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Selling a Buy To Let Property in Bristol

The average house in Bristol sells for roughly £384,000 – but if you have tenants living in situ, this can dramatically decrease the value of your property. Potential buyers consider a tenanted house as ‘riskier’ because they do not know how well-behaved the tenants may be, how reliably they will pay their rent, and whether they will move out anytime soon.

What is Buy to Let?

A Buy-to-Let mortgage involves purchasing a house in Bristol (or anywhere else in the country) with the sole intention of renting it out. You will usually agree with the lender that the house will be used only for this reason – in other words, you cannot live there yourself.

Usually, this type of mortgage is interest-only, and the person must be willing to sell, remortgage or pay off the remainder of the mortgage at the end of the term.

There is not technically a limit to the number of buy to let mortgages someone in the UK can have, but some lenders will limit the amount of money that they are willing to lend one person.

What can I expect from Bristol’s tenanted property market?

The average cost to rent in Bristol is £2,075 per calendar month – so, if you buy a ‘typical’ house in the city with the intention of renting it out, this is the sort of income that you can expect to make.

Keep in mind that the price of rent can decrease in certain areas – for example, Kingswood has a lower average monthly payment of £1,535.

There are thousands of new people moving to Bristol every year – whether for work, education or to enjoy all the amazing things the city has to offer. Plenty of these people will want to rent, so if your house is reasonably priced, you should be able to find a taker.

On the other hand, Bristol’s housing market has been through an unpredictable year.

There were roughly 3,500 fewer property sales over the past twelve months, compared to the previous year, although some economists argue that this has translated into a higher number of people renting (rather than buying) which could work in your favour.

Furthermore, properties in Bristol have an excellent track record of increasing in value year-on-year, which could make a purchase in the city a worthwhile idea. In the past year, house prices increased by 9%, and have gone up by 68% over the last 10 years.

However, with ever-rising interest rates and inflation, this trend may stagnate or go in the opposite direction, which is why lots of homeowners are considering selling their tenanted property.

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How to sell a property with tenants in Bristol with

Selling your house in Bristol with tenants in situ does not need to cause you stress. has purchased hundreds of tenanted houses across the country – and we have deep experience buying and selling in every neighbourhood of Bristol.

When you contact us, we will research your property and use our online data tools to arrive at a reasonable valuation. 

Once we submit an offer to you, it is up to you whether you accept it – although, please keep in mind that the valuation may change once a survey is completed.

If you decide to proceed with the sale, we will agree on a date of completion, and then provide proof of funding (if you wish) so you know that your house is definitely being bought by us.

From there, you can sit back and relax. You won’t pay any fees and you can sell your property without any negotiations, viewings, chasing up with estate agents, or other onerous tasks.

A landlord’s rights when selling a house with tenants in Bristol

  • You are allowed to sell your property
  • You can choose the price you sell it for
  • You can choose who to sell it to
  • You can offer your tenants first refusal, if you wish
  • You can keep receiving rent payments up until completion day
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Pros & cons of selling a property with tenants in Bristol

You should weigh up all the advantages and drawbacks of selling your Bristol house with tenants in situ, before jumping to a decision.

One major advantage of selling your house with renters still living there is that you can keep earning an income right up until the date you sell. This means that if the deal takes longer than expected, it does not affect your incomings.

Furthermore, some property investors consider an in situ tenant as an asset – especially if they are cooperative and pay their bills on time. This is because it saves them the time and effort of finding a suitable renter themselves.

On the other hand, you will receive a significantly

lower price when you sell your house with tenants living there.

While the average property costs £384,000 in Bristol, you can expect to sell a ‘typical’ house for much lower than this if renters are living there.

You will also have to navigate the rights of your tenants when selling a house. Some tenancy agreements give them the right to refuse viewings, and they can make your life difficult in other ways, too – for example, making the place look untidy or being difficult to communicate with.

The average tenant tends to live in a property for just over 2 years. Therefore, if you currently have renters living in your Bristol house, it may only take a couple of years before they decide to move out, and you can therefore cash-in on your house without reducing its value. So, if you can wait a bit longer before selling, it may be worth doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling A Tenanted Property in Bristol

Is it legal to sell with tenants in situ in Bristol?

Yes, you can sell your Bristol house with tenants in situ. You should respect their rights at all times during the process.

Is it difficult to sell a property with tenants?

It is usually more difficult to find a buyer for a tenanted house in Bristol because the purchaser cannot live there themselves. However, if you reduce your price sufficiently, you may still be able to sell on the open market. Alternatively, you can go straight to a cash house buyer like

Can you evict a tenant because you want to sell the property in Bristol?

No, you cannot evict your tenant unless you have a legitimate reason for doing so. While some people may offer their renter a cash incentive to move out, they are not obligated to accept this.

How much notice do I have to give a tenant if I want to sell my Bristol house?

It is generally expected that you give 60 days’ notice to your renters before selling your Bristol property – but you should check your tenancy agreement to see if any clauses refer specifically to this matter.

Can my tenant refuse viewings to my Bristol home?

Your tenancy agreement will usually indicate what your renter is and isn’t allowed to do. This will provide information on whether they can refuse viewings at your Bristol house.

How long before a tenant becomes a sitting tenant in Bristol?

As soon as you are trying to sell your house in Bristol, but the tenant is still living there, they are referred to as a ‘sitting tenant’.

Who buys houses with sitting tenants in Bristol?

Plenty of property investors see the potential of buying a house in Bristol with tenants in situ. Although it puts off people who want to live in the house themselves, some people who invest in property for a living might look past this.

Who might want to sell a tenanted property in Bristol?

If you need a large sum of cash immediately – perhaps because you are facing repossession, in debt, relocating, downsizing, funding a trip abroad or any other number of things – selling your tenanted house in Bristol might be the only option.

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