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Sell Your Home in London

Living in London, and owning property there, is many people’s dream. Millions of people have chosen the city as their home for a very good reason: it has excellent resources, culture, job prospects and people.

With so many people keen to live in London, you would think that selling a house in the city is easy – but this is not always the case. With many areas being extremely expensive, the number of people that can afford to purchase a house in the capital seems to be constantly decreasing.

In this instance, an organisation like can be extremely useful.

You can contact us to discuss a property transaction, no matter where you live in London. While the average selling time is over five months, can complete your sale at least 38 days faster than the ‘typical’ estate agent – and, if need be, you can use our cash house buying service to get your property sold within 7 days.

So, whether you live in the East End, Brixton, Tottenham, Wembley or any of the countless neighbourhoods in between: you can rely on to sell your house in London.

What is London like to live in?

London is generally considered one of the most exciting cities in Europe, and the world. With a wide array of cultures, dozens of fabulous neighbourhoods, and some of the best career prospects anywhere, it’s no surprise that people travel from all over the world to live there.

For young people in their 20s and 30s, London has a sensational nightlife, with Soho and Shoreditch generally considered as two of the most vibrant areas. 

There are dozens of themed bars and pubs, along with restaurants boasting every cuisine you can possibly imagine.

London is also widely considered as ‘the home of the arts’, and there is plenty to do in the city. The West End is world-famous for its theatre productions, while the O2 Academy venues in Brixton, Shepherd’s Bush and beyond are buzzing every week with new up-and-coming artists. As you walk through the city, you will notice lots of street performers, too, which truly brings London to life.

If you want to scale the corporate ladder, and 

build a phenomenal career, then London is the place to do it. 

Property prices may be higher than anywhere else in the UK, but this is mainly because the average salary in the city is so much greater, too. Canary Wharf is the renowned financial district of London, while other major buildings in Victoria, Camden and Oxford Street are home to some of the world’s largest and most famous brands.

If you’re looking for a new city to start an exciting new life, then you’ve come to the perfect place.

London can unlock endless opportunities for you.

The average home price in London is £731,178.  
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Education in London

London is an intellectual hub, with more than 15 different universities and many of the world’s leading thinktanks. Queen Mary University, Imperial College London, and King’s College London rank amidst some of the best academic institutions in the world.

The British Library in King’s Cross is one of the most famous libraries in the world and has over 746 kilometres of shelving throughout the building.

Likewise, for anyone keen to raise a family in the city – perhaps in one of the more affordable neighbourhoods of London – then there are plenty of options for you, too. Brixton is home to more than 15 different primary schools, while Bethnal Green has a similar number of great secondary schools, too.

In almost every other part of London, too, there are countless outstanding academic institutions that you will love.

Employment in London

London is the perfect city to kickstart your career. Some of the world’s largest organisations have their headquarters in London, including BBC, HSBC, Glaxo Smithkline, Unilever, BP, AstraZeneca, BT and hundreds more.

Official figures about London’s labour market show that the number of people in senior management positions (12.6%) is far higher than the national average (10.7%). It is typically these roles that get paid the most and have the most influence within the company – which shows that London is the ideal city to climb to the management position you’ve always wanted.

Figures show that the average pay for someone living in London is noticeably higher than the UK average. This makes properties in the city more affordable and creates a better standard of living, too.

Sold’s services in London is the perfect partner to help you sell your property in London. No matter where you live in the city, you can contact us for any of the following services:

Cash House Buyers is one of the best London cash house buyers. Our experts have lots of experience buying properties in the city, for cash. Once you make an enquiry with us, we will give a valuation of your house – and if you accept it, we can complete the deal within 7 days. The funds will then be in your account 24 hours later.

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Online Estate Agent

When you want to sell your London property on the open market, can make it happen. Our extensive network of buyers in London means that your property will be sold fast, with almost zero stress. We are the estate agent in London that you can trust.


Owning a probate property in London can be tricky, especially if you don’t live close to the city. By selling it directly to, using our cash house buying service, you can get a lump sum for your property and continue grieving the loss of your loved one.

Sell a Tenanted Property

Trying to sell a tenanted property in London can be a challenge – as most buyers simply won’t be interested. is happy to purchase any house with tenants still living in-situ. Regardless of your tenancy agreement, or what condition the property is in, contact us today for a free, no-obligation valuation.

Sell House Fast

Are you keen to sell your house fast in London? is the perfect partner to achieve this. Within 7 days, you can have all the funds in your bank account.

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What is London’s current property market like?

Over the past twelve months, London’s property market has shown varying levels of growth or decline, depending on the neighbourhood. For example, the average price has increased in Romford by 5%, and in north London, the typical cost of a house has gone up by 10%.

Meanwhile, in the wealthier parts of south-east London, prices have declined by -2%, and in Chelsea and Westminster, overall property prices have declined by -11%. This shows the current volatility of London’s housing market, and that while properties continue to thrive in the more affordable areas, some of the expensive neighbourhoods have crashed.

Not only does the typical price of a house vary according to the area you’re in, but the property type makes a major difference, too. Flats tend to sell for the least amount in London, followed by terraced houses. Semi-detached properties are usually the second most expensive type of house, while detached houses are the priciest.

You should seek local data for a specific London neighbourhood to get a clearer sense of sales numbers, house prices and market activity.

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