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What to do if you’re struggling to sell your house in Leicester

Don’t panic if you are struggling to offload your house in Leicester: you are not alone. Local people facing economic difficulties are now unable to purchase a larger property.

Meanwhile, the size, condition, lease (if applicable) and tenancy situation surrounding your property will make a difference, too.

Fortunately, there are ways you can get around these variables.

Why is my Leicester home so hard to sell?

The number of house sales in Leicester has gone down by 31.1% over the past 12 months. This has been largely caused by people having less money readily available, as a result of rising interest rates, ever-increasing inflation and mortgage lenders becoming less flexible with their lending.

With the market in certain areas of Leicester fluctuating, people may be reluctant to buy in your area, too. Neighbourhoods such as Enderby, Scraptoft and Barkby Thorpe have all experienced a difficult year, with lots of properties declining in value in these areas.

You should pay attention to any other factors that could impact on your ability to sell the house.

Setting a realistic price is always essential, and keeping your property in good condition allows viewers to imagine themselves living there.

If you have tenants living in-situ then this will make a difference, too, and you may need to compromise your asking price accordingly.

The fastest way to sell a house in Leicester

You can sell your Leicester property within 7 days by contacting

We will buy your house with up-front cash while also covering your legal fees. You won’t lose out on an estate agent’s commission, as 100% of the final sale price goes directly to you.

So, whether you live in Dane Hills, North Evington, Belgrave, Braunstone or anywhere else in the city: contact us today to sell your property faster than any other route.

How fast can Sold complete my sale? can complete the purchase of your property in Leicester within 7 days. Once you get in touch with us, we will carry out a valuation of your house – and then it is entirely up to you whether you accept the offer or not.


You will not be tied into any contracts, and you will not have to pay a penny in fees. All the costs associated with the sale will be covered by us – so that once the deal is completed, 100% of the funds will be in your account 24 hours later.

How our sell house fast service works

  • Get in touch with us for a free valuation
  • Receive our offer on your Leicester property
  • Agree on a completion date
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How can I get a fast house sale for my Leicester house?

You can get a fast Leicester house sale by getting in touch with

By having all the funds needed to purchase your property up-front, we can complete your deal in 7 days, or a timeframe that works best for you.

You will not pay a penny in legal fees or estate agent’s commissions, and we will aim to:

  • Reduce your stress
  • Communicate clearly throughout
  • Put more money in your pocket
  • Avoid a property chain

If you want to get a valuation on your Leicester property, free-of-charge and without any restrictive contract, then get in touch with today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your House Fast in Leicester

What do different types of property sell for in Leicester?

You will receive a different price for any house that you sell in Leicester, depending on the type of property it is, and what neighbourhood it is in.

Over the entire city, the average detached house sells for £443,000 on the open market, while a semi-detached property goes for around £268,000. A typical terraced house in Leicester is sold for £221,000 and a flat sells for approximately £148,000.

Is it a good time to sell a house in Leicester?

Some economists have argued that now is the ultimate time to sell your property in Leicester. There is an expectation that inflation and interest rates will continue to go up throughout 2024 – and house prices have also gone up in the past 12 months by 5% over the entire city, meaning that now could be the right time to cash-in on your property’s extra value.

How quickly do most houses sell in Leicester?

Over the entire city of Leicester, it takes 136 days on average for a house to find a buyer. This time can vary depending on the type of property you are selling – for example, a semi-detached house in Leicester averages 113 days to find a buyer, while a flat takes much longer, at 229 days. A terraced property is usually on the market for 115 days in Leicester, and a detached house averages 126 days to find a suitable buyer.

Where in Leicester do houses sell the fastest?

While the average time on the market in Leicester is currently 136 days, there are a few areas of the city where it is slightly faster.

In Birstall, the average time to sell a house is 131 days, while in Wigston it is currently 122 days. Meanwhile, undoubtedly one of the fastest places to sell your Leicester property is Antsey, where the current average is 118 days.

Will Leicester house prices go down?

It is currently unclear whether Leicester houses prices will decrease over the next year. Throughout the entire city, there has been a 5% increase in average property prices over the past twelve months. However, some neighbourhoods have broken this trend, and with interest rates and inflation continuing to go up, it may be a stagnant year for Leicester homeowners.

If you want to avoid a potential drop in prices and sell your Leicester house within 7 days, contact for a free valuation.

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