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What is a Cash House Buyer?

A cash house buyer is where an individual has the ability to pay for a property in the full amount.

There is no need for a mortgage or loans, it’s just one sale. It is a very quick process with a professional and reliable team of experts and the most valuable point to make is there are no extra or hidden costs to worry about.

How Does a Cash House Buyer Work?

It means you have the ability to purchase a property in full, essentially outright. That means no mortgage, no loan, it’s all a complete purchase.

We showcase properties to buy at to which you can make an offer. The offer is then accepted, surveys take place to ensure the property is efficient and up to standard, contracts are exchanged and when all is finalised the process is complete.

Why Would a Seller Want a Cash Buyer?

When you put your property on the market with a local estate agent, it takes time for it to be surveyed, accepted and hopefully sold.

Here at, we promise to deliver a cash offer within seven days. There’s also no chain and no extra fees to consider, meaning a stress-free process. A cash buyer is a quicker and easier way of ensuring your property is sold.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Cash House Buyer?

Absolutely no third party meaning you are chain free. There is no waiting on another person to sell their property, ultimately no delay is incurred with a cash house buyer estate agent. 

The reliability factor is one of the biggest benefits of using a cash house buyer, you simply follow the steps here and in seven days you will receive an offer for your property.

  • Book a free valuation or contact us via our website.
  • A member of our team will give you an offer once your property has been valued.
  • Documents and contracts are to be signed so the process can be finalised.
  • Once the sale is complete, your cash offer will be received within seven days.

For the buyer, having the funds available gives you access to many properties and in some cases, more. If an individual is waiting on a mortgage to be accepted, for example, often sellers will accept a cash offer from a buyer to make the process quicker. This works in your favour!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cash House Buyers in Newcastle

Can you trust a cash offer for your property?

Yes. It’s always good to do a background check on the company but here at, it’s clear from our customers you can trust us. Please feel free to visit Trustpilot for reviews or visit our website directly to see what our customers are saying about us here

We tell you all the details before presenting you with an offer, whereas some companies who are not legitimate will hide certain aspects from you and in the end present you with extra costs you might not have been aware of in the beginning. 

We are transparent and honest about our offers to you during the selling stage. The offer we provide can sometimes be below the market value a high street estate agent may offer. The cash offer stays the same throughout the process instead of dropping down gradually until the figure you take home is much less.

Are cash house buyers legit?

Yes. We do advise you to complete research prior to using an online estate agent and cash house buyer. However, at, there’s no need for that. We don’t hide any small details from you and are completely transparent about the service we provide and the costs, which are zero.

As a cash house buyer, we value your property and offer you a price within 24 hours. Within seven days you will receive the full amount.

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