A Complete Guide to Selling Your House Online
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A Complete Guide to Selling Your House Online

For years, the only way to really sell your house was through a traditional high street estate agent. Today, homeowners have a multitude of different selling options available to them at a simple click of a mouse or tap on a smartphone screen.

In modern times, we are constantly connected to the internet. It is safe to say, if you are thinking of selling your home, the ideal buyer is out there somewhere and is waiting to come across your home online. With the distinct transition of the property market to online platforms, you can almost guarantee that the next owner of your home will have started their search for a new home via the web.

What is an online estate agent?

An online estate agent will help you sell your home; an alternative to a traditional estate agent that many sellers find attractive. With no physical presence on the high street, online estate agents work solely online, keeping clients seamlessly in the loop via telephone and email. They can also help you find a new home with detailed properties for sale listings.

How is selling through an online estate agent different?

There are three major distinctions when you sell your property through an online estate agent or via a traditional estate agent.

Decreased selling fees

Without a doubt, the biggest difference is the cost of using an online estate agent to sell your property. Traditional high street agents will attach a significant amount of administrative fees and commission onto a sale, whereas, depending on the company, online agents don’t adopt this same technique.

Prices vary amongst online agents, ranging from one-off fees of £99 to £900. What sets SOLD.CO.UK apart when selling your home, is that you pay nothing; we even cover your legal costs.

Increased exposure

Your typical high street estate agent will inevitably place your property for sale on their website and in their shop window. Furthermore, you may be listed on a couple of property selling platforms.

At SOLD.CO.UK, we can facilitate this exact same exposure, whilst boosting your property further. Your property is not only listed online across our website and on all the major property portals, we can also advertise your home to our networks of pre-approved buyers.

Quick property sales

Increasing the number of eyes on your property can have a significant impact on the time it takes to accept an offer and complete on the sale of your home. With SOLD.CO.UK we can sell your house online, with no fees and minimum inconvenience to you.

What are the benefits of using an online estate agent?

To some, utilising an online estate agent can seem an alien concept. However, this alternative way of selling your home has several benefits.

1.     Fees

In most cases, using an online estate agent is a more cost-effective method of selling your home. The more expensive your home is, the more you stand to save in agents fees from the sale of your home. In some cases, like with SOLD.CO.UK, you can even sell your home for free.

2.     Accessibility and contact

Clients can easily track the progress of their sale through online portals, alongside easy contact with online estate agent teams by telephone and email.

3.     Flexibility

Although traditional high street estate agents are renowned for their local expertise, how your property is sold is at the mercy of the estate agent. Online estate agents can provide customers with a level of flexibility and control in determining how they want their property to be advertised.

4.     Freedom

Online estate agents often have very short contracts or simply do not offer a contracted period at all. This means the customer has greater freedom to dictate the sale of their home.

Can I sell my house online?

Without a doubt, selling your property online is easier now than it has ever been. Many people have become disheartened by the fees, lengthy selling times and lack of customer care that come with some traditional estate agents. Online estate agents can help alleviate these issues and facilitate a seamless property sale. To find out the benefits of using an online estate agent, find out how it works with SOLD.CO.UK.

If you think using an online agent could be the alternative answer to your property prayers get in touch with us at SOLD.CO.UK today via 0800 566 8490 or fill in our quick online form.

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