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The Happiest Places to Live in the UK

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Everyone wants to live in a town that makes them happy.

And what makes them happy might be influenced by several factors.

In the article below, we have outlined the happiest places to live across the UK and the average property price in each location.

How do they measure the happiest places to live?

Rightmove’s happiness index is calculated using various factors. 26,000 residents across the UK are surveyed on their opinion of the local area. 

According to the company, the most significant factors that influenced whether locals are happy were as follows:

  • Feeling a sense of pride, belonging and community
  • Access to green space and nature
  • Living in a rural area near a national park or AONB
  • Public transport connections
  • Non-essential amenities
  • Employment opportunities

Other factors that influenced the rankings included:

  • Artistic and cultural activities.
  • Earning enough to live in the area.
  • Essential local services.
  • Sports and recreational activities

And a couple more.

The majority of the top 10 locations are in England, with one exception.

1. Richmond upon Thames, London

According to Rightmove’s survey, the happiest place to live in the UK is Richmond upon Thames, in London.

Located in the southwest of the city, this is an affluent area with many transport connections into surrounding parts of London.

It is also home to the famous Richmond Park, which attracts millions of visitors every year.

Average property price in Richmond upon Thames

The average house price in Richmond upon Thames is £840,993.

2. Winchester, South-East England

Also in the south-east of England is the town ranked second on the list: Winchester.

Not far from the south coast, Winchester is best known for its incredible cathedral, as well as its close proximity to the South Downs National Park.

There is a University in the city, too, which attracts thousands of new students every year.

Average property price in Richmond upon Thames

The average house price in Winchester is £647,738.

3. Monmouth, Wales

Monmouth, Wales, is the only town featured on this list, and it is not in England.

A small market town with a population of just over 10,000, it is situated right on the border with England, next to the Wye Valley National Landscape.

Most locals report a strong sense of community in Monmouth.

Average property price in Monmouth

The average house price in Monmouth is £339,489.

4. Wokingham, South-East England

Wokingham is a medium-sized town in Berkshire with a slightly more than 50,000 population.

It is close to Ascot Racecourse to the east and the city of Reading to the west.

There are transport connections into both Reading and London, and the town is right on the southern border of the Chiltern Hills, too.

Average property price in Wokingham

The average house price in Wokingham is £527,661.

5. Cirencester, Southwest England

Cirencester can be found in the Cotswolds, next to the River Churn (a tributary of the River Thames).

It is the eighth largest town in Gloucestershire, and the largest one in the Cotswolds.

People in the town describe a strong sense of belonging and community, with lots of neighbours being friendly, and there also being a sizeable number of tourists passing through the area.

Average property price in Wokingham

The average house price in Cirencester is £384,060.

6. Skipton, Yorkshire and the Humber

Further north in the county of Yorkshire and Humber is Skipton. It is a small market town with about 15,000 inhabitants at the foot of the Yorkshire Dales.

The town is not far from other major urban areas such as Leeds, Burnley, Bradford and Harrogate.

And many people travel to Skipton to explore the beautiful national parks of the north of England.

Average property price in Skipton

The average house price in Skipton is £263,023.

7. Hemel Hempstead, South-East England

Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire. It is close to London – approximately a 30-minute train journey to the city centre.

It is close to the Chiltern Hills, along with other major towns such as Watford, Luton and St Albans.

Property prices are far more affordable in Hemel Hempstead than in some of the neighbouring areas in the home counties. This may have contributed to the happiness of its residents…

Average property price in Hemel Hempstead

The average house price in Hemel Hempstead is £427,548.

8. Kensington and Chelsea, London

Kensington and Chelsea is a famous neighbourhood in West London, known for its affluent lifestyle and the huge number of things to do and see.

Millions of tourists visit this area every year. Its famous landmarks include:

  • Kensington Palace
  • Holland Park
  • Notting Hill
  • the National History Museum

and more.

Average property price in Kensington and Chelsea

The average house price in Kensington and Chelsea is £1,729,113.

9. St Ives, Southwest England

St Ives is a popular destination in Cornwall, southwest of England.

It is situated by the coast and is visited by many tourists yearly to enjoy the Cornish pasties, boat tours to Seal Island, vibrant high streets, and more.

St Ives consistently ranks highly in the happiness charts year-on-year, with almost everyone who lives there describing an excellent sense of community and a pleasant lifestyle.

Average property price in St Ives

The average house in St Ives costs £486,474.

10. Hexham, North-East England

The tenth and final town in the list is Hexham, in the north-east of England.

It is a very small market town, with approximately 13,000 residents based on the most recent census.

To the south is the North Pennines AONB, and to the north is Northumberland National Park. And not far to the east is Newcastle.

Average property price in Hexham

The average house price in Hexham is £274,083.

How affordable is it to live wherever you want?

No matter where you live in the UK, you undoubtedly will have experienced the property market’s increase in prices over the past decade.

This has caused many people to question what the future holds for UK house prices, and whether they will continue to rise (to which most property experts suggest: yes).

Everyone has an ideal place to live, but achieving this has, therefore, become much more difficult.

For example, thousands want to live close to their favourite Premier League football team, but prices often make this unachievable.

Increasing your income and saving up for a deposit are essential to getting onto the property ladder.

You could also consider moving in with someone (as this will increase the amount you can borrow) and build up a strong credit rating.

If you are on the other side of the fence and are looking to sell your property in the UK (perhaps so you can move to your ‘dream town’), contact today.

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