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Can You Really Sell Your House Without an Estate Agent?

The average time taken from securing a mortgage in principle to completion on a new home is typically around 6 months. For some homeowners, particularly those who need a quick sale, this timeframe is undesirable. Furthermore, it is no secret that estate agent fees can be high; 3%+VAT is not uncommon. It is no surprise that more sellers than ever are choosing alternative routes to sale, such as selling privately, online estate agents, cash house buying companies and property auctions.

Below, SOLD.CO.UK uncover the points you need to consider before moving away from a traditional estate agent. Furthermore, we shine a light on the different ways in which you can sell your house today.

How much is my house worth?

If you have decided that an estate agent isn’t for you then seek a valuation. Start by using an online property portal, like Rightmove, to see how much similar properties in your area have sold for. You can also contact estate agents in your area. Although you won’t be using their services (perhaps keep this nugget of information to yourself) they will typically give you a free valuation. There is no harm in getting a property valuation from a handful of local estate agents to get a clear and realistic price bracket.

Get an Energy Performance Certificate

Before you can sell your house by any route you will need to get an Energy Performance Certificate. You can then put your home on the market. A registered energy assessor can do this for you. Simply search the EPC register website for a professional in your area.

Can I sell my house privately?

If you’re happy to put in some time and effort, then selling privately could be for you. It’s helpful if you have an above average understanding of the property industry or have purchased or sold a property before. There are a number of websites that will allow you to list your property for free – such as House Ladder or Property Sell – and advertising via social media, the local newspaper and in local shops will all help market your home as much as possible without incurring a cost.

Selling privately isn’t any easy task and no sale is guaranteed. However, you will get to keep 100% of the money you make selling your home and will only have to settle solicitor’s fees.

Selling your home at auction

Auctions have become a favourite for those who are selling secondary properties, such as those which they have inherited. Other circumstances include selling homes which have been neglected or have legal complications attached to them. Selling a property you own at auction has its advantages, such as the likelihood of a quick sale and the potential for people to outbid each other, meaning more money for you. Furthermore, the timeframe of auctioning off a property tends to be 10 weeks, which is significantly shorter than the average six months with a traditional agent.

However, there is no guarantee that your property will sell at auction. If it does, the buyer is legally tied in so there is little wiggle room once the hammer falls. Auction fees can be a little pricey and percentage fees fall in the same remit as high street estate agents.

Can I use an online estate agent?

Fast becoming one of the preferred methods of selling, online estate agents have climbed in popularity over recent years. Traditionally, estate agents charge commission on the final sale value of your home. Online estate agents tend to charge a one-off fee, typically between £300 and £1,500. However, others – like us here at SOLD.CO.UK – don’t charge a penny and even cover your legal costs too.

Whilst you may not have the face-to-face contact with an agent that is considered the norm regarding property sales, being kept in the loop is not an issue. Your property can be listed online quickly, and your agent will keep you in the loop regarding views and progress. Furthermore, quicker house sales are more common with online estate agents compared to bricks and mortar agents, so this is something to bear in mind if time is not on your side.

What is a cash house buying company?

If you want to sell your house fast then a house buying company could be the solution to your property troubles. Cash house buyers have the funds available to take your home straight off your hands. In the case of a company, this means they purchase your home straight from you using their own money. This means you will benefit from a chain-free stress-free property sale.

At SOLD.CO.UK we offer our customers two ways of selling their home. We can either guarantee a fast house sale by buying it from you ourselves in as little as seven days with our Custom Purchase offering. Alternatively, we can find a cash buyer for you in 30 days or under with our Enhanced Listing service. Either way, each service is fully managed by us and you won’t need to spend a penny. Call us on 0800 566 8490 or send your enquiry to Otherwise, book a free valuation online today and get the ball rolling.

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