What makes a Custom Purchase?

Our Custom Purchase offers you a completely guaranteed sale, as we purchase the property directly from you ourselves. As we use our own funds, we can complete in any timeframe you like – it can be in a matter of days if needed. This type of ‘cash house buyer’ service is fully managed, designed to be an easy and stress-free process, and there are absolutely no fees to pay – we even cover your legal costs.

But wait, what’s the catch?

The sale is guaranteed and fast, but it won’t be for full value. Our cash purchases are 80%-85% of full market value – the percentage being dependent upon the condition of the property, its location and how confident we are that we can resell or rent it out. 

This route works best for sellers who want or need a guaranteed sale. Whether that’s because they need the funds for an onwards purchase, are moving overseas, or have just had enough of playing the waiting game and want to move forward with their lives.

How does it work?

Your Cash Offer

Accept & Sign

Confirm Valuation

Instruct Solicitors & Progress Paperwork

Confirm The Order

Exchange & Complete

Cash house buyer FAQs

When you sell your home with us at SOLD.CO.UK using the Custom Purchase route, we buy your property for cash. We have sufficient funds available to buy your home and complete a quick sale for you. As with all our ways to sell, we cover your legal fees and you will never be charged a penny. Selling with us is 100% FREE.

At SOLD.CO.UK, you will be involved in every step of the selling process, no matter which way you opt to sell your home with us. With our Custom Purchase route to sale, the process is completely transparent and you will always be informed of how things are proceeding. As we are acting as a cash house buyer the transaction is between yourself and SOLD.CO.UK, meaning we can complete whenever you wish – in a matter of days if it best suits you!

At SOLD.CO.UK, opting to sell your house via our Custom Purchase route can be the quickest way to sell your property. Other benefits of selling to us when we are operating as a cash property buyer include:

  • No fees
  • Your legal costs are covered by us
  • No time-consuming viewings
  • A chain-free sale
  • No hassles or delays

Why should I choose SOLD.CO.UK?

  • We offer a range of services, with a tailored approach to match your needs
  • You’re able to move between these services whenever needed
  • All are totally fee free, and we pay your legal costs
  • We never overvalue nor over-promise
  • You only sign up for 30 days, and if we haven’t sold your property by then you are free to walk away

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