

Cash house buyers do not use estate agents and have cash ready to purchase your property immediately, and this results in a much smoother, quicker and less stressful sale.

Why use a Cash House Buyer in Birmingham?

Cash house buyers can be an extremely useful option to someone who wants to sell their property quickly. Popular high street estate agencies in Birmingham such as Oakmans, Dixons, James Laurence and Connells all have very positive reputations – but some people in the city believe that the ‘traditional’ method of selling property is outdated.

There is a better way.

Since trustworthy cash buyers have the funds to pay for your entire property up-front, it means you can complete the deal within a couple of weeks. also takes care of the costs associated with selling a house, by avoiding estate agency commissions.

Over the past year, the growth of property prices in Birmingham has stifled slightly. This means that some homeowners are ‘cutting their losses’ and are not fussed about selling their property for slightly below market value – especially if opting for a high street agency will result in several months of viewings, and associated expenses, which they want to avoid.

What Price Can I Expect from a Cash Buyer in Birmingham?

The average house price in the Birmingham post code is £284k, which is below the UK average of £362k.

When you sell to a cash buyer, you will receive an offer which is slightly lower than the high street market value – although, the difference in price will depend on the condition of your property, the length of the lease, whether there are tenants currently living there, and a few other factors.

You should keep in mind that the value of properties in Birmingham varies considerably, depending on which part of the city it is in. For example, properties in Bournville had an overall average price of £292,113 in a recent calendar year – while in the same period, properties in Aston had an average of £218,856.

As we mentioned above, having tenants currently living in your property will decrease its value, and if the lease on a flat is less than 99 years, this will have a negative impact, too.

You should consider all these factors when setting your expectations for a cash house buyer’s offer. works with homeowners throughout Birmingham to provide accurate quotations on what we would pay for their house up-front with cash.

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Property Market in Birmingham

Rising inflation across the UK has put a strain on the pockets of homeowners and renters alike – and Birmingham is no different. While inflation in the city was 1.5% in 2020, this number increased to 11.53% in 2022, and has continued to rise in 2023.

Although inflation is expected to settle and interest rates expected to decrease over the next few years, there is no doubt that some homeowners are selling their properties because the mortgage repayments have become too expensive. Those with renters in their properties are also starting to increase the monthly payments.

It can’t be denied: Birmingham’s property market has been through a difficult few years. But there’s still lots of exciting things which attract people towards the city every year.

Living in Birmingham

Birmingham is undoubtedly one of the UK’s most exciting cities.

With a huge range of events, art, music and culture to enjoy, the number of people dreaming of a move to the city is extremely high. The upcoming arrival of HS2 promises to make transport to London, Manchester and Leeds much easier – and the dozens of major sporting events around the city every year bring thousands of people in from across the country.

Dozens of schools throughout the city rank extremely highly in the Ofsted ratings, making Birmingham an attractive destination for young couples who want to start a family.

There are also approximately 81,000 students currently living in the city, which shows that the University of Birmingham and Aston University attract ambitious young learners from across the UK.

There is an unending list of enjoyable things to do in the city. Cadbury World attracts people from across the country, and watching the cricket at Edgbaston stadium is a must-do in the summer. The Chinese Quarter is well-known for its outstanding food, so if you fancy a ‘date night’ or an evening catching up with friends, there’s plenty of amazing restaurants for you to enjoy, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cash House Buyers in Birmingham

How does a cash buyer value my property?

Most cash house buyers will ask you to enter your postcode and street address. They will then arrange a time to visit your house and carry out a valuation.

Is a cash buyer better for a house?

Whether selling to a cash house buyer is a better option depends on your circumstances. If you are keen to avoid the complications surrounding house sales – such as chains, price negotiation and conveyancing – then it could be a good idea. Likewise, if your house is in poor condition, or currently has tenants in-situ, a cash buyer could be the way to go.

However, if you are not in a hurry to sell your house, and you don’t mind the hassle involved as long as you get an excellent price, then a traditional high street estate agency may be a better route.

Are cash buyers legit?

Some cash buyers like are totally legitimate – while others cannot be trusted. You must carry out thorough research on any firm before you contact them (or if they contact you).

Ideally, any company you work with will have lots of independent positive reviews online. They should also have a Companies House page which gives you details about the company.

There are other, smaller details which you should pay attention to as well. If you call the company’s office number, it is always a good sign if a real person answers, rather than an automated voice. If they have a company website which goes in-depth into the services they provide, and how they do it, then that’s a good sign.

You should also see if the company has accreditations and belongs to any regulatory bodies.

Do cash buyers need a solicitor?

All property transactions require someone to take care of the legal requirements. Cash buyers like usually have in-house legal experts who take care of all the tasks a solicitor would typically carry out. This is why some reputable cash buyers are able to take care of the legal costs for the client and avoid ‘waiting around’ for a third party solicitor to get things done.

Can you trust a cash offer for property?

You can trust a cash offer for your property if it comes from a reputable, reliable company. There are steps you can take to ensure the trustworthiness of a business.

Beware if a cash buyer offers 100% of your property’s value – this means they are being disingenuous, because it is almost impossible for them to make money that way. Trustworthy cash house buyers will offer 80 to 85% of your house’s value.

A company is also more trustworthy if it has accreditations and belongs to regulatory bodies.

How likely are deals to fall through?

If you sell your house to a reliable cash buyer, it is highly unlikely to fall through. Since they have their own funds, they are not dependent on other people to complete the sale. On the other hand, if you sell to a traditional high street agency, it is far more likely that the deal could fall through. This is because there are lots of variables which might go wrong, such as a chain breaking down, or a survey revealing issues which turn out to be a ‘dealbreaker’ for the buyer.

How long until funds will be in my account?

In most cases, a trustworthy cash buyer like will deposit the funds into your account within 7 days of your valuation being completed. Once a sale has been agreed, the funds will be in your account within 24 hours.

Do cash buyers buy every type of property?

Yes, reliable cash buyers like purchase any type of property in Birmingham or elsewhere in the UK. This may not be the case with all cash house buyers, however, so you should carry out in-depth research on a business – and possibly call up their helpline – to find out.

Am I allowed to change my mind after contacting a cash buyer?

Yes. Any trustworthy and reliable cash house buyer will not have any complaints if you change your mind midway through a deal. Once a valuation has been made on your house, you are not required to follow through with the sale.

Is Birmingham a nice place to live?

Yes, Birmingham is a lovely place to live. While some areas are nicer than others (like with any major city) thousands of people invest in properties in the city, or rent places there, so they can enjoy all the amazing things it has to offer.

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