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Liverpool is one of the most famous cities in England and is consistently ranked amongst the most exciting places to live. With bustling high streets, a wide range of cuisines, sea view walks, and a rich history, thousands of people take enormous pride in living in the north-western city.

Not only is Liverpool famed for its incredible music and sporting history, but there is also a strong sense of community and identity in the city. There are excellent transport links, amenities, job opportunities, and countless places to visit on a day out across the city. 

All of this, and more, is right on your doorstep in the north-west of England.

So, whether you are visiting Liverpool for only a short while or plan to relocate there permanently, you are sure to have a lovely time.

Liverpool Amenities

With libraries, cafes, transport hubs, leisure centres, and countless more amenities throughout Liverpool, you should never be too far away from a helpful rest point.

Free internet connection is available in thousands of shops around the city, and if you need to use a public restroom, then the shopping centres will have these for you to use.

There are more major amenities you can take advantage of in Liverpool, including:

  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport
  • ONE Shopping Centre
  • Lime Street Train Station
  • Lifestyles Leisure Centre
  • Q-Park Liverpool ONE Car Park

You will have plenty of options if you need a child or pet to be looked after for the day, as several daycare companies operate in the city. With Liverpool striving to become a bicycle-friendly city, there are also several bike storage locations around town. 

If you want to spend the day in a warm environment with free Wi-Fi, and perhaps catch up on some reading or learning, then the Liverpool Central Library is also a great idea. You can find this on William Brown Street, and it is open until 8pm on every weekday (at the time of writing).

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Liverpool’s population

Liverpool is one of the largest cities in England, with 486,100 people living in the town according to the most recent census. 

The town’s population has grown by a higher percentage than other major urban areas, such as Wigan, Blackpool and Stockport. This demonstrates that Liverpool is a desirable place to live with thousands of people choosing it as their ideal home.

You will find a range of ethnicities living in Liverpool in approximately the following ratio:

  • White: 84%
  • Asian: 5.8%
  • Black: 3.5%
  • Mixed: 3.5%
  • Other: 3.3%

As of the most recent census, Liverpool is the second most densely populated of the North West’s 39 local authority areas, with around 31 people living on each football pitch-sized area of land. 

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Developments in Liverpool

Investment is constantly increasing in Liverpool, as it plays an ever-growing role in the UK economy. 

Work is almost complete on an Isle of Man Ferry Terminal, which costs approximately £70 million and will provide direct routes to the Isle of Man. Meanwhile, on Pall Mall, a major commercial development is planned to provide office spaces for the constantly growing number of companies looking to move into the city.

The city is focusing on residential developments, too, to match the rising number of people moving into Liverpool. On One Park Lane, Legacie Developments is building a sixteen-storey apartment building, which they aim to be completed within the next couple of years.

Transport links are widening throughout Liverpool, with a government-funded rail network being implemented to mimic the similar system that exists in London. There are also new trains, new bus routes, and new cycling routes being created.

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Liverpool’s crime rate

Just like with any large city, there are urban areas where the crime rate is slightly higher, and also safer areas where most people feel very safe. If you are visiting Liverpool, or choosing to move there permanently, then researching where these places are is always a good idea.

In recent years, the number of crimes committed in Liverpool has gone up, with violence, sexual offences and public order being the most common. The neighbourhoods that see the highest levels of crime are Central, Riverside, and Speke-Garston.

On the other hand, crime rates are comparatively low in Walton, Sefton Park and Allerton. As you move out of the city centre and into the suburbs, the crime rate tends to decrease too – for example, across the water in the Wirral, or on the east of Liverpool in Kirkby.

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Liverpool’s job opportunities

It’s no surprise that new commercial office blocks are being developed in Liverpool: after all, there are lots of exciting companies keen to set up in the north-western city. There are major names that already have corporate offices in Liverpool, such as The Very Group, Princes Group, B&M, Rathbones, and Hartley’s, to name a few.

You can also find tens of thousands of people employed in a range of industries, meaning that whatever your chosen career path, there is something for you in Liverpool. For example, just a few of the sectors with over 10,000 people employed in the city include:

  • Manufacturing (11,000 people)
  • Construction (10,000 people)
  • Transport and Storage (13,000 people)
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical (20,000 people)

These figures only scratch the surface of the booming industries operating in Liverpool – with the social work, health, administration, and defence sectors all having even more people in full-time employment.

