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What Colour Should You Paint Your House?

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Getting creative with colour doesn’t have to just be for your interiors. Painting the exterior of your house can really bring your personality to your home, whilst also smartening up your exterior and improving the kerb appeal.

But choosing the right colour to paint your house can be a daunting prospect. You’ll want to find the right colour to accentuate the character of your property whilst still letting the architecture shine through. When picking a colour, you should consider the style of your neighbourhood. There’s no reason why your home can’t stand out, but you’ll want to bear in mind that your favourite colour might not appeal to the masses – which will be important if you ever want to sell.

You should also consider the style of your property. Is it modern or traditional? A traditional home doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need to go for a subdued colour. Period features can really stand out with a bright colour if it’s done right.

Overall, you’ll want to decide what your aim is with painting your house. Do you want something subtle and calm, or bright and bold? What do you want to come home to every day?

Below are Dulux’s ten most popular exterior paint colours from the past year and why they might (and might not!) work for your home.

1.      Grey

The most popular colour for exteriors in 2021 was grey. Grey is a versatile, neutral colour. It makes for a nice middle ground between painting your house black, which can be too dark for some, and white, which can be too clinical.

Grey works extremely well with other colours, acting as a subtle base. So, if you still want to bring a splash of colour to your exterior, you could try painting the walls grey with a bold red front door.

2.     White

The second most popular colour for exteriors was white. White is simple, fresh and a classic choice for any type of property. It can make small houses look bigger and you won’t have problems with the colour fading in the sun, which you might find with darker colours.

Like grey, white can work as a base to make other colours pop. You might find that a pastel-coloured front door with white walls makes for a charming property. You should be careful to not go too bright with your paint colour choice – an off-white will bring all the benefits of a white house exterior whilst also making sure it’s not too bright to look at in full sunlight.

3.     Blue

Blue has been an increasingly popular colour choice for our interiors, and many are now using it for their exteriors too. Depending on the shade you go for, blue can evoke calm feelings or a playful character.

Pastel blues can work beautifully with traditional style properties, especially when combined with white trimmings. Darker blues and navy shades can bring a touch of mystery to your property, and a bright blue will let your property really stand out. Blue tones also work great if you have a seaside home or are near a body of water.

4.     Pink

Pink might seem like a bold choice, but it’s fourth on the list of most popular exterior colours. If it suits your neighbourhood, a bright pink home will bring heaps of character and be a positive, welcoming sight for you.

But if your neighbours’ homes are more subdued, you can still achieve your pink dreams. Go for a lighter, more neutral shade so your home can better blend in to the neighbourhood. Coral shades will bring the Mediterranean to your street and can work wonderfully with art-deco architecture.

5.     Green

Green is the fifth most popular exterior colour in the UK but the second most popular in the South West region, which is home to beautiful sprawling national parks Dartmoor and Exmoor. This explains the appeal of green exteriors, which can heighten the natural beauty of rural areas.

Not only can green exteriors accentuate the lush greenery that you might already have in your surroundings, but they can also bring the feel of nature to more urban areas. Rich greens can bring a sense of growth and rejuvenation, and sage greens are more calming and gentle.

6.     Cream

Cream offers a subdued alternative to bright white colours. Cream is a softer option, but still brings the classic and sophisticated look of a white exterior.

Cream makes for the perfect base for your exteriors to be combined with other soft and neutral colour palettes, like sage green or even a muted yellow.

7.     Yellow

Yellow exteriors radiate happiness and warmth, bringing sunshine to your home even in drab weather. Rich yellow tones are great paired with a contrasting navy trim. A softer, more apricot yellow will still be cheerful but more subtle and might work better with vintage architectural details.

Yellow can also compliment the greenery in your garden and looks beautiful with dark natural wood textures.

8.     Black

Black exteriors are rising in popularity, with people opting for contrasting trims or going for all black everything for a real statement look. Black exteriors are chic and modern, even on traditional architecture.

Whilst painting your house black can bring a feeling of intrigue to your home, the colour will absorb heat much quicker than other colours. A property with black exteriors will therefore require more cooling efforts in warm weather. The colour will also fade much quicker in the sunlight, so you might find a black exterior will need more regular touch-ups to keep it looking fresh.  

9.     Red

Red exteriors evoke an energetic and passionate feeling and can really liven up a property. The colour is typically associated with country barns and farmhouses in the US and Sweden but can even work on new buildings.

With such a bold colour, subtle off-white trimmings can work well. Be careful to not pair a bright red with a too bright white, as this combination can be jarring.

10.  Beige

Beige is a natural, grounding colour and is tenth in the list for most popular exterior colours. Dulux’s Brave Ground, a warm neutral beige, topped the Dulux colour chart 2021 to be the colour of the year.

This tone also works for exteriors, as a timeless and sophisticated option for all property types. A black front door and white trimmings is a crisp and clean twist on a classic look for any exterior.

If you’re making some home improvements, take a look at SOLD.CO.UK’s Home Improvement Insights for more guides and ideas.

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