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Newcastle Area Guide

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Newcastle is one of the most exciting cities in England. Based in the county of Northumberland, not far from the Scottish border, there is an exceptional sense of community throughout the town that people visiting – or moving there permanently – absolutely love.

The River Tyne can be seen in the south of the city, separating the city of Newcastle from Gateshead on the other side. Other famous landmarks in the area include the Angel of the North, St. James’ Park, and Newcastle Castle: all of which attract millions of visitors every year.

Newcastle has a strong property market, an ever-growing population, and lots of places to eat and visit. Furthermore, if you want information on local amenities or transport links, then getting a clear overview of the city would be useful, too.

In our area guide below, we have given you a clear summary of Newcastle, including all the key details you may want to know when visiting, or relocating there permanently.

Where is Newcastle?

Newcastle is the most prominent city in the north of England, and is surrounded by neighbouring towns like Sunderland, Durham, and South Shields. You can find it on the north-east coast of England, roughly 46 miles south of the border with Scotland. 

Newcastle Airport is located in the north-west of the city, and is the busiest airport in the north-east of England. It has several international flights, and so if you are visiting Newcastle from overseas, the airport may be the destination that you arrive at. 

It is approximately 8 miles into the city centre from the airport, and there is a Metro train station that can take you there.

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Newcastle Amenities

In addition to Newcastle Airport, there are various other public transport hubs that offer free Wi-Fi, along with a place to eat, go to the toilet, and stay warm. Newcastle train station on Neville Street and Haymarket Bus Station are both in the city centre, and provide lots of useful amenities.

With Newcastle’s rich sporting history, you may not be surprised to know that there are lots of gyms and leisure centres throughout the city. Hadrian Leisure Centre, Sport Central, Gosforth Leisure Centre and West Denton Leisure Centre are just four examples of places with excellent sporting facilities.

Newcastle offers a range of other amenities, such as:

  • Bike storage
  • Car parks
  • Animal daycare
  • Child daycare
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries

If you are visiting Newcastle from overseas, then a currency change service may be extremely useful. You may find kiosks at the airport that can do this for you, and ‘eurochange’ in Eldon Square Shopping Centre can also help you with this.

Hotels are aplenty in Newcastle, and Crowne Plaza and Hotel Indigo both have four-star ratings, and plenty of positive reviews from previous customers.

You will find Cafes dotted around the city which can provide you with a hot drink and a warm place to work or meet with friends. Major high streets such as Stowell Street, Worswick Street and Collingwood Street are a great place to start.

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Newcastle Population

According to the latest census, Newcastle has a population of 300,125, with the wider metropolitan area taking this figure up to 823,000. There is a strong sense of identity amongst many of the people living in the city, who are often very proud to be from the north-east.

In 2021, 40.8% of Newcastle upon Tyne residents reported having “No religion”, up from 28.3% ten years earlier. You will also see a range of ethnicities living in Newcastle, with these roughly split as follows:

  • White: 80%
  • Asian: 11.4%
  • Black: 3.3%
  • Mixed: 2.3%
  • Other: 3.1%

As a major urban area, there is a relatively dense population in Newcastle, with only Middlesborough having a higher population density out of all major towns in the north-east.

Furthermore, the share of residents aged between 65 and 74 years increased by 1.2 percentage points between 2011 and 2021, which demonstrates that more and more people now see Newcastle as the ideal place to retire, in part due to the pleasant surroundings and friendly people.

With the population slowly increasing in Newcastle, the city council has already outlined plans to reduce traffic in the centre of town. 

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Newcastle Developments

Planning, building and development are common in Newcastle as the need for newly built housing increases. On Northbourne Street, approximately 124 new homes are due to be developed, with a focus on two, three and four-bedroomed properties.

The city council has recently committed to further transformations in the centre of town. Many of the upcoming street developments have a noticeably green-focused approach, with changes in Northumberland Street and Saville Row both proposing green ‘garden’ areas to relax.

Work to improve the area around Newcastle’s Central Station is continuing, as well as on John Dobson Street, St Nicholas Street, Queen Victoria Road, and Claremont Road.

There are also rumours that applications are being made to build new skyscrapers in Newcastle, although progress has not yet begun on all of these.

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Newcastle Crime Rate

Lots of people feel safe in Newcastle, and the strong sense of community creates an atmosphere in many neighbourhoods where people look out for each other and respect their local area.

