Reach 98% of buyers with an online estate agent you can trust

Qualifying buyers at the start

From the outset, we make it clear that in order to have viewings and make offers, a buyer must be ready to progress and that they will pay our fee

Getting shot of the time-wasters

We only work with buyers who have the funds or mortgage ready to go, and who are willing to put their money where their mouth is

Genuine, committed buyers

When a buyer makes an offer, we let you know safe in the knowledge this is a buyer who genuinely wants to buy your property, and has the means to do so

Efficient and effective

By only working with buyers who are actually committed to buying your property. we save time and money, meaning we can pass those savings on to you

Reach 98% of all active buyers… 


Amazingly Quick!

The last time I sold a house was 30 years ago, so I was very out of touch! My daughter looked into online estate agents for me and came back suggesting SOLD as a service that would work well. No fees at all seemed too good to be true, but I decided to give it a go as the contract was only 30 days. My house had three offers on it within 14 days – amazingly quick! If anyone is out there thinking about going with SOLD, I could not recommend a service more! Huge thanks!

You won’t regret using this service

I experienced a great service with this company. I wanted a quick sale but at a good price and they offer this. I have heard horror stories of people sitting on the market for six to eight months with only a few viewings and I didn’t want that. With Sold my property was under offer within 20 days and I have now completed six weeks later. Cannot thank the team enough for their efficiency – you won’t regret using this service!


The best experience I’ve had with an estate agent

I bought a property in London with Sold and had a good experience – probably the best I’ve had with an estate agent. The agent I was working was available, proactive, and informed about what was going on with the process. She kept the purchase going, and was able to negotiate with me and the sellers to navigate around issues when they came up. I’d definitely use them again.

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