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Smooth Property Sale in Birmingham offers you a smooth service that you can’t get from any other estate agent in Birmingham.

Traditional high street estate agencies in the city such as Oakmans, Dixons, Connells and Haart all have excellent reputations. However, while lots of people in Birmingham have historically used these companies for their property sale,’s new online model provides a smooth, painless service that cannot be found elsewhere.

You won’t be charged any up-front fees at all, and there are no hidden costs. Furthermore, we refuse to overvalue or over-promise when it comes to property sales. Instead, your home will be marketed at a realistic price, and will be advertised to 98% of all active buyers.

You will benefit from our extensive experience selling properties through online platforms like Zoopla, Rightmove and OnTheMarket.

You can also choose from a range of packages, deciding on the one that works best for you. It just depends on how much handholding and support you want with your sale.

For example, if you want to take the photos of your property yourself, then that is entirely up to you. We also won’t force you to host viewings at a time that isn’t convenient for you.

While the average time to sell a property in Birmingham at the moment is 191 days, ours is much quicker. With, you can get the offer on your property that you deserve, in a much shorter time frame.

Valuing a Property in Birmingham

Birmingham’s average property price is £284,000 – but this figure can vary significantly depending on where in the city you live, and what type of house you have. For example, Castle Vale had an average price of £178,285 over the past year, which is much lower than the city average. Meanwhile, a detached house in Bournville will undoubtedly be on the more expensive side of the market.

When you are looking for an accurate, realistic valuation of your property in Birmingham, is the company to make it happen. You will receive a valuation which is always:

  •       Realistic
  •       Considerate of the current market
  •       Arranged at a time convenient for you

Most ‘traditional’ estate agents exaggerate your valuation, so you are more likely to select them to sell your property. However, when they slash your price down after a few months, it can leave a sour taste in the mouth. believes that the people of Birmingham deserve better.

Our business model is inherently designed to avoid unrealistic valuations. By charging a flat fee at the end of our work together – rather than taking a percentage commission from the property sale – there is no reason for us to give a valuation which will never be achieved.

When it comes to valuations in Birmingham, we aim to be the only company you need.

Contact today for a free, no-obligation valuation of your house.

Are House Prices Falling in Birmingham?

Predicting the property market in Birmingham can be a challenge. While the city has experienced continually growing house prices for much of the past decade, Zoopla expects an overall 5% reduction in the current year. Figures from other organisations, such as Halifax indicating that house prices fell by 1.5% in a recent calendar month, are putting people’s backs up.

So, what’s the reality?

Birmingham property prices have increased by 1.4% to an average value of £279,920, which is higher than the UK average.

A few specific neighbourhoods have seen progress slow down slightly, but none have experienced an overall decline in the last year.

On average, asking prices in Birmingham have reduced by 1.2% in recent months. However, this could simply be an indication that homeowners are being more realistic with their valuations.

Should I Invest in Birmingham Property?

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ answer to whether you should invest in a property in Birmingham. You will need to consider all the specifics of your financial and personal situation – such as whether you can afford it, whether you are willing to move to a new house, whether you want a ‘Buy-to-Let’ mortgage, and many more questions besides.

Investing in property tends to require a significant time investment. Unless you hire a letting agency, you may need to make fixes to the house yourself, and answer calls from tenants or neighbours on a regular basis.

You should also think about your approach towards risk. It is no secret that property prices have fluctuated throughout the past year, and Birmingham has not been immune to that. Inflation and interest rates are unpredictable in the UK currently, so you may need to ‘weather a few storms’ if you do make the plunge into property investment.

In the long-term, there is no doubt that Birmingham is one of the UK’s most exciting cities, with an ever-growing population. The large student population creates a constant demand for rented accommodation, and so if you aim to bring in tenants, it could turn into a profitable investment. vs other Online Estate Agents is proud to offer an online model that has been designed to give you advantages that you can’t get from any other online estate agency, including major players.

Unlike these major companies, also have a cash buying service that other organisations do not – and this enables us to complete sales within 7 days. is also proud to have a higher rating on TrustPilot than the majority of our competitors. Meanwhile, we can organise and host viewings for you at no extra cost – a service that other online estate agents do charge for.

Lastly, we are committed to there being no hidden fees at every stage of your journey with us. As part of this, we offer a ‘No Sale, No Fee’ package which means that you don’t get charged anything unless the sale of your house goes through.

Contact today for a free, no-obligation valuation of your house.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Estate Agents in Birmingham

What to do if I’m struggling to sell?

If a high street estate agency is failing to sell your house quickly, a fresh approach could be the answer. is an online estate agency unlike any other, and our connections and experience make us one of Birmingham’s fast house sellers. We also offer a cash buying service which enables you to sell your house within a couple of weeks, at slightly below the market rate.

How hard is it to sell property in my area?

With inflation on the rise, and the UK government continuing to increase interest rates, many people are being cautious about buying properties at the moment. This means that, while there are still lots of buyers in the market, their offers are slightly lower than you might hope for. However, if you are realistic about the market conditions and what people are currently willing to pay, there is no reason why your sale cannot be smooth and fast.

How long does it take to sell property in my area?

While the average time to sell a property in Birmingham currently is 191 days, can make this happen much quicker. You should contact us for a discussion about what we can offer to make your house sell faster than with any other estate agency – as well as whether our cash buying service might be useful.

Can sell a property quickly?

Yes, can sell a property extremely quickly. Our vast network of buyers in every major city (including Birmingham) means we can line up viewings in a short space of time. We also offer a cash buying service which enables us to take your house off your hands within 7 days, in some cases.

What is an online estate agent?

Online estate agencies do not tend to have an in-person office – instead, they operate primarily online. They will mainly advertise your house through online platforms, such as Rightmove and Zoopla, and can cut out certain expensive aspects of selling a house due to having lower overheads than in-person companies.

How do online estate agents make money?

Online estate agencies make money by charging fixed fees. We aim to be a slightly less expensive alternative to traditional high street estate agents, and many homeowners select us for this reason – especially if their property is worth a lot of money.

Can you trust an online estate agent?

Yes, an online estate agency like is completely trustworthy. Unlike some other companies on the market, our primary goal is to make your life as easy as possible. That’s why we have dozens of positive reviews from homeowners in Birmingham.

The importance of completing in-depth research on any online estate agency you work with cannot be overstated. Not all businesses are trustworthy, and a few warning signs include:

  • Forcing you into long-term contracts
  • Exaggerating their valuation of your house
  • A helpdesk without real people operating it
  • Never seeing a person from the company ‘in real life’
  •  belonging to any financial accreditations


Checking out the Companies House listing for an organisation is a great way to gain more insight into who they are, and how they operate. You could also ask friends and family for recommendations – since online estate agencies are becoming more popular, you may find that someone you know has found a reliable company in the past.

Selling with an online estate agent in Birmingham doesn’t have to give you cause for concern. is here to answer all of your questions and be an online one-stop-shop that you can trust.

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