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As the largest city in the west of England, Bristol is a fabulous place to travel to. It has a wide range of things to do and see, a strong sense of community, and lots of friendly people. You are also well-connected to much of the rest of the UK—for example, Cornwall and Wales are both accessible by car.

Although it is famous for many different things, several key landmarks distinguish Bristol from other cities. These include:

  • The River Avon
  • Clifton Suspension Bridge
  • Brunel’s SS Great Britain
  • Clifton Observatory
  • Blaise Castle

A common theme throughout the city is the beautiful architecture and the strong naval history due to Bristol’s position on the west coast of England.

If you are travelling to Bristol in the near future or plan on relocating there permanently, you will want to get a clear sense of what the city is like. This might include lesser-known details, such as local amenities, developments, transport links, crime rate, and broadband speed.

Luckily, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for our area guide on one of the finest cities in England. 

Bristol population

According to the latest census, Bristol has a population of 479,000. This figure has risen steadily in recent years – up by 7,740 people in the last twelve months – and was recently ranked as the second fastest-growing city in the UK, after Manchester.

As the number of people living in the town has gone up, so too has the range of ethnicities and religions among the residents. 

You will see people of all ages living in Bristol, with this being distributed in the following way:

  • 0 to 15 years old: 17.6% 
  • 16 to 34 years old: 34.1%
  • 35 to 49 years old: 20.3%
  • 50 to 74 years old: 22.2%
  • 75+: 5.8%

The latest census indicates that approximately 84% of Bristol residents are white. In comparison, 6% are black, 6% are Asian, and around 4% are from other ethnic groups.

Some neighbourhoods are also more densely populated than others. While in 2012, there were 3,951 people per square kilometre, this has increased to 4,368 people per square kilometre in recent years.

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Bristol amenities

Bristol has lots of useful amenities available to people staying in the city. Wi-Fi connection can be utilised in most major Cafés, restaurants, hotels and transport hubs – meaning that if you are working remotely, Bristol is compatible with that.

You will also find useful transport amenities in the city, such as bicycle storage, major public car parks, and information kiosks that provide information on transport options throughout the city. Bristol Airport, meanwhile, is a few miles south of the city and offers flights around the UK and to plenty of other destinations in Europe.

Free public restrooms can be found in major shopping centres, such as the Bristol Shopping Quarter or The Mall at Cribbs Causeway. Leisure centres and gyms are aplenty throughout the city, too.

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Bristol developments

With Bristol’s population rising at one of the fastest rates in the UK, it’s no surprise that the city’s infrastructure and housing are being developed. Many companies are moving into the town, too, which has created an equal need for more commercial office blocks.

To start with, recent residential developments announced by the city include:

  • Filwood
  • Hengrove Park and Hartcliffe Campus
  • Lockleaze
  • Southmead

Meanwhile, some businesses that have expanded into Bristol in recent years include Albert GoodmanSJL Insurance Services and Prisma, amongst many others. 

New developments in Bristol do not stop there. The city has repeatedly stated that it is committed to upgrading walking and cycling paths in central areas so that the very heart of town is much more compatible with eco-friendly travel. 

Similarly, the ‘MetroWest suburban rail scheme’ plans to expand the rail network to more people, especially those in commuter towns outside central Bristol. The road infrastructure is being reconsidered, too, to ensure that the higher quantities of cars driving in and out of Bristol can do so without major traffic build-ups.

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Bristol crime rate

Bristol has a relatively low crime rate compared to other major cities in England. Over the past year, several categories of crime have decreased as a percentage of the overall number of crimes committed. For example, the proportion of burglary, bicycle theft, and public order crimes has all gone down.

Various parts of the city are undoubtedly safer than others, with the wealthier areas usually having lower crime levels. Cadbury Heath North & Bridgeyate, Downend North, and Westbury on Trym are perfect examples of neighbourhoods with low crime rates.

