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What is probate property?

Do you have a loved one who recently passed away, that lived in Leeds?

If you did, then it is entirely possible that a house has now been inherited by someone else in your family (perhaps you). This is referred to as ‘probate property’.

With the average house price in Leeds being £273,000, it is almost certain that your new house will be valued at more than £5,000. 

This is the threshold at which probate must occur and an executor is required to apply for a ‘Grant of Probate’ so they can legally transfer the house to its new owner. Once you inherit probate property, it is entirely up to you what you do with it. The main options include:

  • Sell the house
  • Rent it out
  • Live in it
  • Leave it empty

You cannot sell your new house, or find renters to move in there, until after it has been officially transferred into your name.

If you opt for the first option, the condition of your property will impact how easily you can find a buyer. For example, if the house has broken doors, faulty windows or degraded paint, this might prevent some people from offering a high price on the property.

Your location within Leeds will make a difference, too. The city’s average time on the market is 136 days, but this decreases by more than 30 days in some areas, such as Horsforth and Pudsey.

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Selling probate property in Leeds

Hundreds of probate properties are inherited in Leeds every year. From Headingley to Whinmoor, Beeston to Cross Gates, and everywhere in between: when you decide to sell your probate property, you want to get the maximum value for it.

The neighbourhood your probate property is in will make a significant difference, as will its size and condition. But to get an accurate sense of its value, the only surefire way to find out is to get your property valued.

When you should value a house for probate in Leeds

If one of your loved ones has passed away in Leeds, you will need to value their estate to determine how much inheritance tax must be paid. As part of this, valuing their Leeds property is essential.

You can hire an independent expert to value your probate property, or contact an estate agent that offers this service.

How long after probate can a property be sold in Leeds?

You are allowed to sell your Leeds probate property once it has been legally transferred to you, using the Grant of Probate. You cannot complete the sale before this point.

If you own a probate property in Leeds for a few years before deciding to sell it, you should get it revalued. Over the past year, house prices in the city have increased by roughly £13,800, so you will be able to get much better value after a few years of owning it.

Paying stamp duty on inherited property in Leeds

You do not need to pay stamp duty on inherited property – both in Leeds, and in the rest of the country, too. This means that, once inheritance tax has been paid, the remainder of the property’s value is completely yours. This can often represent a lot of money, especially in a city with a thriving housing market like Leeds – so cashing in may be the best solution.

How can help

Do you want to sell your Leeds probate property for a lump sum of cash? Regardless of its condition, location or size, will buy your house, while covering all your legal fees and not taking a commission on the sale.

By selling to us, you can make a ‘clean break’ and use the funds from the sale for something more important to you. This might be buying a new house elsewhere in the country, going travelling, or paying for something expensive like a car.

Once you receive a valuation from, you do not have to take it. But if you do decide to accept, we can complete the deal as fast as you would like – including within 7 days.

Get in touch with us today for a no-obligation valuation on your Leeds probate property.

Selling your house after probate in Leeds in 4 simple steps:

  • Contact for a free valuation
  • Decide whether to accept
  • Agree on a completion date
  • Get the funds within 24 hours

Can you sell a house before probate in Leeds?

You need to wait until probate has been taken care of before you are allowed to sell a house. Until it is legally yours, you have no right to sell it on the open market, or to a cash house buyer.

Once the Grant of Probate is received, and the property is legally transferred to you, you can do whatever you wish with it. In this situation, if you decide to sell your Leeds probate house, then can buy it directly from you for cash. Some of the advantages of selling directly to us includes:

  • Sell within 7 days, or a timeframe that works for you
  • No legal fees or estate agent’s commission
  • Get the funds in your account 24 hours after completion
  • Avoid fixing up or renovating an old house
  • Sell to a buyer who’s not in a chain

From Chapel Allerton to Kirkstall, Hunslet to Stanks: we will buy your Leeds probate property in any condition.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation valuation.

How long does it take to sell a house after probate in Leeds?

When a probate property in Leeds has been legally transferred to you, and it is in good condition, you can expect it to take around 136 days to find a suitable buyer – as this is the city’s average for selling a property.

Your house could take significantly longer than this to sell if it is in poor condition and has been neglected by its previous owner. Some much older houses also have lower EPC ratings or are no longer viable for a mortgage offer from major banks – so these could be significant challenges that you need to deal with, too.

Unlike selling on the open market, can buy your house in Leeds within 7 days. You will not have to pay any expenses and can sell without stress or hassle.

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FAQs about Selling an Inherited House in Leeds

Can someone claim against the estate after probate?

Yes. It is highly recommended that you get legal support with this, though, and do it at the earliest possible opportunity. There are plenty of legal experts in Leeds that may be able to provide guidance.

How much does an estate have to be worth to go to probate?

It must be worth over £5,000. If a property in Leeds is involved in the estate, it almost always goes over this threshold.

Will my house go through probate?

If it is worth more than £5,000, then yes. In Leeds, this is almost always the case.

Can you check probate on a property?

Yes, the UK government enables you to check this online for any Leeds property.

Do probate properties sell for cheaper?

If a Leeds probate property is in poor condition, or has an old structure that affects its safety or features, then this may impact on its price. However, in good condition, there is nothing inherently wrong with probate property, either in Leeds or elsewhere, so it shouldn’t be any less valuable.

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