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Selling A House During Probate Comes With Many Challenges

While lots of people see inheriting a house as a ‘good thing’, it can often be tainted by the loss of someone dear to you.

Sometimes, living in the house of your loved one is too painful – and at other times, the property is too far away for you to keep maintaining it and renting it out. 


In situations like these, a house selling company can be extremely useful. It is the priority of to be sensitive to the difficult period you are going through when arranging the sale of your inherited house. We do not rush you into a decision and we are totally transparent about the services we provide, and the price that we can offer.

You can complete the sale of your probate property within 7 days when you contact We have the funds to pay for your entire house up-front, without operating in a chain.

Let us help you.

You can rely on to buy your property quickly, smoothly and at a fair price. You’ll be able to avoid the headaches of negotiating on price, chasing up solicitors and finding the best estate agent to complete a sale.

Instead, we will take care of the selling process for you, while making sure that 100% of the funds goes into your bank account.

Selling Probate Property

There’s no reason to feel guilty if you decide to sell an inherited house.

Sometimes, a property is left to a loved one’s children under the condition that they sell it and cash in on the money – and other times, it makes financial and logistical sense for all parties to say goodbye to the house.


If you decide to sell your inherited property, you have a few options for doing this. Some people choose to sell via a high street agent, but this can be time-consuming and stressful, without guaranteeing that you will find a buyer anytime soon.

Others opt to sell using an auction house, but this rarely gets you good value for money, and means that you don’t get a say over the final selling price.

Using a cash buyer like is widely seen as the best solution.

By completing the sale within 7 days, and sidestepping any involvement with estate agents, solicitors or tentative buyers, it gets you a fair up-front cash offer without any hassle. can also help you to keep your selling costs down, because we cover your legal fees and don’t take a commission from the sale.

It’s no surprise that thousands of people are deciding that a cash buyer is the way to go.

What to Consider When You’ve Inherited Property

When you should value a house for probate

Once you have decided to sell your inherited house, you need to get an accurate valuation for it. Sometimes, it may be worth getting several independent opinions, as this will give you a broader perspective of its true worth.

When you contact to value your house, we will make a realistic offer that considers the local economy, location, features, condition of the property, and several other things.

How long after probate can a property be sold?

You can sell a property as soon as probate has been completed. Many people in this position choose to prepare for the sale beforehand – for example, carrying out viewings and tidying the house – so they can exchange as quickly as possible once the Grant of Probate comes through.

Paying stamp duty on inherited property

You do not usually have to pay stamp duty on an inherited house, regardless of whether there is an outstanding mortgage or not. handles all legal paperwork when selling your probate property, saving you both time and effort.

How can help

You can count on to sell your probate property. Wherever you live in the United Kingdom, and whatever the circumstances under which you have inherited the house, we will make your life significantly easier.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation valuation.

Advantages of Selling Probate Property to

Selling your probate property to a cash house buyer offers a quick and easy solution to inheriting a property that you don’t want.

Sometimes, a probate property is a long way from where you live – and if you now own the house, it might be too much hassle to maintain it or rent it out. Equally, selling a house on the market often requires you to live nearby, so you can be present for photography, open days or in-person discussions with your estate agent.

To sidestep all of these time-consuming responsibilities, selling to a cash house buyer can make your life much easier.

You will also benefit from using a cash house buyer if your house is in poor condition. If it is derelict, or there is damp/asbestos, or any other number of issues with the property, will buy it in any condition. This saves you the time, expense and stress of fixing up the house, so you can sell it on the market.

When you use, you can avoid the time-consuming legal paperwork involved with selling probate property, too. We handle all of this documentation on your behalf, without charging you a penny for it – and with probate property, this can be valuable since there are typically more forms to fill in.

By working with us, you can cash in on the probate property that you’ve inherited and use the funds for something far more useful to you.

Inheriting a Share of a House

Have you inherited a share of a house from a loved one? While this might seem a bit complicated at first, there is plenty of guidance out there to help you handle everything right.

When you inherit a share of a house alongside other people (for example, two other siblings, meaning that the property is split into thirds) it means that you all own an equal part of the property. From here, you and the other people must decide how to divide things up.

The two most common types of joint ownership are ‘Tenants in Common’ and ‘Joint Tenants’. The former option means that each person gets a share (although this doesn’t have to be equal) which can be passed on to someone else, if wanted. The latter choice means that everyone has an equal share, and therefore an equal say in what does/doesn’t happen with the house.

If you and the other recipients collectively decide that you don’t want the hassle of owning the house, you may choose to sell it and split the profits equally. This can save you a great deal of stress and complications.

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Inheriting a House With a Mortgage

Inheriting a house isn’t always a ‘walk in the park’ – and if the property has an out-standing mortgage on it, things can become a bit tricky.

When you inherit a house with a mortgage, you become responsible for paying it off, even if you don’t live there. If your loved one who has passed away had a life insurance policy, then this may help to pay for some of it, but if not, you can either sell the house and use the funds to pay off the remainder, or you can remortgage it.

For those who inherit a property entirely on their own, it is up to you what choice you make. If you have inherited a house with a mortgage alongside a few others, you will usually need to make the decision together. helps thousands of people across the UK to sell an inherited house, so you are not stuck with ongoing mortgage payments. Our service gives you the funds you need within a couple of weeks, which can be invaluable when there are outstanding mortgage payments due.

Who owns the property after probate is granted?

Who inherits probate property is determined by the terms of the Will. In an ideal world, the deceased will have specified who they want the house to go to – and the executor will then transfer ownership to this individual.

Alternatively, if there is no Will, then the rules of intestacy determine who owns the house. This is usually the closest living relative of the deceased. In order of priority, this would typically be:

  •         Married partners or civil partners
  •         Children
  •         Grandchildren
  •         Great grandchildren
  •         Parents, siblings, nieces and nephews

There are some people who, according to the rules of intestacy, cannot inherit probate property. This includes unmarried partners, family in-law, close friends, and carers.

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How long does it take to sell a house after probate?

The average time to sell a house in the UK is at least four months – so if you wait until probate is granted to begin the selling process, you can expect it to take this long.

In some instances, selling probate property may take longer than usual, because the house could be in poor condition or have broken bulbs, doors, windows or more.

You may find that ‘typical’ buyers on the market won’t want to purchase your probate property if it is in terrible condition. A cash house buyer like, however, will buy your probate property in any condition.

That’s why thousands of people have already chosen to sell their probate property to us.

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What Happens After Probate Has Been Granted?

Once probate has been granted… what happens next?

The first thing you should do is settle the debts or taxes of the loved one who has passed away. Sometimes, this can involve small tasks like sorting out phone bills, but there might also be more substantial debts that you need to deal with.

Afterwards, the assets need to be distributed and (where relevant) sold. This could include selling off things like a company, which in itself can be challenging. The executor should also communicate with all affected parties throughout this stage, to make sure everyone’s wishes are heard.
Finally, once everything is calculated and everything has been paid, you can settle the estate according to the Will.

Without a Will, there are strict rules on who the beneficiaries will be, which you should follow. After this, you then prepare the final estate accounts, and the process will be completed.

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