Although Newcastle compares poorly to the wider Tyne and Wear area in terms of crime rate, this is not uncommon for a major city, and progress has also been made over the past year. Online statistics show that the number of crimes being committed has gone down in the following categories:

  • Criminal damage and arson
  • Public order
  • Other theft
  • Burglary
  • Bicycle theft

Some areas in the city are much safer than others. Gosforth and Jesmond are both affluent neighbourhoods with lower levels of crime, while the city centre tends to rank the highest in crimes per number of people living there. 

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Newcastle Job Opportunities

The average salary in Newcastle is considerably higher than in neighbouring areas, such as Gateshead, Northumberland, South Tyneside and North Tyneside. There are lots of great job opportunities in the city, with several national companies having major corporate offices in Newcastle, including:

  • Fenwick
  • Goldsmiths
  • Greggs
  • Newcastle Building Society
  • Accenture
  • BAE Systems
  • British Airways

For any potential entrepreneurs, the city council provides a range of support, including ‘Transmit Start-Ups’, which provides loans to small businesses, and the ‘Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme’. Not only can these schemes, and several others, give you the funding to kickstart a new business, but they will also provide you with mentorship from people who have ‘been there and done it’. There is also a higher percentage of people’ self-employed’ in Newcastle, compared to the wider north-east area.

The employment statistics in Newcastle are relatively impressive, with 71.3% of applicable people currently having a full-time job. This is an improvement from the same figure as one year ago.

The industries that employ the highest number of people in the city are:

  • Human Health And Social Work Activities (18.8%)
  • Education (11.5%)
  • Public Administration And Defence; Compulsory Social Security (11%)
  • Accommodation And Food Service Activities (9.9%)

In all four of these sectors, the percentage of the local population employed is greater than the average figure in the north-east. This demonstrates that companies in these industries are specifically selecting Newcastle as an excellent place to invest. 

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Newcastle Broadband Speed

Approximately 99.4% of Newcastle is covered by Superfast broadband. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on broadband in the city every day for work or to use in their free time, and this excellent broadband offering makes this possible.

Phone signal is strong in most parts of Newcastle, and this makes sending and receiving phone calls straight forward. You can also get access to almost all the main UK broadband providers in Newcastle.

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Newcastle Transport Links

With online figures suggesting that over 42% of households in Newcastle do not have access to a car and rely on other forms of transport, it is becoming increasingly essential that the transport links in the city are excellent.

Newcastle Airport offers flights to lots of destinations in Europe, including Krakow, Lanzarote, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf, to name just a few. Furthermore, according to the airport’s website, passenger numbers have gone up by 102% over the past two decades, with over 80 routes currently being operated by the airport.

There are three major bus operators that service Newcastle: Arriva, StageCoach and Quaylink. You can also use the Tyne and Wear metro system, which has over 60 stops. 

The city is already carrying out works on major roads that aim to widen the route, and add a cycling lane, so Newcastle can become more bicycle friendly. Furthermore, e-scooters are dotted around town, which represents an eco-friendly way to travel.

The A1 (M) is the major roadway that travels to Newcastle from down south, and if you are a city resident keen to drive to Scotland, the A68 will take you directly to Edinburgh.

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Newcastle: Where to Eat

If you are feeling hungry in Newcastle, then you won’t be short of places to eat. Newcastle is renowned for its outstanding food options, with local independent places, as well as multi-chain restaurants on offer. 

Westgate Road, Blackett Street, and Clayton Street are just a few of the major roads in Newcastle that have eateries dotted along it. If you are out in the city, and looking for a place to go into spontaneously, then these populated areas may be a good place to start.

Some of the most positively reviewed and frequently visited places to eat in Newcastle include:

  • Turtle Bay
  • Kafeneon
  • Mantra Thai
  • Simla
  • Fat Hippo

Grainger Market is another excellent place to buy tasty food. This market hall has almost 100 different food vendors, with cuisines from all over the world, including Asian, South American, Southern European and more.

Similarly, Quayside Market has a number of food trucks that make eating ‘on the go’ extremely convenient – especially on a Sunday, which is when lots of people tend to turn up.

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Newcastle: Where to Stay

Newcastle is no stranger to luxurious accommodation. In addition to the dozens of outstanding options listed on Airbnb, which you can peruse on their website, you can also choose between hotels, traditional Bed and Breakfasts, spare rooms, and more.

