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How to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer

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Summer is almost here and in true British fashion it will likely go one of two ways: be grey and wet, or blazing sunshine where it’s too hot to go out and too hot to stay in.

We’re going to assume the latter because we much prefer a sunny day to a rainy one! So, it would be as good a time as any to make sure you have all the right ingredients in place to make your home nice and cool when you need a shelter from the sun.

Maybe you have just moved into somewhere that will see more of the sun than where you lived previously. Perhaps you are looking to sell to move to warmer climes. Either way let SOLD.CO.UK, the leading online estate agents guide you towards sunnier weather but a cool house!

How to keep a house cool in hot weather

Keeping cool when it is hot can be a challenge. Especially when children are involved too, as they don’t grasp the effects the sun can have in quite the same way we do. So, it is important to make the inside of the home a haven that can help lure them in from the heat when it’s getting a little too much.

Not only that, but it also means you can put your feet up after chasing them around the garden for the past 3 hours!

Does closing curtains keep your house cool?

Sure does! This is one of the first things people consider doing. It comes with good reason too. When the temperature increases, the heat hits those windows and turns your house into a greenhouse. Draw the curtains and chill!

You may also consider opening the windows but just be aware that if temperatures are really high, it’s going to be warm air coming into your home. South-facing windows are the worst for this, so maybe just open them at night when the air is cooler.

Only open a few windows to keep your house cool

There is a general rule that if the temperature outside is warmer than the one indoors, you should keep your windows closed. As we mentioned above, you’d only be letting in warm air. Sometimes though, you will need to open a few and to get the best benefit open them at opposing ends of the house to create a free flow of air. To further allow the spread of outside air, keep doors open. Just remember to keep the blinds down to stop sunlight from coming straight through.

Place bowls of water around the house

This is not some old wives’ tail but more so a chance to eradicate some of that warm air. Place a few bowls of icy water around the house. Not as fast working as a fan but in these days of high energy bills, every little helps right?

Use a hot water bottle to keep cool

It isn’t just cold nights that a hot water bottle has its benefits. Fill it with water and put it in the freezer. A ready-made ice pack for whenever you need it. A few of them in various areas of the house could make for a cooling feel!

Consider LED bulbs

Have you ever touched a lightbulb after it’s been on? They get hot – extremely hot. Now think about your living room lights or kitchen lights. That’s a multiple number of bulbs all generating that same level of heat. Switch to LED and not only will your electricity bill reduce but the temperature in your house will too.

Use fans – but wisely

You won’t want to have items plugged in all the time, but you can benefit from tactical use of them. Set a fan and point it upwards, direction it towards the opposite wall with no obstructions. The air will bounce off the wall and interact with the already present warm air and reduce the overall temperature.

You could even consider an ice fan. Simply put a bowl of ice cubes in front of your fan and turn it on!

Have colder dinners

This may sound simple enough but for one thing, imagine not having that oven on at 200C whilst your dinner cooks. It’ll make a huge difference!

Invest in some house plants

Not only do they look nice, but they bring moisture into the room. Thanks to a process known as transpiration they increase the humidity in the area, increase moisture and reduce the heat. Consider peace lilies as a great option.

Cotton sheets for bedtime

Cotton is a very breathable material, you could even go further, place your sheets in a bag and then add to the freezer. Once removed after a few minutes you have nice cool bedding!

What else can I do to keep my house cool?

These things listed above are all quick fixes but there are a few things you can do that will cost more money, but long term could be of benefit.

Consider energy efficient windows

Whilst they do a fantastic job at keeping the heat in during winter months, when the weather turns warm, they are great at keeping external heat outside!


Putting up an awning is a great way to create a shady spot. They may cost you to put up, but you won’t be spending on extra appliances to make an area cool.

Wall insulation

Much like the windows, warmth is normally kept in but when it comes to summer, insulation helps stop those penetrating rays from heating up your home.

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