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As a leading online estate agent, SOLD.CO.UK believe that traditional high street and conventional online estate agency models have their place – but there are downsides to both.

Often agents overvalue your home to get you excited and more likely to choose them to sell it. All this does is unfairly raise your hopes and waste your time, as you’ll have to lower the asking price every few weeks to sell it. On average, it takes a regular estate agent 190 days to sell your home. That’s 6 months.

Everyone knows this, and yet everyone still plays the same game. And buyers know this too – holding out and reducing offers later in the process when they know sellers are losing patience and time.

That’s the OLD way. We do things the SOLD way.


Customer Reviews

“Fantastic service!”

My property has only just hit the market but the service so far from Tia has been outstanding. Great communication and photographs and listing carried out really swiftly.

Karen Rogers 5 stars
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“You won’t regret using this service”

I bought a property in London with Sold and had a good experience – probably the best I’ve had with an estate agent. The agent I was working was available, proactive, and informed about what was going on with the process. She kept the purchase going, and was able to negotiate with me and the sellers to navigate around issues when they came up. I’d definitely use them again.

“The best experience I’ve had with an estate agent”

I experienced a great service with this company. I wanted a quick sale but at a good price and they offer this. I have heard horror stories of people sitting on the market for six to eight months with only a few viewings and I didn’t want that. With Sold my property was under offer within 20 days and I have now completed six weeks later. Cannot thank the team enough for their efficiency – you won’t regret using this service!

“Amazingly Quick!”

I bought a property in London with Sold and had a good experience – probably the best I’ve had with an estate agent. The agent I was working was available, proactive, and informed about what was going on with the process. She kept the purchase going, and was able to negotiate with me and the sellers to navigate around issues when they came up. I’d definitely use them again.

How do I know if an online estate agency is right for me?

If you want to get the most amount of money possible for your home, a traditional estate agent is probably better for you. But you should be aware that you are putting your property on the market for more than it’s worth, hoping the perfect buyer will come along.

The reality is that you will wait 6 months, reduce the price, and have a 50/50 chance of it all falling through. And you’ll still pay a fee at the end.

With SOLD.CO.UK, we can sell your home fast in as few as 30 days – fully managed end-to-end, all for free.

Why Should I Sell My House in Bristol with SOLD.CO.UK?

SOLD.CO.UK is a reliable online estate agent providing a transparent and fully managed property sales service. We can sell your house in Bristol faster than any other estate agent in the UK. Plus, we’re completely free – we have no fixed fees, we take no commission, and there are no hidden costs. We’ll even pay for your legal expenses, meaning you won’t have to pay a penny when you sell your house in Bristol with us.

SOLD.CO.UK provides a convenient, fast and free property sale. To sell your home in Bristol, contact our expert team on 0800 566 8490 or via

The benefits of selling with online estate agents

Why sell your property with us, rather than a high street estate agent?

Most estate agents do the same things – they take photos, make floorplans and list your property on sites like Rightmove. We do all that, plus a whole lot more besides. It all starts by giving you an honest valuation of your property and helping you achieve a realistic price from the outset.

We get it SOLD – fast!

Estate agents on average take 190 days to sell a property. We can do it in 25 days.

We have cash buyers at the ready

We advertise your property in all the usual places like Rightmove, but we also have 20,000 pre-qualified buyers ready to go. More trusted buyers means less chance of a sale falling through.

We are completely FREE

Estate agents either charge you up front, or a commission when you sell. With us, there are no fees at all – we even cover your legal costs. Instead, we take our fee from the buyer – by ensuring THEIR commitment when an offer is accepted, there is less chance of the sale falling through.

We manage the sale for you

Unlike other agents, we take care of everything – not just arranging photos and viewings, but managing every aspect of the sales progression and conveyancing, ensuring all parties involved are driving toward a quick sale.

No risk, short-term contracts

We are so confident we can achieve your sale quickly that we only ask for a 30-day agreement. Most agents make you sign up for months on end.

Online Estate Agent FAQs

SOLD.CO.UK are no fee agents. We provide our customers with a fully managed way to sell your house for free. You can avoid the commission and fees charged by traditional high street estate agents by selling with SOLD.CO.UK – we even cover your legal costs. Our hassle-free way of selling can have your property sold in a timeframe that suits you.

Estate agents that operate solely via the internet are often referred to as online estate agents or internet only estate agents. Many people are using this way of selling their home to benefit from zero fees and a stress-free way to sell a property.

Just because we are an online estate agent doesn’t mean you won’t get amazing customer care. Your property sale will be managed by one of our expert agents and they will keep you informed at every step of the process. You will never have to chase for information because everything will be relayed to you in an efficient manner.

By setting a realistic selling price with you from the start you can rest assured your house will sell more efficiently than it would with a traditional high street agent. We will promote your house to our network of pre-qualified buyers, so there is less chance of a sale falling through. We will also list the property on selling sites and we can auction properties if preferred. Talk to our team on 0800 566 8490 to discuss your timeframes and the options we have available for you.

At SOLD.CO.UK, we are a people-powered company. We want you to liaise with us one-to-one throughout the entire process of selling your home. So, all correspondence with us will be via telephone or email, whichever suits you best. You will have complete peace of mind that we are contactable whenever you need us.

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