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A Complete Guide to Types of UK Houses

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There are many different types of houses in the UK.

Each has unique advantages and drawbacks.

In the article below, we’ve provided a complete guide to types of UK houses and their positive and negative aspects.

Detached House

Detached houses do not share walls with any other buildings.

They stand alone, separate from other houses on the street, and therefore have greater privacy than almost any other property type.

A typical detached property in the UK is usually more expensive than the average house. It often has a driveway, private garden, and much larger square footage than a flat or bungalow.

It is less common to see a detached house in major cities because the population density is high, and there isn’t room for many detached properties.

In the countryside, however, where there is more space, you will likely find plenty more.

Average detached house property cost

The average detached house in England costs £489,112, making it the most expensive of the four major property types.

Semi-Detached House

A semi-detached house shares one common wall with another property. This means that one side of the house is usually completely free, but the other side is connected to your next-door neighbour.

Semi-detached properties usually have their own garden. However, there will typically be a fence between you and the next-door neighbour.

Even though they are connected to another property, semi-detached homes can offer lots of floor space, and some have up to 4 bedrooms.

Average semi-detached house property cost

In England, the average semi-detached house costs £299,047, making it the second most expensive of the four major property types.

Terraced House

As the name suggests, a terraced house is part of a terrace (i.e., row or block) of properties.

You can get an ‘end of terrace’ home, which is at the end of a line of properties and only shares one wall with a neighbour.

However, any home in the middle of the terrace will be connected to a neighbour on both sides.

A terraced home has less privacy than a detached or semi-detached house, and is therefore less pricey.

The homes at the end of the terrace are usually more expensive than the homes in the middle because of this slight increase in privacy. 

Terraced properties are common in major cities and towns where space is limited.

Average terraced house property cost

In England, the average terraced house costs £253,547. 


Flats are generally the least expensive type of property.

Flats are typically where they will start when someone wants to get onto the housing ladder.

A flat is a self-contained housing unit that occupies part of a building, generally on a single storey.

The entire building can be extremely high – and many major residential skyscrapers in big cities are filled with flats – but each flat will only occupy a small part.

A flat may have a shared entrance with its neighbours, and its walls are often connected.

Average flat cost

The average flat in England costs £250,328.


A bungalow is a type of house that only has a single storey. This means there is no stairway, and all the rooms (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and so on) are on the ground floor.

This property type can be ideal for people with disabilities who need easy accessibility within their houses and cannot afford an expensive stair lift.

It can also be great for older people concerned about falling down steps.

Bungalows are becoming increasingly rare in the UK as property developers seek to maximise the profit on a plot of land by building apartment blocks.

Therefore, the price of this house type has increased by 17% in the recent calendar year.

Average bungalow cost

The average price for a bungalow is around £330,000.


A Maisonette is often considered a slight upgrade on a flat because it has its own entrance kept from the neighbours.

Nevertheless, it still shares walls (often on both sides) with neighbours.

The majority of maisonettes are two storeys. This often coincides with greater square footage than a flat, ideal for a young family.

Average maisonette cost

It is difficult to get average house price figures on Maisonettes-only, but you can expect them to be around 10-15% higher than the typical price of a flat. This may also vary depending on the property market conditions. 

Retirement Property

Retirement properties have become increasingly popular in recent years – so much so that they now have a designated label on Rightmove and Zoopla, enabling potential buyers to search for this housing type only.

As the name indicates, a retirement property is designed for older people nearing retirement. It is usually part of a more extensive complex with many house types in the same area.

Many retirement properties (especially the smaller ones) can be less expensive than an average flat. The aim is to give these old people an affordable, enjoyable living experience.

Average retirement home cost

However, the service charge will typically be considerably higher than typical and could go up to £4,000 per year or more.


A studio flat is smaller than a typical flat, as your kitchen, bedroom and living room will all be in the same room. There may be a separate room for your bathroom, although this is not guaranteed.

Studios will be considerably cheaper than an equivalent flat.

However, with space being so limited in major cities (such as London), studios are widespread there. They will often charge high prices for the convenience of living in a bigger, well-connected city.

Average studio property cost

According to the Daily Mail, the average studio flat price across the entire UK was £175,000 a couple of years ago, although this will have probably gone up slightly.

New Build Home

As the name suggests, a New Build Home is a recently constructed property that has never been lived in.

New build homes come in all shapes and sizes: flats, terraced houses and detached.

Over the years, the UK government has provided several financial initiatives to encourage people to purchase new build homes. Many of these are still in place at the time of writing.

Average new build cost

The size of this type of property is so varied that the price can range from £150,000 up to over £1 million, depending on location, sizer factors, and other factors.

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