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How Will Sold Help You Sell Your House Faster?

We Have the Experience

Sold sells property every day, so we know what areas sell better than others, and have connections with lawyers who can assist in the legal processes involved in closing a deal. This means that your house will sell for its most fair value.


We Know How to Negotiate

Negotiation is key when selling anything, especially houses because both parties invest money into buying or selling. Hiring Sold to sell your property, allows you to have someone to negotiate on your behalf.

More Exposure

One of the biggest reasons Sold sells homes quickly for our clients is that we have more resources than an average high-street real estate agency. We have the biggest online websites that will advertise your property globally and with thousands of buyers.

We Have A Cash House-Buying Service

We have an outstanding cash house-buying service, which enables us to purchase your property within 7 days and you will get the funds in your account within 24 hours of the deal being completed!

We Can Handle All Transactions

When you sell your home yourself, there is more paperwork involved than if you sell it through real estate agents. For instance, selling your property requires more legal steps like finding a buyer, putting together an agreement, meeting them at the house, etc., you will need legal advice and professionals to help with the selling process and paperwork involved when buying or selling your property. Sold makes the entire process easy and stress-free.

We Know What to Expect

Sold has all the statistics and data on the housing market at their fingertips, so we can determine what your house is worth. They know which areas sell better than others because of location, amenities, and other factors like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home. In addition to knowing how much houses sell for, we also know when buyers are putting their offers on homes which means you won’t sell for a low price due to listing it during a downturn in the market.

Why Choose Sold to Sell Your House?

When considering the sale of your home, your natural inclination would have been to reach out to your local estate agent. This conventional approach was the standard practice, as the concept of cash house buyers had not yet come into existence.

Sold will sell your home according to your unique terms. This entails selecting an approach that aligns with your financial goals, budget constraints, and preferred timeline. Opting for online house-selling affords you the opportunity to circumvent the traditional route, leading to substantial savings in both time and money.

Leading online house-selling agents, such as Sold, have the experience to sell your house fast and easily! Their process and cash house-buying service guarantees that you will sell your house faster than any other agency and with no free! This service is tailored precisely to your requirements, ensuring that your home is sold in a manner that perfectly suits your needs.

We sell all types of properties, at the best market price, fast and reliable. We cover all areas of Leicester and have more than 21,000 buyers daily that review each property on one of our popular pages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your House Fast in Leicester

How Much Does It Cost to Sell My House Fast in Leicester?

The average property price in Leicester is £296k and the middle-value price is £260k. The average price increased by £20.9k (8%) over the last twelve months. The price of a newly built property is £321k. The sales dropped by 32.7% and properties were sold in the £200k-£250k price range with 2335 (22.3%) properties sold, followed by the £300k-£400k price range with 1967 (18.8%) properties sold.

The data showcases that property values in Leicester are at a great amount and that the risks of houses losing their values are low.

With Sold, we will add your property to our online platforms with millions of potential buyers. We have an exceptional service with our No Sale, No Fee that gives you the option to pay only when we sell your home. We can host viewings for you if you’d rather not do it yourself or need help when you purchase the viewings package on our No Sale, No Fee or Free Cash Offer and it is included in our fast and free offer!

When you sell your home with Sold, we will automatically list it on all our major property websites that only agents can advertise on, so you get the best of both worlds. You also get a dedicated Sold agent that will help you, a free valuation expert marketing your property on popular property sites.

How Will Sold Value My Property?

If you’re already situated in Leicester, you’re probably aware of the ongoing growth in the property market. In the past six months alone, there have been 5,279 properties listed on various housing websites and through estate agents.

Regrettably, if you opt for a conventional Leicester estate agent, the process tends to be prolonged, with the average time your property spends on the market 127 days. It generally takes around 12 weeks for properties to receive an ‘under offer’ status. However, choosing to work with Sold sets you apart.

Our team reaches out within minutes of receiving an inquiry. Following this initial contact, our customers often find themselves presented with an offer for their property within a span of just 24 hours.

What further sets apart selling your home through Sold is our unique approach to fees. We don’t deduct any portion from your property’s sale as commission. Instead, we generate revenue by collecting a modest fee from the buyer of the property. Additionally, we extend the offer to cover your legal expenses as well!

How Quick Is the Sell House Fast Leicester Process?

We can sell your home in Leicester faster than any UK estate agent!  We pride ourselves on our record selling services with 75% of properties sold within 30 days and 38 days faster to completion than the average estate agent.

Our approach to selling and buying is tailored to your needs and to the best price value on the market. Sell your house online easily with our fully managed service, with your legal fees covered. We pay your legal fees and sell your house faster than any other online and high-street real estate agent and offer a transparent service.

Why Should You Work With Sold?

Many traditional high street agents tend to overvalue your property in the hopes of persuading you to choose them over a cash house buying company like Sold. Unfortunately, this strategy raises false hopes and results in wasted time, as you’re repeatedly asked to reduce the price every few weeks in order to attract potential buyers.

However, the property landscape has evolved with new technologies and a change in homeowner preferences during the selling process. This shift has given rise to numerous ways to sell your house online. Today, you have the flexibility to sell your home on your own terms, selecting an approach that aligns with your budget, timeline, and financial objectives. Opting for online house-selling methods empowers you to sidestep the traditional route and save considerable time and money.

Online house-selling agents, such as Sold, offer a comprehensive, fully-managed service that caters to your specific needs. With a tailored approach, we ensure your home is sold in a manner that best suits you.

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