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Should you sell your probate property in Cardiff?

Deciding whether to sell your probate property in Cardiff is rarely a walk in the park. If you or your family have strong emotional ties to the house, then you may not want to say goodbye to it.

However, selling directly to a cash buyer could make the most sense for your finances and peace-of-mind.

Cardiff’s property market has grown year-on-year for most of the past decade, which means that you may stand to receive a sizable sum when you sell a house in the city. However, if you are unsure about whether to offload your property, then there are statistics in favour of keeping it in your ownership.

More than 34% of people currently living in Cardiff are renting, meaning that letting our your house could be a viable money-making option. The average rent price in the city is £1,599 per calendar month – and this money could be yours.

On the other hand, if the stress and hassle associated with owning a property in Cardiff (especially if you don’t live in Wales) is too much, then can help you sell your property.

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What to do with property after probate is granted in Cardiff

Selling your probate property in Cardiff, or renting it out, are not your only two options. There are two more routes that you may wish to consider: leaving it empty or living there yourself.

The latter option can be a useful idea if you are keen to make a ‘fresh start’. If most or all of the mortgage has been paid off, it may make financial sense to move into your new Cardiff house.

Leaving your property empty has its benefits, too. If you are unable to make a decision about the house’s fate immediately, then leaving it ‘on standby’ can allow you to take stock, speak to all relevant people and consider your options further. You should just ensure that the house is secure during this time period.

Unfortunately, selling a probate property isn’t the same as a normal house sale. When you sell via the open market, there will often be extra paperwork, difficulties while arranging viewings, complicated price negotiations, and more. can help you to sidestep these tiresome steps.

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How Sold can help sell your inherited home can carry out a free, no-obligation valuation on your probate property in Cardiff. We can buy it for up-front cash, thus saving you the expense, time and stress of selling on the open market.

By offloading your Cardiff probate property  to us, you also won’t have to tidy up the house or fix issues with it – because we buy properties in any condition.

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When should you value a house for probate?

You should value your house before probate is granted, as you will need a rough estimation to figure out how much inheritance tax is due.

If you want a house to be revalued after the probate has been carried out – perhaps because you have carried out renovations, or market conditions have changed – then you can contact for a free valuation.

Not only will we use our extensive experience selling houses in Cardiff to make a fair, realistic valuation, but we may arrange to visit your property in-person.

We also have access to online data tools such as the Land Registry and Rightmove Plus, which will inform our valuation.

Please keep in mind that the offer you receive from us might change after a survey is conducted. You are not required to accept our offer – you can walk away at any point if you wish.

What are the steps of selling my house after probate in Cardiff?

  • Get a valuation completed
  • Find a suitable estate agent or cash house buyer
  • Agree terms
  • Complete the sale

Who owns the property after probate is granted in Cardiff?

The Will of the deceased person will determine who owns the property once probate has been granted. Usually, the executor will assign it to whomever the previous owner requested it be given to.

Alternatively, if there is not a Will, then the rules of intestacy will determine who inherits it.

This is usually the closest living relative of the person that passed away.

Alternatively, if the house was owned by in a joint mortgage with someone else, then the property’s ownership will automatically transfer to them once the co-owner passes away.

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Can you sell a house before probate in Cardiff?

No, you cannot sell your house before probate has been completed.

While you are allowed to conduct viewings and accept offers during this time, you cannot officially exchange contracts without the Grant of Probate.

If you are keen to sell your house immediately once probate is granted, using a cash house buyer like is your best option. We can purchase your property within 7 days, regardless of its condition, so that you can focus on moving on without the stress of a lengthy property sale.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling A House in Probate in Cardiff

How long after probate can a property be sold in Cardiff?

You can sell a property immediately after a Grant of Probate comes through. In many cases, the homeowners will conduct viewings and agree ‘unofficial’ terms with a buyer, so that once the necessary probate paperwork comes through, you can complete within the following week.

Often, potential buyers do not show much interest in a property before probate has been granted. This is because they do not want to wait around indefinitely for the paperwork to come through, as it is not always clear when exactly this will be.

Many homeowners choose to sell to cash house buyers, instead, for this reason.

Why does probate take so long?

Probate can take time due to various factors, including legal requirements, asset valuation, and potential challenges from beneficiaries. In Cardiff, as elsewhere, the time it takes to complete probate can vary.

Do I need to pay stamp duty on inherited property in Cardiff?

In most cases, you are not required to pay stamp duty on a house that you inherit. Inheritance tax is the primary tax that you will need to think about in this instance – and filling in the correct paperwork, with an accurate valuation, is therefore essential.

Do I have to sell a house after probate in Cardiff?

No, you can maintain ownership of your house in Cardiff after inheriting it. Many people choose to either live in an inherited property, or rent it out.

Can you clear a house during probate in Cardiff?

It is not generally recommended that you do so. If you are still unsure about who the property will be transferred to, or who is now in possession of any major items in the house, then it could cause confusion, or result in someone throwing away and item that belongs to someone else.

What if the executor does not distribute the estate after probate in the UK?

When an executor refuses to follow the terms of a Will, you should aim to obtain a court order. This order can involve replacing the executor with someone else. It is recommended that you get legal support with this, since it is an important and often complicated procedure.

Can someone claim against the estate after probate in Cardiff?

Yes. However, it is better to make a claim sooner rather than later, as the longer you leave it, the more challenging and costly it may become.

Does probate show the value of estate?

The UK government has an online ‘Inheritance Tax checker’ which offers a rough valuation of your estate. Alternatively, you can estimate this yourself, or bring in a valuer to do it for you.

How much does an estate have to be worth to go to probate in Cardiff?

In Cardiff, there is no fixed monetary threshold that determines whether an estate has to go through probate. Probate tends to be required once the value of an estate goes above £5,000. If a property is included in the estate, probate is almost always necessary.

Will my house go through probate in Cardiff?

If your property is owned by solely by you, with no one else on the mortgage, then probate will be required when you pass away. In this case, even if a Will exists, probate will be needed to sell the property or transfer it into a new name.

Can you check probate on a property in Cardiff?

The UK government keeps probate records which you can search, to find out if probate has been issued, when, and for whom.

When is probate required in Cardiff?

When you are dealing with an estate which includes more than just savings (for example, a property which was solely owned by the deceased), probate is necessary.

Do probate properties sell for cheaper in Cardiff?

Probate properties can often sell for cheaper if they are in need of significant repairs or renovations. If the house does not meet ‘modern standards’, for example with regards to the EPC, then this can decrease its value, too.

Does property have to go through probate in Cardiff?

Property doesn’t always have to go through probate in Cardiff – for example, if the property is jointly owned with someone else who is still alive. You should speak to a legal expert for guidance on this if you are unsure.

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