What makes an Enhanced Listing?

Instead of just listing your property online or in a branch, sitting back and waiting for the viewings and offers to come flooding in (which, let’s face it, rarely happens), we’ll also advertise your property to our fully qualified database of pre-vetted buyers and investors – AND we set a realistic asking price to begin with, meaning you’re much more likely to sell – and quickly. It’s a fully managed service with minimum effort required by the seller. What’s more, we don’t charge any fees and take no commission, and we even cover your legal costs.

We’re so confident in our method that we only ask for a 30-day contract. In the unlikely event that we DON’T sell your property within that time, and you don’t want to continue with us after this point, you walk away. There really is nothing to lose by coming to us first.


Reach 98% of buyers with an online estate agent you can trust

But wait, what’s a ‘realistic’ asking price?

Estate agents can often overvalue properties in order to win an instruction. After they’ve won your business by promising a high price, they’ll ask you to sign a lengthy contract with them. As time ticks on and the property doesn’t receive as much interest as hoped, you’ll be advised to reduce the asking price until eventually you get down to a price it will actually sell for. By this point you’ve wasted time, energy and money – and potentially lost out on a property you wanted to buy.

A realistic price is a value that we’re confident we can achieve for your property within 30 days, either through the online listing or via our fully qualified database of cash buyers.

It is of course possible you could make more by going with an estate agent and waiting it out on the open market – it all depends on what your ultimate priorities are.


How does it work?

Agree The Price

Property Goes Live

Relax As We Do All The Work

Exchange & Complete

The SOLD way is simple

When you want to sell a property, you commit to it. But in the UK 1-in-3 property sales still fall through – why? Usually due to the buyer.

Their mortgage might not be approved, they might not be committed, they might try a last minute price reduction, they may simply go silent and disappear. Sound familiar?

At SOLD.CO.UK, our buyers are ready to move, and have demonstrated commitment to the sale from the outset – and that is why they pay the sale fee, not you. Simply put, a buyer who puts their money where their mouth is, is a committed buyer!

And by setting a realistic and achievable price for your property, and working with buyers who want to make the purchase we can help you sell your home fast.


Definitely 5 Star Service

In our recent dealings with Sold, we received excellent service. Special thanks, to Mary, Tushar & Phillipa. Definitely 5 Star Service.

Mrs Janet Thorogood 5 stars
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They did exactly what they said they would…

They did exactly what they said they would and got a buyer for my Mum’s property within a week. We received regular updates and communication was good. Mary, in particular, was a star and kept us sane throughout the process.

Thank you!

Fern Fawcett 5 stars
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Well Done!

From first contact with Jamie and all the way through via Phillipa and Mary we received top notch service- well done all

Cattie Ladanowski 5 stars
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