Just a few of the highest-rated hotels in Newcastle are:

  • Crowne Plaza
  • Malmaison
  • Hotel Indigo

If you are looking for somewhere on a budget, then chains such as Travelodge (based on Forster Street) offer an affordable way to stay in Newcastle, too.

With regards to your location within the city, there are specific neighbourhoods that are ‘friendlier’ and ‘safer’, which may be the ideal place to focus on. For example, Jesmond and Gosforth are generally regarded as the wealthiest suburbs with lower crime rates, and you may therefore feel more comfortable here. Meanwhile, if you are on a tighter budget, neighbourhoods such as Ferryhill and Seaham are worth checking out.

As a final option, if you are looking to stay close to the iconic landmark of the ‘Angel of the North’, then there are camping sites nearby that you may be able to stay in. Ideally, you will have car transportation available in this situation, as driving into Newcastle will be the quickest way to explore the city centre.

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Newcastle: Where to Go

Whether you are sightseeing in Newcastle for a weekend or staying for a much longer period of time, you will benefit from a list of all the places to go and see. Fortunately, in the northeast’s most populated city, you will not be short of options.

Entry to Newcastle Castle is relatively cheap and will take you on an interesting journey through the castle’s history. If you enjoy architecture from previous centuries, then you should also check out Newcastle Cathedral, which is free to enter and will undoubtedly relax you and your loved ones as soon as you step inside.

If you enjoy live events, then Newcastle has plenty to offer you, too. A few examples of venues work going to are:

  • St James’ Park
  • Utilita Arena
  • Theatre Royal
  • Newcastle Diamonds Speedway
  • Kingston Park Stadium

One of the other popular places to go in Newcastle is Tyne Bridge, which goes over the River Tyne and provides a lovely view along the water. Victoria Tunnel Tours, the Biscuit Factory, Grey’s Monument and Gateshead Millenium Bridge are all similarly popular amongst tourists.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for fun for the entire family, then Tyneside Cinema often has entertaining showings that people of all ages will enjoy. There are several open parks that can make an enjoyable family day out, too, such as Exhibition Park, Heaton Park and Paddy Freeman’s Park.

Last but not least, probably the most iconic thing to see in the Newcastle area is the Angel of the North. Although this is about seven miles south of the city centre, it may still be convenient to visit on your way into the city, or on your way home (if driving). It is certainly worth going to check out, as one of the UK’s most famous sculptures.

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Newcastle Night Life

Across the UK, one of the many things that Newcastle is well-known for is its exciting night life. Plenty of polls have ranked the northern city as being the ‘best night out in England’ – and with the wide range of bars, clubs, restaurants and more to enjoy, this is not necessarily a surprise.

Tropicana Newcastle, Chinawhite and Soho Rooms are just three of the beloved clubbing venues in the city centre, and if you’re looking for bars, there’s no shortage of those either. Some of the quirkiest bars that are certainly worth checking out include:

  • Alvinos Bar
  • WC Newcastle
  • Mother Mercy
  • The Dog & Parrott
  • The Head of Steam

Almost all of these locations are in the centre of town and are therefore easily accessible by bus, taxi, or even walking.

There are plenty of other ways to spend your night out in Newcastle, such as going to the theatre, a sports match, or one of the city’s incredible restaurants. You are likely to find a lively atmosphere and friendly people.

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Newcastle Education

For young families who are planning on moving to Newcastle, it is completely normal to focus on the education options available. After all, when your young children grow up, you want plenty of excellent schools to offer them. Luckily, Newcastle has this area well covered.

According to Ofsted inspection ratings, Newcastle has great support for primary, secondary, and students with additional needs. A few examples include:

  • Benton Dene (Primary School)
  • St Mary’s Catholic School (Secondary School)
  • Hadrian School (Additional Needs)
  • Byker School (Primary School)
  • Sacred Heart Catholic School (Secondary School)
  • Percy Hedley School (Additional Needs)

For older students, the University of Newcastle is a major institution in the heart of the city, with almost 30,000 people enrolled. Northumbria University is based out of Newcastle, too.

You will also have access to more than ten different public libraries, completely free of charge, while visiting Newcastle. Newcastle City Library, Philip Robinson Library, and Jesmond Library are just three examples, and you can use these facilities to educate yourself on any number of different subjects.

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