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Do Home Security Systems Increase Your Property’s Value?

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Everyone wants to feel secure in their home.

Whether you plan to live in the property for a long time or will be selling it in the next year, getting a security system is almost always a good idea.

But does a security system add value to your property? And how much does it cost to install one? Read on to find out.

What are the different types of security systems?

There are a few different types of security systems. Each with its own features, advantages and drawbacks.

1. Intruder alarms

Intruder alarms (also known as burglar alarms) are extremely common in residential homes and can be programmed to raise an alarm when it detects a ‘breach’.

This might include glass shattering or a door being broken in. This can be connected to your mobile so you are alerted. And it can automatically raise an alarm to the Police, too.

2. CCTV systems

A CCTV system monitors your property from every angle you choose. It is commonly used in commercial businesses and residential homes.

Modern versions often have high-definition video, night vision, and motion detectors.

3. Access Control

Access control is a type of security system that allows someone to enter your property only if you press a button that gives them permission. This is particularly common with flats.

4. Automated Entrances

Automated entrances, such as security gates at the front of a property, can work without human intervention.

It typically requires a key, motion sensor, or PIN code to allow someone entry. Certain conditions can be set to ensure that you are protected from unwanted visitors.

How much does a security system cost?

According to online sources, a typical burglar alarm will cost around £562, half of which is for the equipment itself and the other half for installation.

The more complex security systems will undoubtedly cost more.

For example, CCTV motion sensors or night vision can cost several thousands of pounds.

Automated entrance gates are also a one-time cost, but if they are damaged, they may require further maintenance. These are typically very expensive.

For example, basic single-swing or sliding gates with standard automation technology can start at around £2,000 to £3,000, but may go even higher. 

Along with maintenance, other costs, such as connecting it to your mobile phone or instantly alerting the Police, will typically cost an extra few hundred pounds.

No, having a security system in your house is not a legal requirement.

However, if you let out a property to a tenant, they have certain rights. This usually includes a functioning security system you are maintaining.

Certain organisations may also require certain English Heritage Houses to have security installed as part of preserving them.

It is generally highly recommended that you have a security system. Criminals can identify when a property does not have one.

Do houses get sold with a security system?

Yes, most of the time. When you sell a house, you are unlikely to disassemble any security measures that have been installed.

This is especially true if they have been specifically designed for that property.

For example, if you have an automated gate at the front of your driveway, you cannot pick it up and bring it to a new property.

In fact, houses tend to sell for more if they have highly effective security systems. So, it is often in the owner’s interest to sell it with this included to gain a higher price.

Keep in mind that many modern security systems require an annual fee or membership charges so that you can store videos or access certain features.

The new owners must be informed on what to do to maintain this.

Does a security system add value to your home?

Yes, an effective security system will be valued by potential buyers, increasing the value of your home.

The value it increases by will often correlate to the functionality and the sophistication of the system you’ve installed. A security expert can guide you on how much value each type of system will add to your property.

You should ensure that any system you pay for is future-proof and likely to still work (and valuable) in 10 years.

After all, if your security system is defunct by that point, your new owners may see it as a liability rather than an asset.

Does a security system affect my home insurance?

You can have both home insurance and a security system simultaneously, and many households do this.

Unfortunately, installing a security system does not necessarily reduce your home insurance payments, although this can vary between providers.

If you get a security system after already paying for home insurance, you should inform the provider. They may give you a discount or a less expensive rate—but as we say, this is not guaranteed.

Speak to an insurance expert for more guidance on how it might affect your premium.

Other ways to make your house more secure

There are many other ways to keep your house secure besides security systems. 

As a first suggestion, lights for your driveway and garden that are activated via movement may deter potential criminals.

You could also increase the amount of gravel you use on driveways, as the louder the gravel crunch, the more distracted and audible the burglar will be.

Fences and gates are a great way to keep intruders out, as they are hard to scale.

If you can make your house look occupied, then that’s a good idea too. With innovative technology, you can turn on a light or television remotely, even if you aren’t home.

If you regularly have milk, newspapers, or anything else sent to your house, you might want to cancel them while you are away on holiday.

Burglars may spot these items building up and realise you are not home. 

Should I get a security system in a safe neighbourhood?

Even if you live in a relatively safe area, it is highly recommended that you get a security system.

Although criminals might not live close to you, plenty of burglars will travel long distances to affluent areas to steal from properties with valuable items inside. Therefore, you are still at risk.

You can get insurance on specific items (such as cars, jewellery, artwork, etc.) if they are valuable and would cause enormous distress if stolen.

Speak to a security expert for more guidance on installing a system for your house.

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