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What is the Best Scent to Sell a House?

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As with many things, a first impression is a lasting one and when it comes to property, it means a lot.

From how your house looks outside to how it looks inside and how it smells (yes, you read that last one right). All of these become a determining factor in selling a house. Combining all three elements not only means an increased chance of a quick sale but it also means you are more likely to get the value it’s worth.

So, let’s give you an insight into what scents give people a more positive feel about buying your home.

The 5 best scents to help you sell your house

We have picked five scents that make your house smell amazing and add a little something to the impression your house is giving others. If you don’t end up deciding to sell, then it’s no problem either, as now you have a beautiful smelling home!

Before you embark on a magical mystery tour of the smelling sense, though, you need to do one thing!

Get your house clean

The wonderful array of scents aren’t going to sell the house by themselves, so before polluting the senses with something vibrant, give your house the once over. People shop with their eyes first and foremost!

Keeping the scent theme close to heart though, concentrate on elements that may give off the wrong impression and odour.

  • Sofas and upholstery
  • Curtains
  • Carpets
  • Pet products

All the above need a clean and as a result, both their presentation and fragrance will be very much noticeable by those checking your property out. Dirty, smelly ones will stand out a mile, and clean and fragrant ones will stand out even more.

Now that is all cleaned, let’s pick those 5 top scents.


Reed diffusers are in all types of shops these days and one of the common scents being sold is sandalwood. It has become so popular that just recently it was voted as the most appealing scent for living rooms and home offices.


Citrus fruit not only tastes nice, but it can also be particularly useful when it comes to selling a house, especially when used in bathrooms. A study into stress conducted by Japanese scientists back in 2009 found that lemon is the number one scent for mood-boosting and can help relieve stress. Bergamot and lime are also great options.


Jasmine is known for its calming properties, which can be especially useful during the stressful process of selling a property. Consider adding some to one of the bedrooms, or the hallway. Putting this scent near the entrance your visitors use may help reduce some of that pre-viewing anxiety for both parties!


When you smell cinnamon, you think of Christmas or at least winter. Maybe if you’re selling your house at that time of year, consider it as your lead scent through the property – just don’t overdo it, as cinnamon can be quite overpowering. Known to reduce drowsiness and irritability, the clever use of cinnamon sticks could inspire your visitors to take note of all the features within your property with more focus.


Probably one of the most popular fragrances, despite it being possibly the most boring ice cream flavour and seen as a dull colour, vanilla just works as a scent. Believed to relieve stress and anxiety, it could be an asset in trying to complete a house sale. This could be a great kitchen scent and might create the impression you are a culinary genius too!

The best of the rest

The above are the top five scents, in our opinion. There are loads of others out there, so if none of ours inspire you, look into others, like pine. Research has shown that pine can promote feelings of well-being. In addition, both lavender and coffee go down well too. Freshly baked bread has always been a winner, but if you don’t see yourself as a Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry then it may be best to steer clear. Burnt products or even the smell of savoury products will not have the same effect a fresh loaf or cake will!

Fresh linen can strike a chord too but in a recent survey, it was found that this scent resonates with millennials more than anyone else!

One word of warning is just don’t overdo it! Less can certainly be more in the case of scents, so try out some locations around the house to see how it works. You wouldn’t want to overpower prospective new owners with a sensory blast so strong it makes them feel like they are tasting it!

So now you have an idea of how to best make your house smell as good as it looks, all you need to do now is sell it. That’s where we come in. The team at SOLD.CO.UK sell property faster than any estate agent in the UK and with all legal fees covered by us, selling can be stress-free. Contact us today, get an instant valuation, and let’s get your house sold with one of the UK’s most popular online estate agents.

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