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Why Could Cash Buyers Only Be Good for Sellers?

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Selling a property can be hard at the best of times, with a competitive market, fluctuating mortgage rates and breaking chains it is no wonder people often consider cash house buyers. It ultimately makes for a quicker, less stressful sale and sees both parties happy with the rapid conclusion of the transaction.

This could be one of the reasons those selling property are looking at the cash buyer route. Granted it does not always see the full market value offered but it is sometimes the only viable avenue left.

Whilst the above reasons certainly justify why people chose cash buyers there are also several other reasons that see homeowners going down the route of selling to those willing to buy properties for cash.

We looked at why this could be a good option for those that have struggled to sell a house through the more traditional avenues.

Why are some properties cash buyers only?

In some instances, a property has been on and off the market for months with little to no interest. This leads homeowners to seek the fastest sale possible. As a result, they may turn to cash house buyers that can offer a price, lower than market value, but guarantee funds are cleared within as little as seven days. This can be perfect for those desperate to move. In some instances, it may not be because a quick house sale is wanted.

In other instances, there could be some issues with the property that have made it tricky to sell on the traditional market and the prospective buyers may not have been able to secure a mortgage on it. We will dive into this a little later.

What does cash buyer only mean?

This is a term often confused with others such as “cash offers accepted” or “open to cash offers”. These still allow for the potential for an offer to be submitted either via cash funds or a mortgage. When cash buyer only is on the listing, the seller is only willing to accept a total purchase of the house outright. No mortgage, no loans, just the full costs paid.

In cases such as these, the sellers will be shown proof of funds by the buyer. Checks are then carried out to ensure the money is legitimate and then the sale can proceed.

Are cash buyers good for sellers?

We mentioned earlier how people prefer a fast house sale. It helps them complete the next step in their property journey and potentially gives them more disposable cash. There are a few key reasons sellers prefer to deal with cash buyers and if you find yourself in a position to be able to offer cash, it could be worth it if there is a lot of competition for a property.

Higher chance of completion

…is likely with a cash house buyer. With no chain to worry about, they can offer funds right away without having to worry about the sale of their home to help raise any funds.

Less stress

Less stress is beneficial in any walk of life, and it has been said that buying a house is the second most stressful thing in life after your wedding day! Selling to a cash house buyer means that there is a lot less to deal with. If it is a cash house-buying company, for example, you do not need to market your house, host viewings and complete lots of paperwork. It becomes naturally a more seamless sale. The same can be said if selling to a private cash house buyer although they may wish to conduct a few viewings to be sure they wish to buy.

No mortgage

With no mortgage needed, the risk of a fall through thanks to the home buyers survey won’t happen. A home buyers survey can value the property lower than the amount offered which then means a lower mortgage is offered. This can stall the sale, with a cash buyer, this doesn’t happen!

Why would a house be advertised as cash buyers only?

The speed factor is one we have referenced already but sometimes it is more to do with the condition of the property itself. The sellers then being aware that any issues are unlikely to see a mortgage granted for those interested in buying it. That being said, there are many property investors out there that see a property like this as a project that they can “flip”. They buy the house for cash, at a rate lower than market value, repair any issues, and then sell it through traditional means at a profit.

Others may see it as an opportunity. They buy the property for less, correct any issues and then when it is ready, sell their original home and move into this new home that has been restored to its prime condition.

In most cases, aside from the need for a speedy sale, houses are commonly listed as available to cash buyers only for the following reasons:

Structural defects

Structural defects make the house unsuitable for a mortgage and in some cases uninhabitable. The original owners may have even moved out due to these reasons whilst still paying the mortgage. These types of properties are appealing to those looking to invest in property restoration and see this as a bargain!

Damage to the property

Damage makes it harder to sell a house on the traditional market. If the seller has left it uninhabited for a while, there is every chance it has been vandalised. It may have even succumbed to fire or water damage. Cash house buyers are sometimes the only option here.

Property repossession

Repossession will often lead some homeowners to seek a cash house buyer. They can pay off any outstanding amounts much quicker and then look to find a new home.


Location is a factor in house sales, some areas can be seen as dangerous, and the property becomes a high risk to mortgage lenders. In these cases, a cash house buyer would allow for a sale to complete quickly.

Cash house buyers allow for a much quicker sale and allow the seller to move on with their property plans fast. Selling a house online to a cash house buyer can see the whole process completed in as little as 7 days. If you are looking for a quick house sale then speak to the experts at SOLD.CO.UK. We sell houses faster than any other online estate agent and take no fees or commission to get you moving.

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