We’re FAST

On average, we will get a sale agreed in just 3 weeks – most estate agents will take 3 months

And it only takes us 12 weeks to complete the sale – most estate agents will take 27 weeks

We’re FREE

We never charge you at any point – most estate agents will charge you an upfront set fee (as much as £1,499) or a percentage commission upon sale (as much as 3%)

There are no hidden costs – in fact, we even cover your legal fees.

Reach 98% of buyers with an online estate agent you can trust

And we’re FAIR

We give you an honest valuation from the outset – we tell you the real price that your property will sell for.

Sometimes it’ll be less than you might hear from other estate agents, as we don’t play the game of over-promising and overvaluing to win your business only to waste your time and cut the price later on

Why should I choose SOLD.CO.UK?

  • We offer a range of services, with a tailored approach to match your needs
  • You’re able to move between these services whenever needed
  • All are totally fee free, and we pay your legal costs
  • We never overvalue nor over-promise
  • You only sign up for 30 days, and if we haven’t sold your property by then you are free to walk away

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