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The number of house sales in Cardiff over the past year has gone down by 23.7%, compared to the previous twelve months. So, it may not necessarily be a surprise if you are struggling to offload your property in the city.

You should consider all of your options, and the factors influencing this, if you find yourself in this position.

Why is it so difficult to sell
my house in Cardiff?

There’s no need to be disheartened if you are struggling to sell your property in Cardiff. Sometimes, the causes are out of your control – such as a struggling local economy, or your house still being tenanted.

For example, Cardiff currently has a lower percentage of its residents in active employment compared to the UK average – and factors like this may contribute to fewer people in the city having the funds to invest in a house purchase.

You may also want to consider other aspects of your property, such as its condition, price or location. While your whereabouts in the city, or the size of your house, cannot be changed – reducing your price or offering ‘add on’ extras to sweeten the deal may be worth thinking about.

The fastest way to
sell a house in Cardiff

You can sell your property in Cardiff faster than any other method by using

Unlike other routes, you can guarantee a fast sale when you contact us, because we aren’t reliant on anyone else to purchase your house. All the funds we need are already secured, so your deal can be completed on a date that is most convenient for you.

You will receive clear, honest communication every step of the way, and if you have any questions about our cash offer, we will be happy to answer them. You can also contact us wherever your house is in Cardiff – from Birchgrove to Fairwater, Llanishen to East Moors, and anywhere else in between.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation valuation.

Is it a good time to sell a house in Cardiff?

Your personal circumstances will make a significant difference to the ideal time to sell your house. For example, if you have inherited a derelict probate property in Cardiff that you don’t want to fix-up, or you need an immediate solution to financial difficulties, then you may wish to sell immediately.

If you are in a rush to offload your Cardiff house, then is the perfect company to make it happen. We can complete the deal within 7 days – so you can move onto the next stage of your life with a lump sum immediately in your bank account.

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Why might you need to sell your Cardiff home fast?


Divorce can be an expensive process – and raising the funds for it isn’t always easy. If you own a house in Cardiff on your own, then you may be able to sell it for an up-front sum of cash, which can then finance your legal costs.

Alternatively, if you and your previous partner own your Cardiff house in a joint mortgage, then selling it can enable you to both go your separate ways as quickly as possible.


Funding your dream retirement can be pricey. Travelling overseas is one of the most common ways to enjoy your later years, and this is rarely inexpensive. Equally, if you want to do something else – such as go hiking in Snowdonia or do a roadtrip around Wales – then these ideas will require lots of money, too.

To start enjoying your retirement as quickly as possible get in touch with today.


In many parts of Cardiff, houses are not cheap. A typical detached property sells for £421,000, and in the later years of your life, the monthly mortgage repayments might become a tad too high to afford.

Often, selling your house to a cash house buyer will give you enough funds to buy a downsized property outright. Whether you want to move to a smaller house in Cardiff, or move away from the city completely, can give you the funds to do so.

Repair a broken house chain

Selling your house in Cardiff isn’t easy. The average time on the market in the city is currently 154 days – and after all of this waiting around, it is entirely possible that your property chain could break down completely.

If a potential buyer for your Cardiff house has pulled out at the last minute, you will need an immediate replacement to keep the chain together.’s ability to buy your property within 7 days means that we can repair your broken house chain and guarantee that your sale goes ahead.

Selling an inherited property

Have you inherited a house in Cardiff? Owning a property in the city can be valuable – and if you decide to sell it, you can get a considerable sum in your bank account. These funds can then be used for something more important to you. can be particularly useful if the house you have inherited is derelict or unsellable on the open market.


When you are forced to relocate within a short timeframe, finding a suitable buyer who can purchase in a matter of weeks is a real challenge. In this position, you can rely on to buy your Cardiff house within 7 days, or in a timeframe that is most helpful for you.

Financial difficulties/repossession

Paying back a large sum of debt can be a real challenge. Equally, if you are facing repossession, you may not know what to do.

In either of these positions, having a large sum of cash can fix your problem for you. Unlocking the value in your house by selling directly to is an excellent way to make this happen.

Contact for a free, no-obligation cash offer on your house in Cardiff.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Sell House Fast Service in Cardiff

How can I sell my house in 7 days in Cardiff?

By contacting, you can sell your Cardiff house within 7 days.

What type of home sells the most in Cardiff?

The highest number of sales in Cardiff over the past year was in properties prices between £100,000 to £150,000. This price range represented 20% of sales in the city, followed by houses between £150,000 to £200,000, which made up 19.2%.

What is the best website to sell houses in the UK? is one of the UK’s best websites for buying and selling properties. We are proud to support people throughout the city of Cardiff.

How much does it cost to sell a house in Cardiff?

You can sell your house in Cardiff for completely free by going directly to If you use another estate agency, it could cost you several thousands of pounds.

How will Sold value my Cardiff property?

We will use online tools such as the Land Registry, Rightmove Plus, and many more. We may also arrange to visit your Cardiff house in-person.

What areas of Cardiff do you cover?

We cover every part of Cardiff. From CF10 to CF83, you can sell your house fast to

What do different types of property sell for in Cardiff?

Cardiff is one of the most expensive areas in Wales, and the price you can expect for a property will vary significantly, depending on where you are in the city.

Over the whole of Cardiff, a detached house sells for roughly £421,000, while a semi-detached property goes for £259,000. A terraced house in the city is usually sold for £185,000, while a flat costs approximately £164,000.

Meanwhile, certain neighbourhoods within the city are more expensive than others. For example, the average house in Pontcanna sells for £365,030, while a typical property in Llanedeyrn is much less, at £184,737.

How quickly do most houses sell in Cardiff?

Throughout the whole city, it takes approximately 107 days for a house to find a buyer. You will experience considerable fluctuation in this figure, however, depending on the value of the property you are selling. For example, a property priced between £200,000 to £300,000 is usually on the market for 92 days, while a house valued at over £1,000,000 typically takes almost double (181 days) to find a buyer.

How fast can Sold complete the sell house fast sale?

There are over 75 estate agencies in Cardiff – but if you are tired of slow response times, expensive commissions and endless price negotiations, then you are in the right place. can buy your house in Cardiff within 7 days of you contacting us. We will use our own funds to buy it, at a valuation slightly below the typical market rate.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation valuation on your Cardiff property.

Will Cardiff house prices go down?

Cardiff’s property market has a strong track record of improving year-on-year. However, the national economy is currently going through extremely difficult times, with high inflation and interest rates causing far fewer transactions in the city.

If you are nervous about Cardiff’s property prices going down in the future, and want to sell quickly before this happens, then contact today.

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