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Six Things That Can Devalue Your Property and How to Fix Them

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There are a huge number of things that can affect the value of your home. Some factors, like the schools in your area or the crime rate, aren’t in your control. However, there are some things that you can change to help improve the value of your property. The team at SOLD.CO.UK can help you find out how, a leader in the online estate agent field, we will sell your house for free and for the right price. Enabling you to avoid costly fees and get the best value for your house.

Substandard Renovations

If you’ve taken on some DIY in your home, you could find that it negatively affects the value when you come to sell. Shoddy paintwork, wonky tiling, and renovations that just aren’t up to scratch will all reduce the value of your property.

Whilst there might be some jobs around the home that you can capably do, for anything too big or too complex make sure to hire a professional. You should also always hire a qualified tradesperson for any jobs relating to your gas, electrics, plumbing, or heating.

Poor Maintenance

If you haven’t given your home a spruce up recently, you could find that this will also negatively affect the value of your property. This includes things like, chipped paintwork, dirty grouting, windows that don’t open properly, and worn carpet.

You might find that by taking on the expense to get these things fixed around the house, you could really improve the value of your property. However, as we’ve already mentioned, make sure to hire a professional for any jobs that you’re not confident you can do yourself.

Messy Exterior

If your curb appeal isn’t up to scratch, then you could find it difficult to even secure a buyer. Curb appeal includes everything on the front exterior of your house. So, if your front garden is overgrown, your front door is dirty or the paintwork is chipped, or your driveway is cracked and full of weeds, you may find this can all reduce the value of your home.

When it comes to selling your home, make sure to spend some time tidying up your exterior. Clean your front door and windows, and even add a lick of paint if it’s needed. Spruce up your front garden and get rid of weeds, junk and debris.

Low Energy Efficiency Rating

Energy efficiency is becoming more and more important for buyers. Not only are more people now eco-conscious, but they’ll also want to make sure they won’t be spending too much money on their energy bills. In addition to this, it’s now illegal to rent out a property with a low energy efficiency rating (which counts as anything less than ‘E’). So, buyers who intend to rent out the property will be put off if the rating is too low.

You can help improve your energy efficiency rating by replacing single-glazed windows with double-glazing. You can also install insulation in your property and replace your boiler with one that’s more energy-efficient. Make sure to review your energy performance certificate to find what your property specifically needs to improve.

Pets In Your Home

Even though your pet is part of your family, not everyone loves them as much as you do. Having a pet in your home can put off potential buyers. Pets can cause damage to the property and also cause odours to sit in the carpet.

It’s best to have your pet elsewhere during viewings, if possible, and put their bed and toys away out of sight. You might also need to have your carpet professionally cleaned and make sure that any damage caused by claws on doors or skirting boards has been fixed prior to selling.

Noise Pollution

Living near a main road will have its benefits, but it can also have a downside with the noise of traffic causing a problem. If the noise is too loud inside your property, this could negatively impact the value of your property. However, you can go some way to dampen the noise by installing double-glazing and even soundproofing.

Noisy neighbours can also cause a problem if you’re selling your home. You have to legally declare to potential buyers if your neighbours are excessively noisy and you’ve had to make a complaint to the local authority. So, it’s best to speak to your neighbours first, to try to calmly resolve any disputes.  

If you’re looking to sell your home SOLD.CO.UK has the knowledge and expertise to get you a quick house sale, no matter what condition your property is in. We can sell any type of property, whether your home is in perfect condition or in need of renovating. Get an instant valuation today, or contact us to speak to our team about your property.

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