My House Won’t Sell What Can I Do?
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My House Won’t Sell What Can I Do?

Are you tired of fruitless viewings? Not even a single offer? Property been on the market for months? A buyer is out there, it may be that you need to explore options beyond your local estate agent. Don’t get us wrong, traditional high street agents have their place in the property industry, but if they’re failing to sell your house, surely exploring alternatives is a solution?

If you’re stuck in a selling rut and are thinking ‘help, my house won’t sell’ the information below may have you selling up and moving on quickly.

How long does it take to sell a house?

Research from The Advisory reveals that the average time to sell and complete on a property is 129 days. To some, this might be satisfactory. To others that need to meet deadlines or have their eye on a dream home, a wait of 18 weeks can be excruciating. Needless to say, 129 days is the average, it could take a lot longer to sell your home.

Understandably the pandemic which started in Q1 of 2020 had a huge impact on the property market. As a result properties were taking longer to sell due to the backlog created when estate agents were forced to shut during lockdown. However, this year, the market has picked up and a level or normalcy has returned. There are increased numbers of people selling which was sparked by the desire for a larger garden or a home office as a result of spending more time at home due to coronavirus.

Alternative ways to sell your house

Estate agents aren’t the only way to sell up. Fortunately, we live in an era where there are countless ways to sell your home, many of which you can do from the comfort of your sofa. Below, we shine a light on some of the ways people are choosing to sell for a quicker completion.

Sell house fast companies

Undoubtedly a sure-fire way to sell your property is via a specialist agent. There are companies, many of which operate online, that guarantee you a property sale within a timeframe that suits you. These companies will either hunt for a buyer on your behalf or buy your property from you themselves.

Cash house buyers

Having somebody buy your house for cash isn’t just limited to a traditional sale. There are companies who have the funds available to purchase your home straight from you. This eliminates pitfalls such as lengthy waiting times, chain breaks, and legal issues. It is a simple transaction between you and the cash house buying company. A great solution for those who are in a hurry to sell but we aware, typically you will need to accept a lower asking price compared to if you were to achieve a sale on the open market.

Sell your house online

We have already covered how to sell your house on eBay, as well as other agent-free sale options. During the pandemic more and more people were looking for a property selling solution whilst estate agents were shut. Fortunately, online estate agents with the ability to sell people’s homes online and give an instant valuation were the answer many homeowners were looking for. Managed fully online, sellers were able to sit back whilst agents got to work with marketing their homes and facilitating virtual viewings.

Did you know SOLD.CO.UK operate a fully managed way to sell your house online? We are a leading online UK estate agent and our service won’t cost you a penny – we even cover your legal fees! Our database of 20,000 pre-qualified trusted buyers will definitely be interested in buying your home and we will also advertise via major property sites on your behalf too. It couldn’t be easier to sell online with SOLD.

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