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Selling a house without an estate agent

Why should you sell your property through SOLD.CO.UK rather than a traditional agent?

  • Speed

    We’ll get you a quicker sale at a price you’re happy with. On average, our properties spend just 23 days on the market before being sold – compared to the average across the UK of 96 days. That’s 73 precious extra days you can spend moving on, rather than staying stuck.

  • Our Trusted Network

    We have a large national network of pre-qualified buyers, which means there’s less chance of a sale falling through due to unforeseen factors, such as the buyer being unable to secure a mortgage or the chain breaking.

  • No Fees

    There are absolutely no charges when you sell your property using our service – we even cover your legal costs. Which means the amount you agree to sell your property for, is exactly the amount you’ll receive upon completion.

  • Hassle Free

    Unlike some other alternative estate agencies, we take care of all the admin of selling – in the same way a traditional agency would. That means we’ll photograph your property, write the description for the listing, arrange viewings and negotiate offers on your behalf.

  • Flexibility

    We don’t believe in tying sellers into lengthy contracts. That’s why we always start with an initial 30-day commitment and go from there. And in our experience, 30 days is more than you’ll need.

Comparing the costs

The Old Way

First advertised price £280,000
Second advertised price £260,000
Actual market value £245,000
Sold for £240,000
Time on market 96 days
Estate agent's fees £4,800
Solicitors fees £1,700
Total amount made through sale £233,500

The SOLD Way

Advertised price £245,000
Second advertised price N/A
Actual market value £245,000
Sold for £245,000
Time on market 23 days
Estate agent's fees £0
Solicitor's fees £0
Total amount made through sale £245,000
Additional money made through SOLD.CO.UK: £11,500

Why should I sell my house online?

There are a number of benefits when choosing to sell your home online compared to a high street agent. Undoubtedly one of the reasons customers come to us at SOLD.CO.UK is the money you could save on fees compared to a traditional estate agent. You won’t spend a penny when you sell your house with us and we cover your legal costs too. Take a read of other advantages of selling your home online below…


  • You get a quicker sale at a price you’re happy with.
  • Our network of pre-qualified buyers means there’s less chance of the sale falling through.
  • We charge no fees and we cover your legal costs.
  • We also advertise your property online on RightMove and Zoopla, to ensure it reaches the widest possible audience.


You could argue that your property might sell for more through a traditional or other online estate agent, and that’s possible of course. However, when you balance up all the additional costs associated with the more ‘typical’ routes – commission, fees, legal costs, as well as the much longer average time it takes to sell – in most cases, you’d be better off coming to us first.

Can I sell my house online myself?

Whilst there are no set rules on how you sell your home as long as the correct legal documents are in place, online estate agents give you access to different property portals and buyers that you wouldn’t be able to achieve yourself or via a high street agent. At SOLD.CO.UK we market homes on a variety of online property portals, including Rightmove and Zoopla, as well as our own network of pre-qualified buyers. This means there is less chance of your sale falling through and we also fully manage every aspect of every sale for our customers.

Some kind words

"As first-time buyers the full process was quite confusing to start with. However, both Jamie and Dipesh have been exceptional throughout the process. Instantly responded to my emails or phoned me straight away and constantly provided me with any updates (faster than solicitors) would 100% recommend them!"


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