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Nottingham is one of the most exciting and attractive places to live in the Midlands of England. Home to a large student population, plenty of beautiful parks, and a rich history that stretches back for centuries, there is currently well over 300,000 people who call Nottingham their home.

Although Robin Hood is a major point of recognition in the city, and the reason that plenty of tourists travel there, there are lots of other things to do in Nottingham. The Caves of Nottingham, as well as Nottingham Castle, both have interesting historical significance. 

There has also been enormous sporting success for people living in Nottingham, and the city itself is a hub of football, tennis, rugby, and athletics facilities. 

From a geographical point of view, the River Trent is a major landmark in the Midlands, and caused Nottingham to be an extremely useful settlement during battles in ancient history.

So, with no shortage of interesting things to do, see, and experience in Nottingham, you are in the ideal place if you want an area guide dedicated to this fantastic city. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Nottingham.

Nottingham Amenities

Whether you are looking for parking facilities, an excellent gym, a workspace, or any other type of amenity, Nottingham basically has it all.

Due to its large student population, the city is filled with high-quality libraries that anyone can enjoy. These include Nottingham Central Library, Meadows Library, and St Anns Library, all of which are open most days of the week.

Meanwhile, there are dozens of other useful amenities throughout the city that you can take advantage of, too. These include:

  • Leisure centres
  • Cafés 
  • Pet daycares
  • Bicycle storage
  • Green spaces
  • Play areas for children
  • Shopping centres

Some of these facilities are free to use, while others will come with associated costs. For example, there are plenty of parks throughout Nottingham that you can enjoy totally free of charge, such as Wollaton Park and the Forest Recreation Ground. 

Meanwhile, although Cafes in the centre of town will usually provide free Wi-Fi and let you stay there during their entire open hours, it is usually expected by staff that you purchase an item while visiting.

If you are staying overnight in the city, then there are plenty of excellent hotels to choose from, too. Some of the four-star hotels in the town include:

  • Hart’s Hotel and Kitchen
  • Crowne Plaza, an IHG Hotel
  • Colwick Hall Hotel
  • Hilton Nottingham
  • Lace Market Hotel Nottingham

In general, it is recommended that you research any and all amenities before you visit them to ensure they provide the comfort and services that you are looking for.

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Nottingham Population

According to the most recent figures, Nottingham’s population is around 323,700, with this figure rising to approximately 824,000 for the entire county of Nottinghamshire.

On-trend with the constantly growing population throughout the UK, the number of people living in Nottingham has gone up by more than 6% in the past 13 years. There are also varying ethnicities living throughout the city, which makes it attractive for lots of people, too. These include:

  • White English – 65.4%
  • White Other – 5.1%
  • Pakistani – 5.5%
  • Caribbean – 4%
  • African – 3.2%

According to recent figures, more than 20% of people living in Nottingham are aged between 16 to 24. This is presumably caused by the major student groupings that exist in the city, attending the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University.

Some experts have also estimated that families living in the Midlands are moving towards the city of Nottingham. For example, the number of ‘single-family households’ with cohabiting-couple family/dependent children went up over the past ten years as a percentage of Nottingham’s population. This may be because of the great employment opportunities that exist there. 

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Nottingham Developments

As part of the UK government’s commitment to growing investment in major cities outside of London in recent years, Nottingham has received more funding for development. According to recent figures, there is £2 billion of investment opportunity in the city centre alone, with £650m of construction currently taking place.

Some of the town’s neighbourhoods that are currently experiencing or preparing for major development projects include:

  • Broad Marsh
  • The Island Quarter
  • Chilwell
  • West Bridgford

Many of these growing developments include a commitment to greener spaces. For example, the Island Quarter project has recently increased the amount of green space committed to in its plans by 10,000 square metres, and sustainability is integral to developments in Broad Marsh, too.

The city is currently carrying out major developments to transport in the city, too. These include:

  • Junction improvements for buses
  • City centre bicycle routes
  • Beechdale Road and Wigman Road improvements
  • Waterside Bridge – over the River Trent

If you want to take advantage of these ongoing developments and move into a city where house prices are expected to increase over the next decade, then now could be the ideal opportunity to choose Nottingham as your next home.

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Nottingham Crime Rate

As is often the case with any major city, the crime rate in Nottingham differs depending on the neighbourhood you are in. 

