We’ve long believed that property sellers are being failed by traditional estate agencies. Poorly trained and disingenuous agents, unrealistic valuations and the viewings from ‘potential buyers’ who have no intention of actually buying a property have combined to make the process of selling a home one of life’s most stressful experiences.

We founded SOLD.CO.UK to be the better alternative. One that is fair, transparent, fast, and far more cost effective.

Rather than being a ‘digital start up’ powered by an algorithm (like some of the other alternative options out there), SOLD.CO.UK is run by real people who are passionate about property, and more importantly, about selling property. With over 300 years’ combined experience, our team is run by property specialists who have a deep understanding of how the process works – and also, therefore, a deep understanding of how the traditional estate agency model fails its customers. This makes us one of the UK’s best online estate agents.