Like many major cities, the Central region has the highest crime rate, followed by Lawrence Hill and Hartcliffe & Withywood. However, many residents feel very safe in these areas.

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Bristol job opportunities

In Bristol, the employed percentage rose from 56.9% in 2011 to 58.4% in 2021, while the regional percentage fell from 56.9% to 55.3% during the same period. This demonstrates that the city continues to offer exceptional job opportunities for people of all ages, incomes, skill levels, and industries.

Bristol continues to rank above the UK average in the percentage of adults in full-time employment. 

Some of the largest employers in Bristol include:

  • Bristol City Council
  • University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust
  • Lloyds TSB Group
  • Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust 
  • Avon Fire and Rescue Service 
  • City of Bristol College 
  • Computershare Investor Services 
  • Network Rail

You will also see a wide range of industries throughout the city. For example, each of the following sectors employs at least 5% of the population: finance and insurance, education, accommodation and food service, and information and communication.

If your goal is to start your own company, then Bristol also covers you. Innovation initiatives and start-up funds are available for people living in the city. The number of small, medium, and large businesses in the city is a higher percentage than the average in the southwest region. With Bristol’s typical salary being above the UK’s, lots of entrepreneurs are successful when taking this route.

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Bristol broadband speed

Internet speeds in Bristol are just as fast as in other areas of the country – your postcode will determine the broadband speed you can get. Generally speaking, people there report extremely fast broadband service, which is useful for the thousands of people who work from home in Bristol.

You have full mobile phone connectivity throughout the city, making and receiving phone calls straightforwardly. You can also access all the main broadband providers in the UK.

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Bristol transport links

Bristol has all the main transport links you would expect from a major city, but it also has a few unique features. For example, ferry boats operate around Bristol Harbour in a yellow-and-blue colour that enables you to travel along the water.

Lots of people living in North Somerset commute into Bristol for work each day, so commuter towns need excellent transport links. Similarly, investment has been made into the inner-city transportation network as Bristol seeks to catch up with the outstanding transport services on offer in cities such as London.

A few examples of major commuter towns surrounding Bristol include:

  • Keynsham
  • Portishead
  • Yate
  • Patchway

Buses are operating throughout Bristol, with First West of England being one of the main companies operating these. Many other major organisations are active in the city, including Abus, Stagecoach, Citistar and Transpora Bus.

If you are travelling by car, the A4 provides a direct route to and from the neighbouring city of Bath, and the M4 is on the north side of Bristol, offering transport directly into south Wales and back to London.

The city council is also trying to encourage cyclists and walkers to travel around Bristol in an eco-friendly way. Therefore, the number of bicycle lanes in the city is slowly increasing, and more walkways are being installed (along with ways to cross the roads) so that walking does not present a challenge.

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What to see in Bristol

If you’ve never been to Bristol before, you are in for a treat. The southwestern city offers plenty to see, do, and experience. 

Bristol is home to many lovely parks, ideal for a relaxing day in the city’s outdoors. St George Park, Castle Park, and Perrett Park are all highly rated by the thousands of people who go there every week—and so, if you’re visiting during the summer months, it may be worth stopping by for a picnic.

Some of the gorgeous architecture you can see around Bristol includes:

  • Bristol Museum & Art Gallery
  • Cabot Tower
  • St Mary Redcliffe Church
  • Bristol Cathedral
  • Clifton Observatory

You should also explore Bristol’s maritime history if you enjoy learning about the past of any major city you’re in. For example, Brunel’s SS Great Britain is a maritime museum that was also the largest passenger ship in the world from 1845 to 1853 – and was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. 

Other major attractions in Bristol include the Bristol Aquarium, Cabot Circus Shopping Mall, Bristol Old Vic, and Bristol Hippodrome.

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Where is Bristol?

Bristol is the largest city in the region, situated on the border of Somerset and Gloucestershire. To the west of the city is the River Severn, which slowly widens into the Bristol Channel, which leads directly into the Celtic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Driving from London to Bristol takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes without traffic. Still, it can take up to 4 hours if there is congestion on the motorways or A-roads. The distance the crow flies between the two cities is around 115 miles.

