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How Can I Sell My House in 7 Days?

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Selling a house quickly is often a dream for many. It’s usually the last obstacle preventing individuals from moving on with their lives. But is it possible to sell a house in seven days? The answer might surprise you. It can be done, but achieving a sale in such a short time requires understanding your options and what you need to do. 

In this article, we’ll uncover everything sellers need to know to answer the question, “How can I sell my house in 7 days?”

Let’s get started. 

What is the quickest way to sell your house?

There are three major factors which can influence the selling time of your home. They are:

  1. The way you choose to sell
  2. The price of the property
  3. The condition of the property

Not all buyers are the same, but these three factors play an important part in securing the attention of attracting specific types of buyers. The selling timeframe will always be impacted by the buyer, so it’s incredibly important that you account for this. We’ll explore each one in detail below:

Traditional Routes vs. Alternative Methods

Most, if not all, people will be familiar with the traditional route of selling a property. You choose an estate agent, they list the property, buyers come to view it, and eventually, someone agrees to buy. 

However, this route isn’t always the most efficient way possible. Simply because there are so many different factors at play. First, the estate agent you choose must have the connections, time, and dedication to get your property sold quickly. Secondly, on the open market, you’re available to all types of buyers, whether they’re qualified or not. This can result in time-wasters and, sometimes, deals falling through at the last minute. This can delay a sale for months on end. 

Additionally, if we look at the average time it takes to sell using traditional methods, it’s around 10-12 weeks at a minimum. That may be 9-11 weeks too long for some! However, if you’re looking to get the highest possible price for your property, the traditional route may be your best option. 

However, there are other methods to sell, such as opting for an auction. This still takes 30 days to complete. And, it isn’t always guaranteed, as your property must be desirable enough to facilitate a quick sale. Additionally, you also risk not getting the most value for your property. 

A third way can ensure a rapid sale of your property. This is through selling to cash house buyers or quick-sale companies. As these buyers are typically investors, they will be looking for a good deal for them. This usually results in a selling price of a little less than the current market value. However, as prices have increased considerably over recent years, many can still sell and make a profit. Additionally, as there are fewer complications and third parties to deal with, cash buyers offer the advantage of the fastest closing process. In fact, some can even conclude a sale in as little as seven days. 

Condition of your property

Beyond choosing the way to sell, the condition of your home plays an important part. Your house must be attractive enough to convince buyers to move faster or risk losing out. This may require renovations or staging to make the property look attractive. Again, this can add time to the selling process if the traditional route is used. Cash house buyers are less likely to factor in the condition compared to other buyers. 

The pricing 

Strategic pricing is another key factor in getting a faster sale. Pricing your house competitively, considering market trends and the condition of the property, can attract buyers. As covered earlier, if you’re looking for a higher price for your property, then the traditional route may be better, but can take longer. However, for a quick sale, selling at a reduced price will help towards achieving a faster sale. 

What is the quickest a house sale can go through? 

As covered earlier, the standard selling time frame for a house sale depends on how you choose to sell. So, it’s incredibly important that you manage expectations so you don’t make unrealistic plans. For example, the possibility of selling a house in seven days with a traditional estate agent is very rare. However, if you choose a cash house buyer, then this would be possible.

This is because of the various stages involved with the usual method of selling, such as listing the property, viewings, negotiations and the final closing process. 

Additionally, factors like market conditions, location, and property type also have a significant impact on the likelihood of a quick sale. While some sales may take several months, others can be completed much faster, especially when certain conditions align.

A pre-approved buyer can significantly accelerate the sale. When potential buyers have already secured financing, the closing process becomes more streamlined.

Additionally, the closing timeline contributes significantly to a swift property sale. This involves being able to complete legal and financial processes to achieve a smooth sale. You can ensure a quicker sale by having all the necessary documents in order; however, the buyer must also manage their side. Because of so many people involved, the process can be impacted by delays. This can take the shape of property surveys and title searches, which can also impact the overall time frame. 

But to answer the question of how fast you can sell a house, it would be seven days using a cash house buyer. 

Who is the best to sell your house with? 

With all of the different options available, it can become overwhelming to find the best possible route. As a quick recap, here are the pros and cons of the available options. 

Estate Agents


  • Expertise – Estate agents bring market knowledge and negotiation skills.
  • Network – They typically have access to a broad network of potential buyers.
  • Guidance – They can provide assistance with pricing and marketing strategies to save time.


  • Time-Consuming – Traditional processes may take longer than desired.
  • Fees – Estate agents typically charge a commission, impacting profits.
  • Dependency – Reliance on agent availability and schedule.

Using an estate agent is the most common route for many sellers, but the efficacy of this choice in facilitating a quick sale is debatable. However, if you can find an estate agent who has a proven track record in achieving quick sales, it may still be possible. 



  • Competitive Environment – This can generate competitive bidding to help achieve a higher sale price. 
  • Quick Process – Sales usually conclude on auction day.
  • Market Value: – Property can sell at or above market value.


