How Long Does a House Valuation Take?
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How Long Does a House Valuation Take?

When you’re selling a property, you should aim to get a house valuation so you can set a realistic asking price. When you have a realistic asking price, you are likely to get more offers and so be able to sell your house quicker.

Below is our expert guide to house valuations, including how long they can take, who can conduct them and how much it will cost you.

How Long Does a House Valuation Take?

The length of a house valuation can vary depending on the company or estate agent you use. Many estate agents require a home visit and will need around an hour to inspect the property and value your home. You may need to wait a few days or a week between booking the appointment and the valuation taking place, depending on the estate agents you use.

SOLD.CO.UK can give you an instant valuation today. Our free online house valuation tool can instantly calculate the value of your property using an algorithm that looks at 4,000 data points relating to your property, the local area, and the wider property market. This can give you an instant and rough idea of the price range – for a more specific price, we’ll then call you that day to find out more detailed information about your property. We usually only require a simple 10-minute conversation to then give you a realistic and specific valuation.

Who Can Conduct a House Valuation?

Your house valuation should be carried out by either an estate agent or a qualified surveyor. They will have the right knowledge required to provide an accurate valuation.

It might be helpful to get a few valuations from various estate agents to get a better idea of an accurate value. However, you should beware of estate agents who will over-value your home with the hopes of getting your business. Setting an asking price that is too high will just mean that your property will take longer to sell and may not get any offers at all. The longer a property is on the market, the more potential buyers may be put off-putting in an offer. They may be concerned there is an issue with the property which is causing it not to sell. SOLD.CO.UK will never over-value or over-promise on your property – we only ever set realistic asking prices, which is why we sell properties quicker than any other estate agents in the UK.

How Much is a House Valuation?

Most estate agents will offer a free house valuation if you use their services to sell your property. If you use a professional surveyor to value your home, it could cost around £250 to £500.

SOLD.CO.UK offers a completely free no-obligation house valuation. Just complete our online calculator for an idea of the price range and then our professional property experts will call you to get more details about your property and determine a specific value.

How Long Does a House Valuation Last?

There is no official expiry date for house valuations. However, the property market can change and develop even over short periods of time, which will mean your valuation may quickly become out of date. If your house has been on the market for longer than three or four months, it will be best to get a refreshed valuation. This will ensure you have a realistic asking price.

Can I Get a House Valuation by Postcode?

There are many online tools that can give you an idea of property prices in your area, like this Government tool and a similar tool from Rightmove. These will allow you to see the prices that properties have sold for in your area, which can give you a start with your own house value.

However, you should bear in mind that tools like these that provide sold prices by postcode can’t give you a specific house valuation for your own property. Your own property value will be affected not only by the area but also by the size of the property and the condition it’s in, as well as many other factors. The best way to get an accurate house valuation is to speak to a property professional like SOLD.CO.UK about your circumstances.

How Do I Get a Valuation on My House?

To get a free, no-obligation house valuation, start with our online house value calculator or book a valuation appointment to speak to one of our property experts about your home. We can then provide an accurate valuation for your home.

If you then choose to use SOLD.CO.UK to sell your home, we can provide a fully-managed property selling service, taking care of everything from taking photos to marketing to 98% of all active buyers, to sales progression and conveyancing. We sell your house for free, with no hidden costs or surprise fees.

Contact us to see how we can help sell your home today.

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