The crime rate per 1,000 people in Nottingham is currently around 125, which is lower than the 2019 and 2018 levels and only slightly higher than the most recent years. The percentages of some of the different types of crimes in the city are as follows:

  • Anti-social behaviour – 15.5%
  • Shoplifting – 12% 
  • Public Order – 7.3%
  • Other theft – 6.8%

Some of the more affluent suburbs experience lower levels of crime – but higher quantities of break-ins – while the less expensive neighbourhoods see more drug-related crime.

Plenty of people that live in Nottingham say that they feel extremely safe in the city. In particular, affluent neighbourhoods such as Wollaton Vale, Sherwood Vale and Mapperley Park tend to have lower than usual crime rates, when compared to the wider city.

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Nottingham Job Opportunities

For anyone looking to start an exciting and well-paid career, Nottingham is certainly worthy of consideration. The city’s ever-growing population is, at least in part, due to the excellent job opportunities that it can provide. 

Job density is currently high in the city – greater than the UK’s average – and Nottingham also has a lower unemployment rate than the nearby town of Leicester. The industries that provide the most jobs to people in Nottingham are:

  • Human Health And Social Work Activities – 16%
  • Wholesale And Retail Trade; Repair Of Motor Vehicles And Motorcycles – 14.6%
  • Education – 11.7%
  • Administrative And Support Service Activities – 10.2%

Some of the main streets in Nottingham, with major corporate head offices for workers, include Regent Street, Park Row, and Stoney Street.

The percentage of people employed in all four of these sectors is higher than the UK average, showing that companies in the industry consider Nottingham a worthwhile place to invest resources.

Figures also show that there are currently more women employed full-time in Nottingham than men. This hopefully reflects the forward-thinking social culture that many people living in Nottingham describe.

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Nottingham Broadband Speed

Nottingham residents have plenty of choice when it comes to broadband providers, with Virgin Media, TalkTalk, BT, Plusnet and Sky all offering fibre services. There is excellent service in almost all corners of the city, making it convenient and straightforward to make a phone call at any time.

Broadband speed in Nottingham ranks above the national average. While the UK as a whole has 97.9% ‘superfast’ broadband, the city of Nottingham currently comes in at 98.9%.

With so many people working from home in recent years, it is no surprise that local authorities are investing heavily in giving Nottingham the best broadband speed possible. If you are looking for a city where your broadband is likely to be excellent, then Nottingham is usually a safe bet.

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Nottingham Transport Links

Lots of people who live in and around Nottingham praise the transport links in the city. Unlike other major cities like London, Nottingham has an excellent tram system, which makes moving around the town extremely convenient. 

These trams operate throughout most hours, with dozens of stops across the entire tram network. You can use it to travel to neighbourhoods on all sides of the city, including:

  • Chilwell
  • Hucknall
  • Clifton
  • Pheonix Park
  • Nottingham Trent University

Another place that you can use for easy transportation in Nottingham is the mainline train station. Located in the city centre, this provides convenient transport links to other major cities such as London and Manchester, as well as smaller towns like Peterborough and Doncaster.

Nottingham is also a very cycling-friendly city. Bike hire is available in Nottinghamshire at Clumber Park and Sherwood Pines – and there are local companies that offer bike tours around the city. 

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Nottingham: Where to Visit

If you have not visited Nottingham before, then you will have dozens of things to see, do, and experience during your stay. 

Old Market Square is a vibrant place for you to go outdoor shopping, while Wollaton Hall is certainly worth visiting if you are in the area. Highfields Park is a beautiful area to go for a stroll, and Green’s Windmill and Science Centre is ideal for any science-lovers who enjoy some education involved in their days out.

Nottingham is renowned for its excellent events, too. Some of the largest venues in the city include:

  • Motorpoint Arena
  • The City Ground
  • Metronome 
  • Trent Bridge Cricket Ground
  • National Ice Centre
  • Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall

It is well worth checking the schedules out at all of these locations to see if they have something coming up that might appeal to you.

There are several lush parks in Nottingham that you may enjoy visiting, too. Wollaton Gardens, near the aforementioned hall, is known for its lovely wildlife. Woodthorpe Grange Park can also be a relaxing place to enjoy Nottingham’s natural beauty.

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Nottingham: Where to Eat

Nottingham’s city centre has no shortage of amazing places to enjoy a bite to eat. Turtle Bay, Bill’s and Son of Steak are all national chains that have great locations in the town. 

