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What is probate property?

Probate property is a house that has been transferred into your ownership by someone who has passed away – usually through their Will, or via the rules of intestacy.

11.9% of Leicester’s population is aged over 65 years old – meaning that inheriting a probate property is sadly not uncommon in the city. Houses are also typically more valuable in certain neighbourhoods than others.

For example, the average property in West Knighton costs £262,940, while a typical house in Westcotes Drive is much higher, at around £411,250.

The price of the property you inherit, and how convenient it is for you to maintain it, should be significant factors in deciding whether to hang onto it.

Equally, you should pay attention to the local economy. For example, while house prices in Leicester have increased by 7% over the past 12 months, many economists expect this to stagnate or decline during 2024.

What to do with property after probate is granted in Leicester

You may wish to speak with other people who will be affected by the fate of your probate property in Leicester, before making a decision. Even if you are legally the sole owner of the house, you may have siblings, cousins or friends who have strong emotional attachments to the property. Finding a decent solution for everyone is often in your best interests.

There are four main things you can do with a property you’ve inherited in Leicester; live in it, rent it out, sell it, or leave it empty.

Whether to rent your Leicester property out will be dependent on a few factors. Firstly, as of 2025, your house will need to have a sufficient EPC rating for tenants to move in there. You will also need it to be in livable condition – which is not always the case with a house that has been neglected in the later years of someone’s life.

Selling your Leicester property can open up lots of doors for you. A house in the city costs around £298,000 on average. 

This money could be used to fund the sabbatical you’ve always dreamed of, or to upsize your house somewhere else in the country.

Probate property can sometimes be difficult to find a buyer for on the open market, especially if it is tenanted, in poor condition, has a low EPC or has a short lease remaining. offers you a solution to all of these problems.

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Selling probate property in Leicester

Have you decided to sell your probate property in Leicester? Well, you’re in the perfect place to do so. It doesn’t matter how big or small your house is, its location in the city, or what condition it is in: will take it out of your hands for free.

When you should value a house for probate in Leicester

While probate is being carried out, a house in Leicester will need to be valued. This will provide clarity on the amount of inheritance tax that needs to be paid, and will also be an excellent benchmark for how much you should list your Leicester property for, if you decide to sell it.

Although there are over 75 estate agencies in Leicester, not all of these can be relied upon to give you a realistic valuation.

Each company will have ‘skin in the game’ because they want you to choose them to sell your house. Often, using an independent expert is best.

If you eventually decide to sell your Leicester probate property, after you have inherited it, then you should contact to make this happen. We will value your property slightly below the market rate but enable you to offload the house within 7 days, and get all the funds in your bank account 24 hours later.

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How long after probate can a property be sold in Leicester?

You can sell your probate property as soon as it is legally owned by you. You (or the executor) will typically need a Grant of Probate to give a house to its new rightful owner, whether in Leicester or anywhere else in the country.

If the house was owned in a joint mortgage, then the property will usually automatically transfer to its new owner. In this case, the house can then be sold by its new sole owner.

Paying stamp duty on inherited property in Leicester

Stamp duty is usually not required to be paid on inherited property in Leicester, or anywhere else in the UK. Inheritance tax is the main thing that you will need to pay – and once this has been done, you can then sell your property without worrying about stamp duty.

If you want to avoid any fees when selling your house in Leicester, and keep 100% of the sale price, then can make this happen.

What are the steps of selling my house after probate in Leicester?

The first step to selling your probate house in Leicester is contacting We will give you a realistic valuation of your property that does not unnecessarily ‘get your hopes up’, but enables you to complete your sale within 7 days.

Once you receive our valuation, it is entirely your choice whether you accept it or not. You may wish to discuss it with family members or friends – and you will also need to weigh up whether the advantage of receiving this lump sum quickly outweighs the slightly below market offer.

If you decide to sell your Leicester probate property to, then we will collectively agree on a completion date. Since we are a chain-free buyer, we can be extremely flexible.

You will receive the funds in your account 24 hours after completing the deal. This can open lots of exciting doors for you and enable you to move into a great new chapter in your life.

How much is my probate property worth?

Believe it or not, there is not always one clear answer to the value of your probate property in Leicester.

When probate is being completed, the house will need to be valued, to determine how much inheritance tax needs to be paid. This is typically done by a surveyor, who must be as accurate as possible.

After a surveyor has valued your probate property, you may get a traditional high street agent to do so. In many cases, this company/person will value your property higher, because they are keen to convince you to use them to sell your Leicester house.

As a third variation, a cash buyer like may value your Leicester house noticeably below the typical market price. This is because we offer less than other estate agencies, owing to the fact that we can complete within 7 days. We will also give you all the money up-front, and cover your legal fees without taking a commission.

You should therefore distinguish between the different valuations you receive on your probate property in Leicester. Each one may differ slightly, and you will need to understand why this has happened, and what the effect is on you.

If you want to sell your probate property in Leicester, then contact today. We will complete the purchase of your house within 7 days – so you can move onto the next phase of your life quickly, and with a lump sum in your bank account.

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