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At the heart of the beautiful county of South Yorkshire, Sheffield is one of the most exciting cities in England. To the west of the town is the Peak District National Park, which separates Sheffield from Manchester, while to the east, Rotherham and Doncaster are major commuter towns. 

The river Sheaf runs through the middle of the city, which gives Sheffield its name, and according to several online websites, over 60% of the city is made up of green spaces. This means that if you’re looking for a calming place to relax, while still enjoying the job opportunities and transport connections that a major city can offer, Sheffield could give you the best of both worlds.

If you are visiting the city in the near future or are thinking about relocating there permanently, you will want to clearly understand what exactly the city is like. Plenty of websites only provide information on tourist attractions and major calendar events – but if you truly want to get to know a city, you need to think about things like:

  • Amenities
  • Crime Rate
  • Population
  • Job Opportunities
  • Broadband Speed
  • Transport Links has put together this Sheffield area guide to provide you with all of this information and more. Keep reading for all the details you need about one of the largest cities in the north of England.

Sheffield Amenities

Whatever type of amenities you are looking for – from libraries to an airport, from car parks to public restrooms – Sheffield will have you covered.

As mentioned above, Sheffield has lots of open spaces, and a couple of these parks include bicycle racks, walking pathways and benches for you to take the load off your feet. Dotted around the city, you will also find large car parks, with both Sidney Street and Wellington Street car parks conveniently located in the centre of town.

Sheffield Central Library can be found on Surrey Street, and is open until at least 4pm on all days except Sunday. You can find public restrooms in the building, which are also available in other major hubs in Sheffield, such as Sheffield Train Station and Meadowhall Shopping Centre. 

Cafes, restaurants, and hotels can be found all across Sheffield, and almost all of these places provide free Wi-Fi connections for you to use. If you are courteous enough to buy a hot drink or a bite to eat while visiting these locations, they should have no problem with you doing some work.

You will also have access to community centres, leisure centres, health club facilities and swimming pools in Sheffield, although many of these facilities require a small payment to use. These are the ideal place to enjoy a sauna, get a bite to eat from a vending machine, store your belongings in a locker, or have a shower in one of their communal spaces.

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Sheffield Population

Sheffield currently has a population of 556,500, with many charts showing it ranking in the top five most populated cities in England. 

Over the past decade, the number of people living there has gone up by around 0.7%, which is significantly lower than the UK average growth in that time. In Yorkshire, only Scarborough has grown by a smaller amount, and cities such as York, Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford and Wakefield have all increased in population by a much larger amount.

There has also been a noticeable diversification of the ethnicities that live in Sheffield, as is the case with any major city in England. For example, according to the most recent census, the ethnicities in Sheffield are as follows:

  • White: 84%
  • Asian: 8%
  • Black: 3.6%
  • Arab: 1.5%
  • Mixed: 2.4%
  • Other: 0.7%

These same figures show that 53% of the city is Christian, with 31% Atheist and 6% Muslim.

Sheffield’s population density is not evenly distributed throughout the entire city: like with most major towns, some neighbourhoods have more people than others. The local government website indicates that Fulwood and Walkley are amongst the most densely populated areas, while neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Sheffield (for example, Loxley and Coal Aston) tend to have fewer people living there.

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Sheffield Developments

Sheffield’s local city council has openly stated that it is committed to new developments in the city to meet all the infrastructure requirements and housing needs. 

In recent years, businesses such as Boeing, BT and Rolls-Royce have expanded their base in Sheffield, and this has also prompted the city to consider new commercial office blocks.

recent local plan has outlined the city’s plans to build 35,700 new homes by the year 2039, and the planning permission for several of these sites has already been approved. Some of the areas that are being proposed to build on include:

  • Milton Street Car Park – 410 homes
  • Old Steins Tip – 428 homes
  • B&Q Queens Road – 466 homes
  • Hoyle Street – 500 homes
  • Penistone Road and Rutland Road – 572 homes
  • Attercliffe Canalside – 596 homes

The aim is for many of these new properties to be ‘affordable apartments’, due to rising housing costs across the entire UK (including Sheffield) making getting onto the property ladder even more challenging. 

