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How to Avoid Selling Your House on the Traditional Open Market

We a brought up believing that there is a ‘certain way’ of doing things. We go to school. We get married. We buy a house. However, in today’s modern society there is a new rule book being written where social norms are a thing of the past.

If you were to ask people 10 years ago how they’d go about selling their house, the majority would simply visit their preferred local estate agent. Things have changed and there are now ways to sell whilst avoiding the pitfalls of the open market. In this blog SOLD.CO.UK will shine a light on the options available to sellers other than the traditional bricks and mortar estate agent.

The disadvantages of selling your home on the open market

Whilst there are some sellers who have a positive experience selling on the open market, for others it can be riddled with issues. Below, we highlight some of the most common downsides of this route to sale:

Hidden costs

Various fees and costs can eat into your final sale value when selling your home with an estate agent. Agent commission, advertising fees, legal costs and survey costs are just some of the ways you will be spending to secure a sale for your home. You can avoid the hidden costs of selling your home by opting for another route to sale.

No guaranteed sale

If you are selling your home you may want assurances that it will sell in a timeframe that suits you. Whether you have your eye on another property or want to sell house fast to free up some cash, estate agents cannot give you a definitive date as to when your home is likely to sell by.

Potential time wasters

Having people view your home does not mean you will receive a flood of offers. Sadly, there a high number of time wasters. However, this could be a fault of theirs or of your estate agent who may not be advertising your home correctly.

What is the best way to sell your home in 2021?

The open market can be a great way to sell your home if you have time and money on your side. Typically, if you put your home on the market you are dedicated to selling and traditional estate agents aren’t always best placed to help you efficiently, particularly with developments in technology changing the property industry.

At SOLD.CO.UK we offer two routes to sale which are fully managed by our in-house experts. As one of the UK’s best online estate agents, we can create a bespoke way for you to sell your property that suits your needs.

I want to sell my house fast

Our Custom Purchase route to sale means we operate as a cash house buyer for you. We have the funds available to buy your home from you. This means you benefit from a chain and hassle-free sale which you wouldn’t get with a traditional estate agent.

Our customers who use our Custom Purchase service are guaranteed a sale in a timeframe they decide, this can be as little as seven days if needed. SOLD.CO.UK can work to any date that you need. Our team will fully manage the entire process and we even cover your legal costs, meaning you won’t pay a penny when selling with us.

I want maximum exposure when selling my property

Just like our Custom Purchase route to sale, our Enhanced Listing service is completely free and fully managed. However, the emphasis is on setting a realistic asking price for your home and advertising it to our qualified database of buyers and investors. We also list your home across all the major property platforms, such as Rightmove. We are so confident that we ask our customers to simply give us 30 days to sell their home.

If you want to find out more about selling your home with SOLD.CO.UK and the advantages why not get in touch today? You can call 0800 566 8490 or email Don’t forget, you can also book a free valuation online to get the ball rolling.

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