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Property News

How to Sell Your House at Auction: Pros and Cons

They may have been made famous by the BBC television programme Homes Under the Hammer, but property auctions are not a new element to the UK property market. Auctions offer sellers a relatively hands-off way of selling their property. Over recent years...

A Complete Guide to Selling Your House Online

For years, the only way to really sell your house was through a traditional high street estate agent. Today, homeowners have a multitude of different selling options available to them at a simple click of a mouse or tap on a smartphone screen. In modern...

Can I Sell a House with Subsidence?

In Q4 of 2018 the UK saw incredible levels of claims for subsidence. Over the 12-week period subsidence claims peaked at £64 million – the highest level ever. Subsidence can not only be expensive to resolve but it can skyrocket insurance premiums and...
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