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Why Choose Sold as Your Trusted Cash House Buyer in Cardiff?

Local Expertise and Insights

As local experts, we possess an in-depth understanding of the Cardiff property landscape. Our team leverages this knowledge to provide you with accurate valuations and insights, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Quick and Transparent Process

We understand that a fast house sale is important to you. With, you can bypass the lengthy selling process. Our streamlined approach ensures that you receive a cash offer for your property and sell it in a timeframe that works best for you, no matter how quickly you’re looking to move.

No Hidden Fees

Unlike traditional estate agents, we operate on a 0% commission model. This means that you receive the full value of your property without any deductions. Our goal is to maximise your financial return.

Tailored Solutions

We recognise that each property seller’s situation is unique. Our solutions are customised to address your specific needs and objectives, ensuring a seamless and satisfying result.

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Understanding the Cardiff Property Market

Despite the economic challenges in the United Kingdom, Cardiff’s property market has had a relatively positive year. House prices have increased by 4% over the past 12 months, with the average property now costing around £240,000.

The typical price of a Cardiff property varies depending on the type of house. A terraced property can cost around £255,000, while a detached house will set you back upwards of £480,000. Meanwhile, the average price for a flat or maisonette in Cardiff is just over £165,000.

You should pay attention to the part of Cardiff you are living in, too, when considering potential property prices.

For example, in Pentrebane in the west of the city, the average house price is £261,980, while in the eastern neighbourhood of Roath Park, it is slightly higher, at £312,718.

When you contact a cash buyer like for a valuation, you will receive a figure slightly below the ‘typical market value’. However, we can complete the purchase within 7 days, and also cover your legal fees – without taking an estate agent’s commission.

Therefore, the final amount that goes into your bank account is often very close to what it would’ve been on the open market.

How does a cash house buyer work?  

A cash house buyer in Cardiff already has the funds needed to pay for your property up-front. This means that you are not waiting around for another deal to be completed. For example, can complete the purchase within 7 days.

You can unlock several advantages when you sell to a cash house buyer in Cardiff. Firstly, all the conveyancing involved with the deal can be handled and paid-for by us, so you avoid the paperwork and expenses involved.

You will also have complete freedom to walk away from our deal, or use another cash house buyer, if you are unhappy with our valuation. We always 

strive to make a realistic, honest estimation of what your house is worth – but if you disagree with our figure, you can change your mind without any penalties.

Most importantly, you will be made to feel at ease throughout the entire process. You will receive consistent communication while selling your Cardiff house to us, so you always understand exactly what’s going on.

If you have any questions about selling your house in Cardiff for cash, please contact us today and we will answer any of your questions.

Why might you need a cash house buyer in Cardiff?

More and more people are viewing the ‘traditional’ method of selling your house as outdated. To replace this, cash house buyers have offered a brand-new method of doing so – and homeowners across Cardiff are now benefiting from this.

Cash house buyers are valuable for any property owner that needs to sell their house quickly. 


If you are facing financial difficulties and need a lump sum to get yourself out of it, then a cash buyer can get you this within 7 days. You could benefit from a cash house buyer when you need to save a property chain.

For example, if a potential buyer has dropped out of your transaction at the last minute, but the rest of the chain is ready to complete, then can take the place of your original buyer and complete the deal within the same timeframe.

Cash house buyers are incredibly useful if your Cardiff property is in terrible condition and would be deemed ‘unacceptable’ on the open market. 

For example, some banks in Wales do not lend  against properties with a failed EPC rating, or one which is derelict.

Many probate properties are inherited in this state, for example.

But with, you can still complete the sale without any trouble, because we buy houses in any condition.

Finally, if you want to offload a Buy to Let, ensure a quick sale after a divorce, or are simply unhappy with your previous estate agent’s results, can buy your Cardiff house for cash.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cash House Buyers in Cardiff

Can you trust a cash offer for a house?

You can completely trust a cash offer from While not all cash buyers are trustworthy and reliable, we are, and will answer any questions you may have throughout the selling process. You will not be tied into any contracts and there will be no hidden costs.

Should I use a cash house buyer to sell my home in Cardiff?

Cash house buyers represent an excellent option for people that need access to a large sum quickly, or who simply want to get a property ‘out of their hair’ as soon as possible. For people who are more patient, and want to maximise the value of their house, it may be better to sell on the open market.

Can cash buyers fall through in Cardiff?

Selling to a cash buyer can fall through from time to time, however, when you sell your house to, the cash offer will not fall through. We have all the funds needed in-house to buy your property – we are not dependent on anyone else to complete it.

How long does it take to sell to a cash buyer in Cardiff? can complete the purchase of your property within 7 days, or in a timeframe that works best for you.

Is a cash buyer better for a house in Cardiff?

When you need your sale to be completed in a short timeframe, or if receiving all the funds within 24 hours of completion is extremely useful to you, then a cash house buyer can be an excellent option. If you are not in a rush, however, and are determined to get the maximum value for your house, then it may be better to sell on the open market.

How does Cardiff property compare to average Wales property?

Property in Cardiff is slightly more expensive than in the rest of Wales. Recent figures suggest that the average Cardiff house is £59,764 more expensive than a ‘typical’ property elsewhere in the country.

Should I sell now in Cardiff?

Wales has experienced a higher rate of property price growth over the past couple of years, compared to Cardiff. Combined with many economists predicting that house prices will stagnate (or reduce) in early 2024, this means that now could be the perfect time to sell your Cardiff property to a cash house buyer.

What commuter towns are there for Cardiff?

Cardiff is surrounded by several commuter towns, that you may wish to move to while raising a family ‘in the suburbs’, while still accessing the job opportunities in the city centre. Examples of commuter towns include Newport, Barry, Cowbridge, Caerphilly and Llantrisant.

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