Other major cities and towns near Bristol include Bath, Newport, Gloucester, Weston-super-Mare, and Chippenham.

Bristol is also extremely close to Wales; it only takes 30 minutes to cross the border by car. You can also travel there using the Prince of Wales Bridge, which goes across the water and directly onto the outskirts of Newport.

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Where to stay in Bristol

If you’re looking for a relaxing place to stay while in Bristol, you’re in luck. The city has plenty of great options. Not only are there different neighbourhoods, each with its own charm and things to do, but you can also choose from a number of excellent hotels.

Some of the best hotels in the city, as rated by former customers, include:

  • Mercure Bristol Grand Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Clayton Hotel
  • Harbour Hotel Bristol
  • Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel

AirBnB offers many outstanding options for you to explore. You can customise your search based on what you’re looking for—such as location, internet access, number of beds, number of toilets, and so on.

The Old City is a central location in Bristol. It puts you within walking distance of many attractions you may want to visit. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quieter retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, then Clifton may be more appropriate. This latter option would also put you within a short driving distance of the River Severn and Severn Beach.

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What is Bristol famous for?

Bristol has developed a long, rich history over the centuries, and it is famous worldwide for many different things.

The city is the birthplace of many extremely influential people—perhaps most famously, it is the hometown of the artist Banksy. While visiting the city, you can even go on a ‘Banksy Walking Tour’, which takes you around significant destinations and several street art originals by the artists themselves.

Other modern-day famous people born in Bristol include Lee Evans, Stephen Merchant, Russell Howard and Cary Grant. 

Bristol has a rich maritime history and is also home to the Clifton Suspension Bridge, an extremely famous design by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

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How is Bristol to live in?

It’s no surprise that so many people are moving to Bristol yearly, as it is a fabulous city with lots to do. Not only is the average salary higher than the UK average, therefore providing a high standard of living, but you are also within driving distance of enjoyable weekends in Cornwall or Wales.

Many people find Bristol natives to be very friendly, and the crime rate in the city is low compared to other major urban areas in the UK. You will also have a wide range of food and drink options on an evening out. After all, Bristol has a buzzing nightlife, and this means that there is something for you to enjoy, no matter your budget.

If you have young children with you, you will not be short of options, either. Bristol Zoo Project is an ideal day out for all the family, and a trip to Severn Beach on a sunny day will undoubtedly be enjoyable for your young ones.

Bristol also has exciting live events, music, and sports occasions. Exchange and The Fleece are two music venues well known for hosting great live bands. Meanwhile, Ashton Gate hosts football matches every week, and rugby fans can watch the Bristol Bears play at the stadium, too.

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Bristol property market

Not all Bristol neighbourhoods are identical, and some are considered more ‘prestigious’, with higher income earners than others. 

For example, the average property price in Henleaze is £532,801, while in Easton, it is currently £348,436. The typical house price throughout the entire city is £386,094, meaning that any homeowners who have purchased a property in the town will likely have above-average salaries to afford this. This is another positive reflection on the job opportunities in Bristol.

For renters in the city, the mean property costs around £1,881 per calendar month. As you would expect, this figure varies significantly depending on the size of the house—for example, a one-bedroom property averages £1,383 per month, while a five-bedroom house costs £3,590 per month.

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Education in Bristol

Bristol is home to two major universities: the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England. Together, these institutions have more than 65,000 students, which contributes to the young and vibrant atmosphere throughout the city that many visitors describe.

There are also plenty of primary and secondary schools in the city that received ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted inspection ratings. A few examples include Beacon Rise Primary School, St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School, and Whitehall Primary School. Schools for additional needs are dotted around the city, too, meaning that whatever level of support you need, Bristol has an institution that can provide it.

Bristol Central Library is free for the public to use and is an excellent resource for furthering your education and researching any number of interesting topics.

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