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Do you want to sell? Are you considering remortgaging? Interested in whether your property has increased in value? Want to see what similar properties are marketed for? Some people already have an idea in mind as to what their house is worth, some do not know where to start.

At SOLD.CO.UK, we can give you a free property valuation today. Most valuations take place in person, but we offer a more convenient service that also gives a more accurate valuation – all with the goal of determining a realistic and achievable price that you can walk away with.

Step 1 is to complete our FREE home valuation tool below. This will give you an instant valuation using an algorithm looking at over 4,000 data points relating to your property, your area, and current property market value movements. It provides you with a tight property valuation range rather than a bullseye, to give you an idea what you might expect.

Step 2, if you are interested, is to get a specific, accurate price – and a realistic and achievable offer of what you could sell the property for. At SOLD.CO.UK, we pride ourselves on being able to give you the best possible price for your property, so a simple 10min conversation can cover off any information our home valuation tool was not able to capture will allow us to give your that confirmed value.

Step 3, if you do want to sell, is to pick which of our 2 routes you are interested in and we then take things from there.

To get started with a no obligation property price estimation, simply pop your information into the form below.

House value estimate

At SOLD.CO.UK we keep our finger on the pulse of the property market, regardless of UK location. As online property agents we recognise how important it is to understand regional and local trends associated with buying and selling homes. This helps us to not only provide the best service for our customers wanting to achieve a sale, but also for out customers seeking houses for sale.

Through our intensive research of London house prices and Manchester house prices we gained a unique insight of property prices for those cities. Our goal was to provide a resource to our customers so that we could help people find properties within their budget but also a home that suited their requirements.

Some of the data that emerged from our investigations was fascinating, particularly when discovering varying property values between different online tools and property portals. Whilst we cannot speak for other valuation tools and property price data from other sources, what we do know is that online valuation tools are efficient and easy for an estimation. However, there are also different factors that can affect property price beyond information submitted via a form. This is why SOLD.CO.UK place such an emphasis on liaising directly with all of our customers following an online valuation to discover greater details about their property and personal circumstances as there are so many variables that can affect the value of a property.

Property valuation made simple

Finding out how much your home is worth shouldn’t be a stressful task. That is why at SOLD.CO.UK we have streamlined the process for all our selling solutions. So whether you opt for our Custom Purchase or our Enhanced Listing you can rest assured that you will receive a valuation in no time at all. If you are serious about selling and want to sell your house fast just tell our team when we make contact, they will factor this in when making recommendations to you.

The SOLD way is simple

When you want to sell a property, you commit to it. But in the UK 1-in-3 property sales still fall through – why? Usually due to the buyer.

Their mortgage might not be approved, they might not be committed, they might try a last minute price reduction, they may simply go silent and disappear. Sound familiar?

At SOLD.CO.UK, our buyers are ready to move, and have demonstrated commitment to the sale from the outset – and that is why they pay the sale fee, not you. Simply put, a buyer who puts their money where their mouth is, is a committed buyer!

And by setting a realistic and achievable price for your property, and working with buyers who want to make the purchase we can help you sell your home fast.

House Valuation FAQs

We understand that you might have queries relating to the way in which SOLD.CO.UK value properties. Check out some of frequently asked questions below to help shine a light on some confusing topics. Alternatively, we are always available on 0800 566 8490 or via

Getting a house valuation from SOLD.CO.UK is completely free. Also, if you choose to sell with us you won’t pay a penny and we will cover your legal costs too.

With SOLD.CO.UK it all begins by filling in our quick online form. It takes no time at all and within 24 hours maximum – but most likely within two – one of our friendly team will give you a call to take some final details, understand your situation and what you are looking to achieve. Our three different routes to sale will be discussed with you and our agent will be more than happy to recommend the best route for you. However, rest assured if we don’t think our selling solutions are best for you, we will happily recommend you to another online or high street agent.

You can get an overview of our three ways to sell below:

Enhanced Listing
Personal Auction
Custom Purchase

We understand you want the best possible price for your home and SOLD.CO.UK will endeavour to give you this. When you speak to us, we will gather details about your property and conduct in-house research to determine a price your home could sell for. You will never be expected to settle on a valuation that you are not happy with. We will work with you to agree on a realistic price that you are 100% satisfied with.

Selling your home can be extremely confusing, especially when different agents are offering you various values for your home. There are so many factors that can affect the value of your home that you cannot control, such as how the property market is performing, the time of year, and the sold price of similar properties in your area. At SOLD.CO.UK our team will not only gather lots of information from you regarding your home but they will also conduct extensive in-house research so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best and most realistic valuation of your property.

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