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How to Sell Your Home Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Despite the second lockdown you can still safely move to a new house. Prospective property buyers and sellers will be pleased to know that it is business as usual with estate agents and removals companies, with all involved having social distancing and safety measures in place.

Putting your home on the market

The estate agent of your choosing can list your property and also help you find a house for sale. Understandably the agent will need to visit your home to take photographs and videos and the government have stated that as long as public health guidelines are adhered to, this can take place. However, should any family member present symptoms and/or need to isolate due to exposure then this would need to be rescheduled and the estate agent should be informed immediately.

If you are at all concerned about selling your home during the pandemic give your chosen estate agent a call. They will be able to discuss how they are working to keeping all their clients safe which would give you peace of mind. Alternatively, opting to use an online estate agent like SOLD.CO.UK could give you extra assurance as all exchanges are made via email or the telephone.

Safe property viewings

During the first lockdown estate agents were not able to run their businesses. Aside from helping buyers and sellers already in the process remotely, property viewings and valuations were not able to take place. Despite being in a second lockdown, estate agents are allowed to remain open as long as they abide by social distancing measures.

Government guidance in the UK allows for physically distanced property viewings that carefully adhere to public health advice. Before any real-life viewings, the agent will check that all parties in attendance will wear the required PPE. Failure to confirm this with an agent may result in viewings being cancelled. The measures are put in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

It is commonplace for estate agents to conduct first viewings virtually; this is typically done in a video format. Estate agents will only take serious buyers to physical viewings. Typically, the owner and family of the property up for sale should vacate the premises before a viewing and wipe every surface down after. If possible, hand washing facilities and paper towels should be provided.

Moving house during the coronavirus

Removals companies are in operation and the government have stated it is fine to move to a new house as long as social distancing measures are in place. Many removal firms have adjusted their services to accommodate the new measures for safeguarding of both customers and staff.  Some commonplace rules include:

  • Removal teams will always socially distance from customers
  • All removal crew members will be in full PPE
  • Only one household member to remain in the property
  • If this is impossible all family members must remain in one room
  • Removal teams will require access to a designated bathroom for hand washing
  • All paperwork will be completed electronically with the client verbally signing things off

Check out the government advice on moving house during the coronavirus.

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