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Should you sell your probate property in Sheffield?

Sheffield is a small yet mighty city in South Yorkshire, with its excellent transport links making it a great base to visit the north and south of England. With a population of 556,000, demand for Sheffield properties is growing.

The Sheffield housing market has steadily increased in value, with prices rising 5.5% in the last 12 months, which could make now an opportune time to sell your probate house. 

If you’re unsure what to do now or think you might want to live in the home one day, you can always rent out the property.

23.4% of Sheffield’s population is aged between 20 and 34, and rental rates have increased in the city over the years, so plenty of young people in the city are looking for homes. With first-time buyers increasingly priced out of the market, this generation is looking for places to rent – and your probate property could become a source of regular income for you.

The average rent in Sheffield is £992 a month, so if you’ve inherited a house and don’t want it sitting there, you can put it to work for you. 

It’s about making the best of the situation rather than letting the house sit vacant, which presents other problems.

If you’re after a quick sale instead of putting yourself through renovations and the hassle of the open market, you could turn to a cash buyer like We buy any property in any condition and offer you a fair price slightly below market value.

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What to do with property after probate is granted in Sheffield

If you’ve got a probate property in Sheffield, and are hoping for a fast sale, we will help you every step of the way.

Completely transparent throughout the entire process, we’ll do the leg work so you don’t have to deal with further stress on top of the hassle of the open market, legal fees and high street estate agent commissions.

We are a trusted cash house buyer in Sheffield who will buy your probate property in any condition.

You can complete a sale in just 7 days, and choose a timeframe that you’re most comfortable with, so you’re not facing extra pressure at an already difficult time.

When you should value a house for probate in Sheffield?

Carrying out the probate process means that you’ll need to have at least one valuation completed on the property. 

This is necessary so that the solicitor can determine how much inheritance tax is due, if any, and other costs, such as service charge arrears.

You always have the option to have the property revalued after probate has been granted. You may choose this if the local housing market has picked up or if you’ve significantly updated the home before selling.

No matter what the size of your house, will buy it for completely free. It only takes us a couple of days to get the valuation sorted for you, and you then have the option of selling to us for cash.

Your property can be offloaded within 7 days.

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How long after probate can a property be sold in Sheffield?

You can sell a probate property immediately after probate is granted, but not before. Sellers sometimes prefer to accept informal offers from buyers, but the purchase can’t legally take place until the grant of probate is in place.

If you’re after certainty with your probate sale instead of anxiously waiting on the legal process to inch forward, you can get peace of mind by selling to a cash buyer like

Can you sell a house before probate in Sheffield?

No, a grant of probate must be received before you can sell your Sheffield house in probate. You’re still free to arrange viewings and even accept offers during this time, but the house sale can’t go any further until the legalities are sorted.

If you want to get sold quickly after probate is granted,’s cash-buying service can buy any home in just 7 days, so you can spend less time worrying about market conditions and more time focusing on the future.

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Who owns the property after probate is granted in Sheffield?

The deceased’s Will should lay out which family members or loved ones are inheriting what. In the case of a property, this can be split between several people or just passed down to one inheritor.

If the death was unexpected, a Will may not be in place. In that situation, the laws of intestacy will apply. It’s normally the closest living relative that inherits the estate.

If there was a joint mortgage on the house, then the property’s ownership automatically passes over to the remaining mortgage owner.

How long it takes for property to go through probate in Sheffield

Probate usually takes between 9-12 months to get your loved one’s affairs in order. This can be shorter or longer, depending on how complicated the estate is and whether there is a Will in place.

If the estate is fairly typical and just involves one home without any inheritance tax to pay, this could mean you’re issued a grant of probate within months or even weeks.

There are some time limits involved with probate property, such as paying any inheritance tax due, but there isn’t a limit on when the probate needs to be completed. You can take as much time as you need to get your loved one’s affairs in order before selling the home.

How long it takes to sell a house after probate in Sheffield

Sheffield properties are currently taking, on average, 157 days to sell after the grant of probate has been issued. If you choose to sell your property through an online estate agent like, we regularly beat that timeframe by a considerable margin.

The type of probate property you have may make the timescales longer or shorter. In Sheffield, flats are taking the longest to sell at an average of 267 days, while terraced homes are only averaging 82 days.

Our internet estate agency can find a buyer 38 days faster than a traditional high street estate agent. We also offer a cash-buying service for those looking to get a probate property out of their hair, which takes just one week.

Frequently Asked Questions about selling a house after probate in Sheffield

Do I have to sell a house in Sheffield after probate?

Not at all. You can decide to move into the home yourself or rent the property to earn regular income. Selling a probate house is a personal choice that comes down to your circumstances.

Can you clear a house in Sheffield during probate?

Ideally, you should wait until you clear out a probate house in case you accidentally throw away something that belongs to someone else or has been bequeathed to them.

What if the executor does not distribute the estate after probate in the UK?

An executor’s role is to fulfil the wishes of the deceased. If they refuse to do so, you can take the executor to court. A judge may grant a court order giving the executor’s role to someone else. We’d recommend you instruct a solicitor to help you with this situation.

Can someone claim against the estate after probate?

Yes, though not every claim is successful. The sooner a claim is made, the more chance it has of succeeding.

Does probate show the value of the estate?

The UK government has an inheritance tax calculator on its website that can help you calculate the estate’s value, or you can have a valuer help you with this.

How much does an estate have to be worth to go to probate?

An estate needs to be worth over £5,000 to go to probate. You’ll most likely need a probate grant if your loved one’s estate includes a property.

Will my Sheffield house go through probate?

If you own your house alone and there isn’t anyone else on the mortgage, or the mortgage is paid off, your home will need to go through probate once you pass away. If you’re married, the house automatically goes to your spouse.

Can you check probate on a property in Sheffield?

There are detailed UK government records on probate, including when probate has been issued and who for.

When is probate required in Sheffield?

If you’re set to inherit an estate that involves property or any other assets valued over £5,000, you’ll need to get a grant of probate.

Do probate properties sell for cheaper in Sheffield?

Probate homes can go for less if they need a lot of love. Equally, a buy-to-let landlord may need to hit certain requirements, such as EPC ratings and ask for this to be taken off the asking price.

Why does probate take so long?

Simply put, probate is one of those administrative headaches most people have to deal with when a loved one dies. There are several different government departments that need to work on a single probate case, so the process can take months or even years. If you hire a solicitor to help you, be sure to keep in regular contact with them so you’re at the top of their caseload.

Paying stamp duty on inherited property in Sheffield

Stamp due is sometimes payable on an inherited property, but this is rare. The more pressing matter is usually inheritance tax, which means an accurate valuation of the property’s value is critical.

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