Can You Sell Your House for Free?
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Can You Sell Your House for Free?

Whilst online estate agents are gaining popularity at speed, high street estate agents are still dominating the majority of the property market. However, change takes time and sellers are beginning to realise that there are savings to be made by opting for an alternative service. With commission and administrative fees hiking up the price of selling your home, it is no surprise that many are trying to lessen the financial impact a sale can have. Could you sell your home for free?

What costs can you expect when you sell your home?

Whilst we widely accept that selling a house means redeeming money on an impressive investment, people forget that it can be a costly process too. Many are unaware of the fees and commission that comes with selling to high street agent.

Most estate agents charge a fee of anywhere between 0.75 + 3.0% +VAT of the agreed selling price of your home. Meaning that, if an agent was charging a 1% fee, the overall fee to pay would be 1.2% including VAT. Therefore, on a £250,000 property sale, you would be expected to pay an agent fee of £3000. On top of this, consider legal fees, EOG certificates, surveys and removal costs and you could be looking at an average spend between £5,000 and £8,000 to sell your home.

How can you sell your house for free?

Luckily for homeowners looking to sell their house for free, there are a variety possible routes to follow:

Free online estate agent

The simplest method available to homeowners is to use online estate agents. This may sound too good to be true, but there are estate agents out there that will sell your home for free – luckily for homeowners, here at SOLD.CO.UK we are part of this select group.

When you sell your house with SOLD.CO.UK, there are absolutely no charges applied and we will even cover your legal fees.  We only ever sell a house at a price you are happy with and offer a free valuation so you get a good idea of the value of your property.

Property auction

A feature which is gaining more traction for home sellers looking to avoid significant agent fees is the auction. While those looking to sell may receive an offer slightly below their asking price, it is commonly accepted that the fees attached to the sale of a property at auction are handed over to the buyer.

Cash house buyer

A rather unique option available to homeowners who are looking to sell their property quickly and without the stress of a complicated process is cash house buyers. Whether a private buyer or a specialist cash house buying company, a cash buyer will offer to buy your property outright without the need for involvement from a third party. As they are undertaken without the need for a traditional estate agent, the fees attached to a sale are withdrawn.

Do you want to sell your home for free?

Whilst to sell your house for free is desirable to every home seller, it is not for everyone. Before you put your home for sale, whether through a traditional estate agent, online property auctions or through a cash buyer, it is imperative that considerable research is undertaken.

The circumstances someone sells their house under changes from person to person. It is important you find the right option for you. At SOLD.CO.UK we have a variety of ways through which we can help you sell your home if you’d like to find out more information about how it works contact us today!

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