What makes a Personal Auction?

When you use our Enhanced Listing service, we may suggest you go down the Personal Auction route to get the best price. Unless you’re a seasoned investor or a property expert, property auctions can be confusing and intimidating territory. Fortunately for you, SOLD.CO.UK have helped countless sellers auction their homes online. The entire process is managed by our in-house experts and you will never pay a penny, even when you sell.

When you opt to sell your home via online auction with SOLD.CO.UK, you give us 30 days to sell your property. We completely take the reins of the selling process, meaning zero stress for you. We will list your home with an undisclosed reserve price that we will decide with you before your property auction goes live. Your home will never be listed with a reserve price you aren’t 100% happy with. As well as featuring your home for sale on our own action platform and Rightmove Auction, it will also be advertised to our database of fully qualified buyers for maximum exposure.


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But wait, what is an ‘undisclosed reserve price’?

The reserve price is the minimum price you’re happy to accept for your property – if the bids do not reach this level, you will not be obliged to sell. An ‘undisclosed’ reserve price is a reserve price that it is not advertised to bidders, meaning that the bidding is not biased towards a certain figure – the bidders will be working purely on what they are prepared to pay for the property.

The rules of most auctions are the reserve price must be within 10% of the Guide price – this is the price that is first displayed in the auction. We recommend setting this price at level below full market value – it generates more interest from bidders, gets them excited and placing live bids against each other at an early stage, driving the final sale price far higher. We have seen over 95% of the auctions we have managed achieve the price the seller wanted at the first time of asking, so are very confident in this approach.

Our team have sold hundreds of properties, and know which route of online listing or auction will get you the best possible result – so even if you are unsure about whether this is right for you, we can carefully guide you each step of the way.


How does it work?

Agree a Reserve Price

Property Goes to Auction

We Manage the Bidding

Final Day of Bidding

Exchange and Complete

Online house auctions FAQs

Regardless of the location, size, and condition of your home, SOLD.CO.UK can put it to sell at auction. Get in touch with us to discuss your property and your specific requirements.

With SOLD.CO.UK it does not cost you a penny to sell your house via auction with us. We even cover your legal fees!

An ‘undisclosed’ reserve price means a reserve price that it is not advertised to bidders, meaning that the bidding is not biased towards a certain figure – the bidders will be working purely on what they are prepared to pay for the property.

SOLD.CO.UK will run a 30-day online auction for your property. If the property meets and/or exceeds the undisclosed reserve price during on or by the final day of bidding, your property will be sold. However, if you require a route to sale that suits your own timeframes, our Custom Purchase offering may suit your needs better.

SOLD.CO.UK will never list your property for auction without agreeing an undisclosed reserve price with you. We will work with you to set a realistic reserve price that you are 100% happy with.

We will auction your property via our own platform, as well as Rightmove Auction. For extra added exposure, your home will also be advertised to our database of fully qualified buyers.

Property auctions are not the only way to sell a property online. However, they have benefits that are different to other methods. At SOLD.CO.UK we aim to have your home sold in the 30-day window, meaning a quicker sale than a high street agent. Furthermore, when the hammer falls, contracts are exchanged meaning the buyer cannot pull out of the sale or negotiate price.

Auction my house

If you are interested in selling your house via auction, get in touch with SOLD.CO.UK today. We know that selling a property can be stressful, so take the hassle out of the process by letting us manage the entire sale for you. We also offer different ways of selling, including Custom Purchase and Enhanced Listing which may be of interest to you. Get in touch with our friendly team on 0800 566 8490 or via info@sold.co.uk.


Definitely 5 Star Service

In our recent dealings with Sold, we received excellent service. Special thanks, to Mary, Tushar & Phillipa. Definitely 5 Star Service.

Mrs Janet Thorogood 5 stars
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They did exactly what they said they would…

They did exactly what they said they would and got a buyer for my Mum’s property within a week. We received regular updates and communication was good. Mary, in particular, was a star and kept us sane throughout the process.

Thank you!

Fern Fawcett 5 stars
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Well Done!

From first contact with Jamie and all the way through via Phillipa and Mary we received top notch service- well done all

Cattie Ladanowski 5 stars
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