  • Costs – Auction-related expenses may reduce profits.
  • No Guarantee 0 Sale is not guaranteed, and there’s a risk of a low winning bid.
  • Publicity – Auctions may attract less privacy compared to other methods.

Auctions are an alternative avenue for a quick property sale. However, they are more well-suited for properties with unique appeal or in-demand locations. This should be factored into your decision. 

Cash Buyers


  • Speed – Fast closing process without mortgage-related delays.
  • Certainty – Reduced risk of deals falling through due to financing issues.
  • Convenience – Simplified process with fewer contingencies.


  • Offer Amount – Cash buyers may offer less than market value.
  • Limited Market – Not all buyers have the financial capacity to pay in cash.
  • Negotiation Ability – There is limited room for negotiation compared to traditional sales.

For those looking for the fastest way to sell, cash house buyers are the best choice. These buyers, often individuals or companies with readily available funds, can ensure a quick process by avoiding the usual delays in traditional approaches. 

 However, there is another option available which we haven’t mentioned yet. Your options are usually to try to sell yourself, use an estate agent, or find a cash house buyer. However, with, we offer a unique service of offering all three options under one roof. No matter which option you prefer, we can help provide you guidance. Get in touch to find out more. 

Can you sell a house in 4 weeks?

Some people may have a longer time frame than seven days but still require a sale. What if you have four weeks? Well, it’s not impossible, but it still requires a realistic approach. 

Tips for a 4-Week Sale

Prepare in Advance

Ensure your property is in good condition before listing. This includes carrying out any minor or major renovations. 

Accurate Pricing

With no time to waste, you need to begin the selling process by setting a competitive yet realistic price to attract buyers. You need to understand the current market conditions before you begin your sale. This can allow you to drop the price throughout the month to engage buyers. 

Have a back-up plan

The last thing you want is to reach the end of the four weeks and have no interested buyers. To avoid this plan for this scenario. This may involve using a cash house buyer service to achieve a sale if there are no other potential buyers. 

How can I sell my house in 7 days?

If you’re trying to get your house sold in seven days, you need to be swift and decisive in your approach. There’s no other way around it. You have two options; one guarantees a sale in seven days, while the other may take longer. 

The approach?

Using a cash house buyer. Here is how it would work if you were to choose us at

You would first get in touch with us online using our enquiry form. Then, within 24 hours, we will contact you and make you an offer for your property. If you’re happy, then you can accept the offer, and we can conclude the sale in as little as seven days. You don’t need to do anything more.

However, if you decide to sell on the open market or with another option, there are a few things you can do to help achieve a faster sale. 

Here are some tips:

Get the property ready for sale

You will first need to create a clean and neutral space to appeal to a broad range of potential buyers. This may require repainting and carrying out a deep clean of the property to attract buyers. 

Carry out repairs

You should look to address any minor repairs that can be easily fixed. This will help in enhancing the overall impression of your property.

Set a Competitive price

You will need to set a competitive yet realistic price to attract serious buyers. To do this, you will need a good understanding of the local market to help select a price that will result in a faster sale. 

Aggressive Marketing

To achieve a seven-day sale, you must be aggressive with how you market your property. Relying on one or two methods may not work. Instead, use social media, multiple listing sites and local advertising to ensure your property is visible to as many buyers as possible.

Why is my house so hard to sell?

Selling a house can be delayed due to a few reasons. Some of them are common mistakes which sellers can make unknowingly. Here are common reasons your house might be hard to sell


A property priced above market value can limit the buyer pool and result in less interested buyers.

Poor Condition

Most buyers look for properties where they can immediately move in. So, houses in need of extensive repairs or renovations may struggle to attract buyers. 

Saturated Market

In highly competitive areas, you’re competing against many other sellers. This results in a buyers’ market where they are free to negotiate. This will cause delays in being able to sell quickly.

Location Challenges

Properties in less desirable locations result in fewer interested buyers. This results in much longer time spent on the market waiting for buyers to surface. 

Solutions to Selling Challenges

Addressing these challenges head-on increases your chances of overcoming them to achieve a faster sale:

Accurate Pricing

Conduct a thorough market analysis to determine a competitive yet appealing price.

Home Improvement:

Ensure necessary repairs are carried out along with any upgrades to enhance your property’s appeal.


Be willing to negotiate and adapt to market feedback, whether on pricing or terms.

Consider a cash house buyer

If you have limited time and need a quick sale, then a cash house buyer may be your best option for getting your house sold. Many, including us at, will purchase properties regardless of condition or location. This means you don’t have to wait around for a buyer or carry out any repairs. 

Selling a house in a short timeframe, such as seven days, is possible. However, you definitely need to be realistic in how much you can sell your property for. If you’re looking for the best price possible, then that would be difficult to achieve in seven days. However, if you’re just looking to sell and are happy to receive an offer that can be completed quickly, then that is definitely possible. 

If you need to sell a house fast, get in touch with us at We offer different avenues that you can explore to help get your property sold as quickly as possible. 

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