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Can Living on a Funny Street Name Increase the Value of Your Home?

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When you’re looking for a new home, you probably don’t pay too much attention to the name of the street. Of course, you’ll be focussed on the condition of the property, its location to amenities, and whether it has enough room for you and your loved ones. But is it also worth thinking about the street name of your new home? Could the name of the road affect how much the property costs?

The Funniest Street Names in the UK

With so many regional dialects and a rich cultural history, the UK has plenty of funny street names. For example, Bottom, Butt, Spank, and Dick all feature in road names across the country. In fact, around 150 street names feature the word ‘Butt’ and 40 feature ‘Bottom. 59 street names include the word ‘Bush’ and 54 contain the word ‘Beaver’.

In addition to naughty words, the UK also has lots of silly street names, like ‘Bleak Place’, ‘All Alone Road’ and ‘Christmaspie Avenue’.

Do Funny Road Names Affect the Property Value?

We looked at the funniest street names in the UK and went on to analyse the property value. Using data from RightMove, we found the average house price on the street and then compared it to the average house price for the same postcode.

Funny Street Names that Have Higher House Prices

We found that some inappropriate street names can actually have a positive effect on house prices, increasing the value when compared to other properties in the area. The average property price for Dick Place in Edinburgh was £1,680,000, a whopping increase of 116% compared to the average price of £442,290 in the rest of the area. Twatling Road in Birmingham also had higher property prices than the local area, with an average price of £787,500 on the street compared to £329,879 in the same postcode.

It’s not just rude place names that can result in an increased property price. All Alone Road in West Yorkshire, maybe not a very inviting street name for some, actually had an average house price that was 15% higher than the rest of the postcode, with the average property value being £231,750 on the street itself and £198,723 for the postcode. Similarly, Christmaspie Avenue in Surrey – a street name that might only be appealing one month of the year – had an average property price of £723,000, 12% higher than the average price of £636,855 for the postcode.

Funny Street Names that Have Lower House Prices

However, not all the weird street names we found had a positive effect on property value. Backside Lane in South Yorkshire had an average house value that was 67% lower than the postcode, with an average property price of £93,000 compared to £187,265 for the wider area. Cumming Street in North London was also 67% lower than property prices in the same postcode, with an average value of £447,000 compared to £905,211.

And again, it’s not just the rude names that show a difference in property prices. Bleak Place in Staffordshire – hopefully not an accurate description – had an average property value of £109,000, 18% less than the average house price of £131,127 for the same postcode.

Below is the full list of the funny street names we found and their average property prices.

Street NameAverage Property Price for the StreetAverage Property Price for the PostcodePercentage Difference
Dick Place, Edinburgh£1,680,000£442,290+116%
Twatling Road, Birmingham £787,500£329,879+81%
Willey Lane, Nottinghamshire£356,500£193,974+59%
All Alone Road, West Yorkshire£231,750£198,723+15%
Christmaspie Avenue, Surrey£723,000£636,855+12%
Bleak Place, Staffordshire£109,000£131,127-18%
Slack Bottom, West Yorkshire£158,000£238,152-40%
Fanny Street, Cardiff£126,500£211,424-50%
Cumming Street, North London£447,000£905,211-67%
Backside Lane, South Yorkshire£93,000£187,265-67%

Value My House

Of course, there’s plenty of other factors that will affect the value of a property and the name of the street shouldn’t make or break a sale.

However, if you live on a road with a funny name and you’re interested in how it affects the value of your house, or if you just want to know how much your property is worth, you can use our free house value calculator by postcode. We can give you an instant valuation today using our online tool which looks at over 4,000 data points to give you a tight property range. Perhaps the valuation will open you up to putting your house on the market. With SOLD.CO.UK we can sell your house for free, enabling you to benefit from receiving the full value of your property.

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