Transport infrastructure is being invested in around Sheffield, too. New bicycle lanes and extra pedestrian crossings have been proposed in the centre of the city, to make it more accessible to people travelling in an eco-friendly way. Meanwhile, a new ‘bus priority corridor’ is being implemented on the A61, which goes through the heart of Sheffield.

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Sheffield Crime Rate

Even though Sheffield has a reputation as being one of England’s most dangerous cities, lots of people who live there – as well as several data figures – suggest that this is inaccurate.

A few types of crime are all at a lower frequency than the average national crime rate. These include:

  • Robbery
  • Theft from the person
  • Bicycle crime
  • Other theft crime

On the other hand, public order crime, criminal damage and arson crime, and antisocial behaviour crime all rank above the UK average in Sheffield. This is not uncommon for a major city, though, and much of the trouble is caused in the most central parts of town.

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Sheffield Job Opportunities

As mentioned further above on this page, more and more companies are setting up facilities in Sheffield in recent years. This has translated into more jobs for the local people, so it’s no surprise that the number of people in full-time employment in Sheffield is higher than the average across the entire county.

The industries that employ the highest number of people in Sheffield are Human Health and Social Work, Wholesale and Retail Trade, Education, Manufacturing, and Administration/Support Services.

As things stand, some of the largest employers in Sheffield include:

  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • University of Sheffield
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • Tata Steel
  • Mondelez International
  • BT
  • ARM Holdings
  • Sheffield City Council

The relatively positive labour market in Sheffield may be tied to the fact that the qualifications of an average resident is higher than the UK and county averages. 

Approximately 46.7% of Sheffield locals have an RQF4 And Above, while 70.4% have an RQF3 and above. Both of these percentages rank above the national average, and with modern-day employers more frequently looking for excellent qualifications during the hiring process, this is undoubtedly going to play a factor.

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Sheffield Broadband Speed

There are several online websites that enable you to check the broadband speed and prices available in any given area, including Sheffield. The major network providers operate across the entire city, including Plusnet, Virgin Media, BT and Sky, to name just four.

Making and receiving mobile phone calls is straight forward in Sheffield, as most parts of the city have excellent signal. You will also find lots of locations with free Wi-Fi, which continues to perform at high speed, such as Cafes, restaurants, hotels and even some major train stations.

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Sheffield Transport Links

There is an extensive network of public transport covering Sheffield’s central areas, stretching out to the suburbs, too. The city council is already investing in expanding these train and bus routes to include more people.

You can find several taxi companies operating throughout Sheffield, and if you want to drive yourself, then there are a number of major A-roads for you to use – including the A61, A57, A6109, and Sheffield Parkway.

Lots of people travel into Sheffield city centre every day for work, and some of the largest commuter towns include:

  • Rotherham
  • Stocksbridge
  • Dronfield
  • Chesterfield
  • Killamarsh

Stagecoach and First are two of the major bus operators in Sheffield, and they provide routes all over the city. Online timetables are available for residents to check out, and there are also physical copies at many bus stations. 

Buses run most frequently in the weekday daytimes, and then slowly become less frequent on Saturday during the day, and then once again during evenings and on Sundays.

Sheffield Train Station offers routes across the entire United Kingdom, including to major cities such as London, Edinburgh, Norwich, Liverpool, Leeds and Plymouth, amongst many others. It is a largely accessible (step-free) train station.

There was once an airport in Sheffield, called ‘Sheffield City Airport’, but this is now closed, as is ‘Doncaster-Sheffield Airport’ in the north-east of the city.

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Sheffield: What to Do

You will rarely be short of things to do and activities to try out while you are visiting Sheffield. The city is jam-packed with things to do for people of all ages – so whether you are on your own or visiting with a large number of family members, you have lots to keep yourself occupied.

If you have young children with you, then there are lots of activities they will enjoy, such as:

  • Climbing
  • Ice skating
  • Bowling
  • Trampolining 

On the other hand, if your group is older, then activities such as axe throwing, or a ‘make-your-own gin’ experience, will definitely provide some unforgettable memories. 

If you are all of drinking age, then there are also pub walks you can go on through the city – with the British Beer & Pub Association saying there are 417 pubs in the local authority area. This could be an enjoyable way to explore the area while letting off some steam with your friends.

Sheffield also has exciting nightlife, largely due to the two major universities that are based in the city. If you are looking for clubs to go to late at night, then Code Sheffield is a common favourite, as is The Leadmill. You will find plenty of bars to have some lovely drinks, too, including classic chains such as All Bar One, Slug and Lettuce, and Revolution Sheffield.

