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Say hello to Cardiff.

Wales is perhaps the most beautiful country in the UK – and owning a house in its capital city is many people’s dream.

You will struggle to find a more attractive place in Wales than Cardiff. Almost 500,000 people call the city their home, and with its convenient location close to Newport, Swansea and Bristol, it is a hub for business, education and culture.

There is no doubt that owning a house in Cardiff can be extremely valuable. Property prices have increased by around £90,000 over the past 10 years, and even in the face of a turbulent 2022 and 2023, the city’s housing market has remained resilient.

If you own a house in Cardiff, then you are in a unique position. There are thousands of people across Wales who move into the city every year, including students, first-time buyers, young families, and older people keen to enjoy their retirement.

You have lots of options available to you when selling your house – and can make your experience quicker, smoother and less expensive than anyone else.

So, it doesn’t matter where you live in Cardiff: from East Moors to Riverside, Adamsdown to Roath, and everywhere in between. can make your ideal property transaction a reality.

Sell Your Home in Cardiff

With almost 12,000 house sales in Cardiff in a recent calendar year, there’s no doubt that there is lots of appetite to buy and sell property in the city. When you use the right estate agent to support your house sale, you can get lots of offers very quickly, and make sure the sale is completed in a short period of time.

Sold is the company you need to make that happen.

There are over 75 estate agencies in Cardiff, but many of these have developed reputations for being slow and inefficient. More and more homeowners in the city are turning to alternative options, like, to get a better experience.

By using to sell your house in Cardiff, you can choose between different packages according to your budget.

Our estate agency service averages a house sale 38 days faster than any other high street agency – and our cash buying service can complete a sale within 7 days.

We also put more money in your pocket because our lower overheads enable us to charge a reduced price.

You will be supported by our experts, with lots of experience selling houses in every part of Cardiff. We will make a realistic valuation for your house, market it through any relevant platforms along with our extensive network of buyers across the city, and make sure that any costs, stress or delays are kept to a minimum.

So, whether you need a trustworthy estate agent or a speedy cash house buyer: we are here to help.

The average home price in Cardiff is £294,338.

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Things to do in Cardiff

Cardiff has a bit of something for everyone.

There are hundreds of amazing restaurants and bars throughout the city, many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the UK. A local favourite is Ciliegino Restaurant, which is an outstanding place to enjoy Italian food, while the Potted Pig is another restaurant uniquely located in a former bank vault.

For family days out, Cardiff Castle and Llandaff Cathedral are two prime examples of the gorgeous architecture that the city has to offer. 

You might also want to visit Roath Park to enjoy a classic Victorian atmosphere that has received thousands of positive reviews online. Cardiff is a hub of sports activity, with around 30,000 people going to watch the city’s football team each week.

For rugby lovers, Cardiff Arms Park is the home of the city’s Rugby Union team, while for those who enjoy watching cricket, Glamorgan County Cricket Club plays at the Sophia Gardens Cricket Ground.

With Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, and the University of South Wales all

being based in the city, it’s no surprise that there is a buzzing nightlife. Metros, Tiger Tiger and even Popworld are some classic favourites, so if you feel like dancing late into the night, Cardiff has got you covered.

The endless list of attractions and activities in the city explains why so many people move to Cardiff every year. No matter your age, interests, or personality, there is a long list of things for you to enjoy.

Whether you’re hoping to buy or sell in this vibrant city, Sold is here to help.

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Property Market Trends in Cardiff

Despite rising inflation and interest rates in the UK, Cardiff’s property market has remained resilient. In a recent calendar year, house prices increased by 7% (approximately £15.1k) in the city, bringing the average property valuation up to approximately £241,000.

The amount you have to pay for a house in Cardiff varies according to the type of property. For example, a detached house in the city costs around £421k on average, while a semi-detached property is valued at £258k.

The average price for a terraced house in Cardiff is £186k, while a typical flat is £163k.

Unsurprisingly, various parts of the city attract different types of buyers. Places like Rumneys and St Mellons are among the most affordable neighbourhoods, so many first-time buyers have their eyes set on this part of Cardiff. Meanwhile, Lisvane and Cowbridge are considered the most expensive areas, and are mainly populated by older couples that are well-established on the property ladder.

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Employment and Education in Cardiff

When you move to Cardiff, there are plenty of outstanding schools for your children to attend. Cowbridge High School and Cardiff High School both have great reputations and Ofsted ratings – making them ideal if you have a child aged 11 to 18.

Meanwhile, Roath Park Primary School is generally viewed as the best school for young learners in Cardiff. So, if you are a young family moving into the city, it is worth contacting the school about availability, along with many of the other outstanding schools in Cardiff.

You will also benefit from lots of great career opportunities while working in Cardiff. Only 3.3% of eligible adults in the city are unemployed, which is considerably better than the UK average. Furthermore, major companies such as Admiral Group,, Bank of Wales and Western Power Distribution all have headquarters in Cardiff.

This means that if you want to climb the corporate ladder and make a sizeable amount of money at a well-respected company, Cardiff is the place to do it.

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