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How to Prepare Your House for Sale Photos

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When it comes to selling your house, you want to create the best first impression. Whether your photos will adorn the window of a high street vendor or be showcased thanks to an online estate agent, your pictures are the first thing that sells your house. These days, 97% of house searches start on the internet so it is more important than ever to capture the best of your house in a selection of vibrant and stunning photos.

How then, can you get it all just right, so your house photos stand out from all the others?

Read on to discover the secrets that’ll have your house looking better than the rest.

The best ways to prepare your house for sale photos

Give your house a spring clean

Interested parties will understand your house is lived in. But if the first pictures they see contain discarded clothes and unwashed plates, their first impression of the property will be somewhat negative.

Go through each room and tidy up so that all aspects of the room can be seen without fear of a question like, “What’s behind that towel?”

Adding fresh flowers or simple yet striking ornaments can add character and instant appeal.

Utilise all opportunities for natural light

Incorporating light into your photos is a huge asset. Ensuring blinds are up, curtains are open, and windows are clean means that natural light can help illuminate your house beautifully. In some cases, you may not have a great deal of light that flows into the house. Where this is the case, mirrors can be a great tool to help.

Increase kerb appeal

You may not have the greenest of fingers and you may not have the most colourful of gardens but making outside presentable matters. If you have a lawn, mow it; if you have weeds, remove them. It is a quick and simple task that can instantly change the perception of what people expect to find inside.

If you have toys, garden tools, hosepipes, or anything else like that laying on your greenery, remove them and store them away. According to the homeowner’s alliance, 68% of homeowners state that kerb appeal was an important factor in their house choice.

Preparing your house for sale photos room by room

Each room has different valuable assets you can show off in order to entice potential buyers. Complete these simple tasks and your photos will be getting more likes and clicks than an Instagram celebrity.

Preparing outside your house for sale photos

Outside is the first thing people see upon a viewing and is one of the key photos people buy into when deciding on properties.

  • Take cars off the driveway
  • Clean any windows and doors
  • Mow the lawn/remove weeds
  • Move bins out of any photos
  • Clear driveway and any paths of rubbish

Preparing your kitchen for house sale photos

A kitchen has the chance to really make a statement.  It is important to make good use of this opportunity to show it off.

  • Open any curtains and blinds to make use of natural light
  • Keep cupboards and draws closed
  • Where appliances can be tidied away – do it!
  • Move bins out of shot
  • Clear the sink
  • Top up your fruit bowl with fresh fruit – the colour makes a difference
  • Clear all worktops

Preparing the living room for house sale photos

The living room is where new occupants will be relaxing and want it to feel welcoming. You have the chance to create that dreamscape for them by having some excellent photos.

  • Keep the natural light topped up by keeping curtains open and blinds up
  • Arrange furniture to showcase the space-you can always move it back after
  • Remove large items from coffee tables
  • Limit the number of items on display, especially family photos
  • Keep any draws and cupboards closed

Preparing your bathroom for house sale photos

A bathroom is quite a personal area and as a result, a dirty or messy one will almost certainly create an impression that could prejudice the interested parties’ view of yourself and the house itself.

  • Clean everything – bathroom surfaces are notorious for showing every little mark
  • Remove items from shelves or cistern
  • Simplify by clearing your towel rail to just one towel – preferably in a neutral colour
  • Keep the toilet lid down
  • Mop the floor

Preparing your bedroom for house sale photos

The bedroom can really help push home how stunning your house is. The sizes of bedrooms are often a key determining factor in making a house purchase. A few simple tips can help secure that sale.

  • Remove items from bedside tables (lamps are ok to keep)
  • Clean any mirrors and surfaces
  • Make all beds, ensuring they are straight
  • If showing off kids’ rooms, allow them to be seen as such but make sure toys are tidied and beds are made

Key photo tips for selling your house

As well as all the tips we have listed per room, there are some key ones that you need to apply everywhere such as hoover all floors or sweep and mop where you can’t hoover.

Additionally, clean all windows. Otherwise, the light will show up fingerprints, smears, and other dirty marks.

Always take photos in the daytime and ensure it is a bright day. However, when snapping the photos for the front of your house, don’t let the sun be behind it. Alternatively, shooting your shots in the late afternoon can produce a warmer feel with the sun being lower.

If you are looking to sell your house online, you should speak to our team at SOLD. We can sell your house for free by covering all of your legal costs and give you a free valuation. Alternatively, if you are in the market for a new property then browse the range of houses for sale that we currently have.

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