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Does a Security System Add Value to Your Home?

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One of our biggest fears is having our home broken into and finding out that many precious items have been stolen or vandalised. Latest stats show that a break-in takes place every 106 seconds, equating to an average of 34 per hour, or 817 per day. Most happen when we are asleep with current information reporting that just over a quarter of these crimes take place between midnight and 6am.

It is figures like this that have seen the rise in sales of smart security tech such as Nest or Ring doorbells. It is thought that 1 in 4 houses now equip themselves with such devices to help prevent burglary.

In addition, security cameras, motion activated lights and signs posing certain deterrents have all seen strong upturns in sales as people look to keep burglars at bay.

When it comes to selling a house though, will such additional features help you secure extra value on your property?

It has been estimated that having adequate security could see as much as £10,900 added to the value of your property. In some cases, this goes even further with some locations boasting of an almost £20,000 increase on property values for those with security systems compared to those without.

How much does a home security system cost?

To deliver the impressive additional house price valuation, there will be some outlay required by you to achieve it. Some elements of security can cost a lot of money but are worth it when it comes to protecting your family and home. Others can be relatively cheap yet still provide you with an added level of home security.

So how much does it cost to keep your house safe with a home security system? Well, it has quite a wide-ranging set of possibilities. You could spend as little as £25 but could go close to £2000. It all depends on the size of your house and how you want to keep your property secure.

Security camera costs

When adding a security camera system to your property, you can spend fairly small amounts or go all out on the best tech available. The more basic models of security cameras are available for less than £30 but you may fork out up to £300/400 for something that supplies better picture quality, enhanced zoom, night vision and sirens. The better versions, built with smart capabilities can also let you know should something not be right. The total value spent on cameras will be determined by how many you need. Smart doorbells with an inbuilt camera are a further way to enhance security. Where CCTV cameras may be mounted higher and not always supply the clearest of images, a smart doorbell will capture people approaching your house and send notifications to you. These like the other cameras can vary in cost and can range from under £100 to well over £400.

Alarm system

In addition to cameras, an alarm is a worthwhile investment, it acts as a deterrent to burglars and depending on the system you have, will be linked to a monitoring centre. An alarm with sensors, camera and motion sensors could set you back a few hundred pounds but could run up to £1000.

Additional costs

Security systems can have added costs depending on what type of service you use. Monitoring and cloud storage can cost as little as absolutely nothing per month but could be close to £50. Along with this, depending on the camera you buy, you could find yourself having to pay installation costs. There are many that you can do by yourself, but some will need a specialist. The overall cost is hard to determine as it will be based on how many cameras you need installed.

How can I make my home more secure?

There are numerous ways to keep your home secure and aside from the obvious like locking doors and closing windows you can do plenty more to keep intruders at bay and keep your family protected.

Invest in a camera system

Smart cameras whether they be installed as part of the doorbell or adorning the walls give homeowners the chance to view what is happening around their home from a laptop, tablet or phone. With two-way communication and motion sensors, they are the eye on your home that sees everything you can’t.

Lights for driveway and gardens

Lights activated via movement will help deter potential thieves, not necessarily from the thought that someone is home but from the fact that now any cameras are now providing an even clearer image. To further improve security around driveways, increase the level of gravel you use. The louder the crunch of gravel, the more distracted the burglar will be.

Install an alarm system

An alarm acts as a great deterrent, they are loud, they are bright and if connected to a monitoring centre can alert the police to the property.

Utilise fence and gate opportunities

Shielding your house from the risk of burglars may sound obvious but a wonky fence panel or a damaged gate opens the opportunity right up for them to find a way in. Check for loose bolts, panels or hinges. Where possible, consider metal gates and on fencing look at using a trellis. The metal is harder to scale, and the trellis will not support the weight of an intruder.

Make your home look occupied

The invention of smart tech has massively helped people in this regard and now you can turn a light, a tv, even the heating on from wherever you are in the world. Creating this impression is a simple way to make people think twice about coming near your home.

Cancel deliveries

If you regularly have milk, newspapers, or anything else sent to your house, cancel them for the times you are away. People are quick to spot things and an accumulation of items will inspire their curiosity.

Secure external items

Whether it be garden furniture, or your car. You can make these more secure by a variety of ways. Wall and floor anchors will keep garden items where they are meant to be whilst a retractable or lock up and down post will prevent people trying to steal your car.

It is a shame we must go to such measures to protect our houses but thanks to these few steps you should be able to feel even safer in your home. If you live in an area where crime concerns, you. Notify the police. And should moving become the best choice, speak to our team at SOLD.CO.UK. We are the leading online estate agent in the UK and can sell your house fast and for free. Contact us today to find out more and let us help get you moving.

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