Liverpool is also an outstanding place to start your own company. Online figures show that the city ranks above average for the north-west in terms of the number of small, medium and large organisations operating there. Furthermore, with the Mayor and City Council constantly investing in innovation initiatives, Liverpool is the ultimate place to create your own destiny and start a business that can truly ‘take off’.

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Liverpool broadband speed

Approximately 98.5% of Liverpool is covered by ‘Superfast’ broadband, which is ideal for a major city with thousands of people working from home. 

You can also get a strong mobile phone signal in key parts of town, including areas slightly further area from the centre, such as (for example) Kirkby, Huyton, Garston and Litherland.

All the UK’s major broadband providers operate in the city, including Virgin Media, TalkTalk, BT, Plusnet, and Vodafone, amongst others.

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Liverpool’s transport links

Investment is constantly taking place in expanding Liverpool’s transport links – and this is good news for everyone living in and around the city. In particular, the Mayor of Liverpool has kickstarted a ‘green initiative’, which aims to make public transport accessible to all.

For those travelling into Liverpool for work, there are plenty of nearby commuter towns with excellent train links into the city. These areas include:

  • West Kirby
  • Warrington
  • St Helens
  • Birkenhead

You can travel around Liverpool via bus and train on a daily basis, with the cost of doing so being relatively cheap. New cycling routes are being implemented all the time so residents can use their bicycles to get around, and additional pathways are being created so that walking is a viable option in key parts of town.

If you are looking to travel overseas, then the Liverpool John Lennon Airport can be found on the south side of the city, in Speke. This predominantly offers flights to locations all around Europe.

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Liverpool: Where to Live

If you’re thinking of moving to Liverpool permanently, then you have no shortage of lovely neighbourhoods to choose from. Each one has its own features, history and transport connections – so researching all the options available to you is important.

Your budget will impact which area you can afford to purchase a property in. Likewise, if you are renting in the city, then the monthly prices will change as well. Across the entire city, the average rental cost is £1,102 per month, but this will go up in the more expensive areas, and down in the neighbourhoods that are more affordable.

You will notice a considerable difference in average housing prices, too, depending on where you are in the city – for example:

Different neighbourhoods in Liverpool are well-known for various things, too. The city centre is particularly busy on weekends, so if you are looking to spend your days off in peace and quiet, this may not be the right place to live.

Furthermore, the Anfield neighbourhood tends to become very busy at least once a week when Liverpool Football Club play at home. If you live particularly close to the stadium, this may result in tens of thousands of people travelling past your house, which could be something you want to avoid.

Smithdown Road and Wavertree are particularly popular amongst students at the University of Liverpool, so if you want to avoid the loud nightlife or if you’d rather be surrounded by an older demographic, somewhere else in Liverpool could be more suitable.

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Liverpool: Where to Eat

Whatever type of food you enjoy and however many people you are eating with, Liverpool has something for you. 

There are several famous street markets in the city that you, your friends and your family will undoubtedly enjoy. Renshaw Street Food Market, and Duke Street Market are two of the most commonly-visited, and here you can find food from a range of cuisines, including Asian, South American, European and African food, amongst others.

The parts of the city with the largest footfall tend to have dozens of eating options, too. High streets and the ONE Shopping Centre have lots to choose from, including:

  • Nando’s
  • Pizza Express
  • Chopstix Noodle Bar
  • Gourmet Burget Kitchen
  • Five Guys
  • Greggs
  • Krispy Kreme

These are just a few of the exceptional options in the major urban parts of the city.

Meanwhile, if you enjoy fine dining, then Liverpool has got you covered. Roski Restaurant and Panoramic 34 are both on the more expensive side but also have hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers. If you want the finest quality cuts of meat or the best-sourced ingredients from around the world, then these are the places to go.

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Liverpool: Where to Go

When you are visiting Liverpool for the first time, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the fascinating things that you want to see. After all, it is one of the most visited cities in England for a reason: there is lots to do and experience.

