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Do I Have to Have a For Sale Sign Outside My House?

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Traditionally, when you list your property for sale, you would also feature a For Sale sign outside your house. But in this digital age do we still need to bother with For Sale signs? The vast majority of people will now do the bulk of their property search online – so are For Sale signs redundant, or do they still serve a purpose?

What does a For Sale sign mean?

It might be obvious – a for sale sign outside a house means the house is for sale. It’s used to advertise to people that the property is available to buy and is open to receiving offers. The sign will also usually include the estate agent details, for interested parties to contact if they wish to make an offer or find out more about the property.

Is it better to have a For Sale sign?

Even with the focus on digital property searches, putting a For Sale sign outside your house can still be beneficial. In fact, you’ll probably still see plenty of For Sale signs up around UK streets.


They’re still used because they can be a useful tool when it comes to word-of-mouth. If your neighbour or a visitor knows that your property is up for sale, they might then pass this information on to someone they know who is property hunting but might not have yet thought to look in your area. This can help open up some new leads and interest.

For Sale signs can also help to grab the attention of passers-by who are looking for a new property., People who are house hunting are generally more likely to notice For Sale signs. Having a For Sale sign outside your home can help it to catch a potential buyer’s eye and prompt them to make an inquiry about the property.

Preference for traditional methods

Another benefit of having a For Sale sign outside your home is that whilst most people may prefer to property hunt online, there will still be many people who prefer traditional methods. This can especially apply to older generations, so if you have the type of property that is more appealing to older people, having a For Sale sign can ensure they are also aware and able to enquire.


Lastly, having a For Sale sign outside your home can be helpful for viewings. It makes it clear which house on the street is for sale, so potential buyers can easily find it to view. It can also be helpful to have a For Sale sign at the entrance of a long driveway or if your property is hidden from the main road, to make it clearer for people to find.

Are there any disadvantages to having a For Sale sign?

Whilst having a For Sale sign can help to increase the reach of your property sale to those that might miss it online, it can also come with some disadvantages. Some property sellers prefer not to have a For Sale sign because they would prefer their neighbours not to know they plan on selling. This could be because they don’t want to be the subject of neighbourly gossip, or because they don’t want their neighbours to look online and snoop around their house via the property listing photos.

Another disadvantage of having a For Sale sign can come if there are multiple properties for sale on your street. Clusters of For Sale signs can be off-putting. They suggest that there’s something wrong with the street or area that is causing many people to move on. Even if there isn’t a specific reason to cause people to move, groups of For Sale signs can also suggest that people don’t stick around in the area for a long time, which can put people off living there themselves.

Should I have a For Sale sign outside my house?

There is no obligation to have a For Sale sign outside your house, so the decision is entirely up to you. If you want to reach property buyers who might not be searching online, a For Sale sign can help to increase your reach – although, this method does rely heavily on luck and the right people being in the right place at the right time.

Alternatively, you can decide not to have a For Sale sign, perhaps if you would prefer to keep your property sale private without advertising to your neighbours.

How long do Sold signs stay up?

Currently, estate agents are allowed to leave a For Sale sign up for up to 14 days after a property has sold. Many estate agents choose to then put up a sold sign once contracts have been exchanged. If you’re moving into a property with a sold sign, you can call the estate agent and ask them to remove it or take it down and dispose of it yourself.

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