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If you want to sell your property, it will need to look its best. If your home is attractive you will likely attract more viewers and higher offers. Whilst some people thrive with a property project, others simply want to move in and tweaks things at their leisure.

Whilst affordable improvements such as new carpets or a fresh lick of paint will definitely appeal to potential buyers, it is the larger property investments that will see the value of your home skyrocket. Serious home improvements can add around 5% to 30% on the value of your home.

Adding on to your home

Kitchen extension – up to 15%

Most basic conversions add around 5% to the value of a property. However, a side return extension could boost this figure up to 15%, particularly if they are used to expand kitchens and create a utility room.

Conservatory with extension – up to 10%

Conservatories are a wonderful addition to any home, but those which incorporate an additional feature are more lucrative to sellers. Larger conservatories that also enable expansion on the first floor are a great move. However, if you want to remain on the ground floor, having a conservatory with an extra toilet, full bathroom, office or utility room can be just as attractive.

Planning permission in place – up to 10%

If you don’t have the funds to carry out building work, such as an extension, obtaining planning permission is the perfect way to boost the value of your home up to 10%. It is completely free for you to do unless you live in a listed building. Obviously, an architect will need to be involved, but this cost will be much less than an extension. Many buyers will have their heads turned by properties they would otherwise ignore without guaranteed planning permission set in place.

How to add property value without building work

Convert your basement – up to 30%

Worried about converting your basement because of the potential hassle with obtaining planning permission? Not only is a basement conversion one of the best ways to add substantial value to your home, but you won’t need permission from your local authority. Basement conversions fall under the ‘change of use’ bracket. You won’t need planning permission if the space will not have kitchen facilities. Many people transform their basements into guest bedrooms, home offices, cinema rooms, and dens.

Open plan living – up to 6%

Open plan living is very popular with buyers with many seeking homes that merge living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens into one communal space. It has a very family feel but is also perfect for couples and individuals who want to maximum space when buying a new property.

Unless you have the skills and safety knowledge it is advised to get the help of a builder. They will be able to maintain the structural integrity of your home whilst opening up the space and increasing natural light.

Loft conversion – up to 15%

Having an extra bedroom is certainly a luxury. Many families looking for a new home would be intrigued with a loft conversion, particularly if it’s a bedroom with a small en suite. Parents with teenage or older children see these spaces as the perfect way to let their kids have independence whilst remaining under their roof. However, parents equally like having the bedroom at the top of the house for some much-needed peace and quiet.

Like basement conversions, you don’t need planning permission and they can be transformed easily. However, you will want the professional advice from an architect or builder before you begin to avoid any pitfalls.

Transform your garage – up to 15%

Let’s be honest, most garages are used as a dumping ground for all our belongings that have no home. Old bicycles, items of furniture and ‘to good to throw away’ belongings all end up calling the garage home. However, unless you’re going to clear it out to store a car, why not convert it into a liveable space? Guest bedrooms, home offices, and gyms are all great ways to add value to your home by converting your garage. Depending on the size of your space, or if you have a double garage, a studio flat may be a wise idea too.

Revamped bathroom – up to 5%

Whilst bathroom transformations aren’t cheap if you plan on an entire new suite, ditching a discoloured bathroom set can increase the value of your home by 5%. If you already have a white and modern suite, focus on decorating and perhaps invest in new taps and fixtures. Furthermore, avocado or pink bathroom suites are a definite no, so spend money on getting this changed.

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