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Sheffield: What to See

If you are visiting Sheffield for the first time, you will probably want to see some of the most recognisable local landmarks. These are the places that define Sheffield and represent a strong part of the local history. A few of the most well-known places to check out are:

  • Kelham Island Museum
  • Millenium Gallery
  • Weston Park Museum
  • Sheffield Cathedral
  • Crucible Theatre

Suppose you’re looking for live events to enjoy while in the city, then you’re in the right place. Sheffield has a strong sports culture, and you can go along to see some of the local football teams – such as Sheffield United or Sheffield Wednesday FC – to experience this. 

Other lesser-known locations to see sports are the Owlerton Greyhound Stadium (Greyhound racing) and Abbeydale Sports Club (Sheffield Rugby Union).

Sheffield Theatre Complex brings together three separate venues in one place, and if you want to enjoy some live music, then Network and The Leadmill are two excellent spots.

During the summer, Sheffield has plenty of beautiful parks for you to enjoy, such as:

  • Botanical Gardens
  • Weston Park
  • Crookes Valley Park
  • Hillsborough Park
  • The Ponderosa
  • Graves Park

The final option (Graves Park) even has an animal farm on-site, which any young ones with you will undoubtedly want to visit.

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Sheffield: Where to Eat

If you are looking for a bite to eat in Sheffield, there is no shortage of options. Major shopping centres such as Meadowhall and Orchard Square are home to some of the most famous brands in the country, including Five Guys, Greggs, Harvester, KFC and Krispy Kreme.

You may want to support independent local businesses during your visit, too, so going online to see the highest-rated locations is a smart way to begin. A few of the best independent restaurants that we found include:

  • Indus Restaurant (Indian)
  • Attercliffe Spice (Kebabs, Samosas and Pizzas)
  • Diyafa (Middle Eastern)
  • Isabellas Bar & Restaurant (Italian)
  • Chez Lahlou (French)

You can go along to retail parks to see lots of food locations gathered in one place. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in a fine dining experience, Rafters Restaurant, The Old Vicarage, and JORO Restaurant are all very highly rated by previous customers.

For those days when you wanted to cook a homemade meal, there were dozens of supermarkets dotted around Sheffield, where you could find bargains and create any dish that you fancy.

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Where is Sheffield?

Sheffield is in the county of South Yorkshire, just north of the Midlands. It is approximately 158 miles away from Central London as the crow flies, and this journey by car takes away 3 hours and 30 minutes with clear traffic. On a busy day, this may go over 4 hours in total journey time.

Sheffield is within a two hours’ drive of other major cities, such as Manchester, Nottingham and Derby. You can also check out other nearby, smaller towns such as Doncaster, Chesterfield and Mansfield.

People who live in Sheffield often feel enormous pride at being from Yorkshire. The location of the city is also highly convenient in some aspects, as they are much closer to the nation’s capital than Leeds, but are still only a stone’s throw from the gorgeous Peak District National Park.

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Sheffield Property Market

Since 1995, Sheffield’s housing prices have gone up by 355% on average across the entire city, demonstrating the enormous value that investors can expect when buying a property in the town. 

As of 2024, the average price of a Sheffield house is £239,768, although this varies depending on the type of property it is:

  • Detached: £352,000
  • Semi-detached: £197,000
  • Terraced: £149,000
  • Flat: £144,000

Different neighbourhoods within the city are more expensive than others, too. For example, a typical house in Burngreave costs £144,682, while in Nether Edge, this goes up to £294,960.

If you are interested in Sheffield’s rental market, then you will also find it to be significantly more affordable than the national average. Recent figures show that the average property costs £1,035 per month in the city, which is far below the UK average of £1,220 per month.

Once again, the size of the property you are renting will make a difference to the price, as follows:

  • One bedroom: £803 per month
  • Two bedroom: £1,119 per month
  • Three bedroom: £1,241 per month
  • Four bedroom: £1,449 per month
  • Five bedroom: £1,892 per month

Lots of people consider Sheffield a desirable place to live, due to these below-average prices, and all the other outstanding features that have been listed throughout this area guide.

If you want to sell your flat fast in Sheffield, get in touch with us today.

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