If you are looking for a shopping experience, then Liverpool has you covered. The ONE Shopping Centre has dozens of retail outlets for you to enjoy, along with amenities such as public restrooms and free Wi-Fi. There are several other major streets in the city that you can shop on, too, such as Lark Lane, Concert Square, and the Royal Albert Docks.

Liverpool also has lots of landmarks that are a must-visit when you’re in the city, such as:

  • Royal Albert Docks
  • The Beatles Story Museum
  • Sefton Park
  • Tate Liverpool
  • St Johns Beacon Viewing Point
  • Liverpool Cathedral
  • Quirky Quarter

The city’s music and sporting scenes are particularly famous, so you may wish to incorporate these into your visit. Some of the largest live music venues are Cavern Club, O2 Academy, the Jacaranda, Eric’s and Red Rum Club.

If you want to enjoy sports in the city, then you should go to some of these stadiums, either for a tour on one of the weekdays or to see a game (if you’re able to get tickets!):

  • Anfield – Liverpool FC
  • Goodison Park – Everton FC
  • Wavertree Sports Park – Various
  • Totally Wicked Stadium – St Helens Rugby
  • Liverpool Catholic Club Sports Complex – Ice Hockey
  • Archbishop Beck College – Liverpool Basketball Club
  • Aintree Race Course – Horse Racing

If you have young children along with you, then going to one of Liverpool’s parks (perhaps for a picnic or simply to stretch your legs) may be a pleasant day out. Some of the largest open spaces in the city are Sefton Park, Calderstones Park, Abercromby Square Park and Everton Park.

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Liverpool: Where to Stay

Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, campsites and AirBnB spare rooms are all available to you in the city of Liverpool. The length of time you are staying for, the number of people you are staying with, and your personal preferences for accommodation will all impact your decision.

If you’re looking for the finest hotels in the city, then there are a few four-star options to choose from: Titanic Hotel Liverpool, Crowne Plaza, and Radisson Red are three of the most visited ones. 

For a family trip, a larger place to stay may be more suitable, and you can certainly find BnBs that will look after people of all ages, no matter how numerous you are. In this instance, you may be able to find a location close to the specific neighbourhood you plan to spend most of your time in.

If you are visiting Liverpool during the summer, and are looking for an outdoor experience, then there are campsites on the outskirts of town that may be suitable. Hidden Corner Campsite, Lyon’s Farm, and Flukers Brook Farm Caravan Site will all offer you a peaceful countryside retreat, while still being within convenient travelling distance of the city.

If you want to sell your tenanted property in Liverpool, get in touch with us now.

Liverpool Architecture

Liverpool is recognised for having beautiful architecture, and as you walk around major streets in the city, you will see the buildings all around. 

The Albert Dock in Liverpool incorporates the largest single collection of Grade I buildings in any other city in Britain. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city, the Anglican Cathedral is the fifth-largest cathedral in the world.

Some other buildings that are famous for their design include:

  • Liverpool Cathedral
  • Museum of Liverpool
  • St. George’s Hall
  • Liverpool Central Library

One building in particular – St George’s Hall – has received praise from some of the world’s most famous people, with Queen Victoria calling it ‘worthy of ancient Athens’, and Charles Dickens describing it as ‘the most perfect hall in the world’.

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What is Liverpool Famous For?

Most commonly known as the birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool is known for its music scene, sporting history, and for also being the registered home port and thereby ‘origin’ of the Titanic passenger cruiser. The city has the most museums outside of London and is also home to Britain’s largest cathedral.

Liverpool’s music history stretches far beyond The Beatles – so it’s no surprise that the city was selected to host Eurovision 2023 on behalf of the United Kingdom. There are lots of other world-famous bands that have come from Merseyside, including:

  • The La’s
  • Gerry and the Pacemakers
  • Cilla Black
  • Echo & the Bunnymen
  • The Scaffold

As mentioned further above, Liverpool is also well-known for its architecture. Some of the country’s most beautiful buildings (including cathedrals, churches, museums and town halls) can be found in the city. 

In fact, there are over 2,500 listed buildings in Liverpool, which may not surprise you once you walk around and soak in all the captivating architecture the town is home to.

Lots of well-known Television shows have used Liverpool as the backdrop, and on the sporting front, Aintree Racecourse hosts the Grand National, which is undoubtedly the UK’s largest horse racing event ever year.

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