As you stroll through the city centre, you are bound to encounter plenty more great places to eat than are not listed above. Some of Nottingham’s busiest streets, which you can walk around to find hidden treats, include:

  • Castle Gate
  • Upper Parliament Street
  • Pelham Street
  • Victoria Street

You will find a wide array of cuisines throughout Nottingham, due to its diverse range of ethnicities. Greek, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Turkish and Egyptian locations can all be found around the city, with many more types of food besides these.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in a fine dining experience, look no further than World Service Restaurant, Alchemilla, Marco Pierre White Steakhouse, and Cleaver & Wake.

While you are visiting Nottingham, there are some famous foods local to the city that you may want to try, too. HP Sauce originates from Nottingham, as does Bramley Apples and Nottinghamshire Pie. Stilton Cheese also originates from the Midlands.

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Nottingham Weather

Just like most places in England, the average temperature in Nottingham varies depending on the time of year that you visit. Throughout June, July and August, the average temperature in a recent calendar year was 19, 22 and 21 degrees Celsius respectively. 

Meanwhile, in December and January, this average will typically drop to 8 or 7 degrees for the month.

These average temperatures are usually higher than cities further north in England and the UK, as it tends to be hotter on average, according to the further south you travel.

Rainfall in Nottingham is not noticeably different from that in any other city in the Midlands. However, in certain parts of the River Trent, flooding is slightly more common than you would normally see in cities without a river.

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Nottingham Schools

In every part of Nottingham, there are excellent primary and secondary education schools. The city also has two major universities, the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, which have a combined enrollment of over 70,000 each year.

For any family with younger children, some of the primary schools that received ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted inspections in recent years include:

  • All Hallows CofE
  • Haydn Primary School
  • Pinewood Infant and Nursery School
  • Woodthorpe Infant School

Meanwhile, there are plenty of secondary schools that ranked very highly, too. Some notable names are Bluecoat Wollaton Academy, Easthorpe School, Fernwood School and Nethergate Academy.

You will also have access to several excellent additional needs support schools in Nottingham, if your child needs them. Oak Field School, Rosehill School and Carlton Digby School are three examples of additional needs institutions that received ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted inspections. 

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Housing Market in Nottingham

For anyone interested in moving to Nottingham, it is important to be well-informed about the city’s housing market. After all, if you are making a property purchase, you want to feel confident that you will get a healthy return on your investment.

As things stand, the average house price in Nottingham is around £240,000. This is noticeably more affordable than the average throughout England and Wales, which is attractive to lots of potential buyers.

A typical Nottingham property’s price will also vary depending on the type and size of the property. For example, the average asking price figures are as follows:

  • Detached – £465,358
  • Semi-detached – £258,192
  • Terraced – £199,198
  • Flat or Maisonette – £176,686 

Keep in mind that while these are the average asking prices in Nottingham, the vast majority of house sales are completed at below these ‘average figures’.

With the large student population in Nottingham, some landlords view the city as ideal for renting out a House of Multiple Occupation, as there is always going to be new young people entering the city every year who need a place to stay.

Furthermore, over the past 18 years, Nottingham house prices have increased on average by around 70%. This is another statistic demonstrating that the city represents a worthwhile property investment. 

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Nottingham Sports

There are lots of excellent sports teams based in Nottingham, and this is something that residents in the city take enormous pride in. Nottingham Trent University is renowned for its excellent sports programme, and this is an ethos that is reflected in many of the outstanding athletes that come out of the city.

You have a wide choice of sports facilities to train in throughout Nottingham, too. David Ross Sports Village is open to the public, and the Highfields Sports Complex is extremely well-regarded nationwide. ‘Active Nottingham’ has more than one centre in the midlands, along with plenty of other sports companies.

If you are local to Nottingham, some of the sports teams you may choose to follow include:

  • Nottingham Forest FC
  • Nottingham Panthers
  • Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club
  • Nottingham RFC
  • Trent Rockets
  • Notts County FC

These teams come from a range of different sports, and does not cover all of the excellent clubs that are based in Nottingham, either.

If you want to practice your swimming in Nottingham, then the Victoria Leisure Centre is worth popping along to, and to practice your golf, the Riverside Family Golf Centre is ideal for people of all ages.

Robin Hood Gymnastics Centre is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, and if you like athletics, Harvey Hadden Stadium Bilborough is worth a visit, and has teams you may be able to sign up for.

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