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At the heart of the East Midlands is Leicester, a gorgeous city that millions of people visit every year. Whether looking for a relaxing weekend, a few weeks in a new city, or a permanent relocation, Leicester has almost everything you need.

The city is conveniently located—not too far from other major cities, such as Birmingham and Nottingham, and within driving distance of London. You will also experience a strong sense of community as you walk through Leicester’s streets, with major housing areas such as Clarendon Park and Westcotes providing a satisfactory home to thousands of people.

During your first visit to Leicester, you will undoubtedly want to visit all the iconic local landmarks and try sensational food. But if you’re planning on staying for a longer time, getting a clear sense of smaller details such as amenities, crime rate, population, developments, and more will make it easier to prepare.

So, keep reading our page below for a comprehensive area guide on the magnificent city of Leicester.

Leicester Amenities

From hotels to train stations, swimming pools to shopping centres and everywhere in between, whatever type of amenity you are looking for in Leicester undoubtedly has it somewhere.

The largest shopping centres in the city, Highcross and Haymarket, have public restrooms, restaurants, Cafes, and a car park. You can also use free Wi-Fi and benches throughout the area.

There are lots of parks dotted around Leicester, including:

  • Abbey Park
  • Western Park
  • Victoria Park
  • Castle Park
  • Museum Square Park
  • Watermead Country Park

Several of these parks have football pitches, rugby pitches, tennis courts and more for you to enjoy. 

The city has three major hospitals: Leicester General Hospital, Leicester Royal Infirmary, and Glenfield Hospital. There are also private hospitals elsewhere for you to sign up to, if you choose. Lastly, if you need to see a general practitioner, you can find information centres that will point you to the nearest doctor’s surgery.

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Leicester Population

Leicester’s population was 368,600 at the most recent census, an increase of approximately 38,700 (11.7%) from ten years earlier. This ranks the city above other major urban areas around the U.K., such as Edinburgh, Bournemouth, Cardiff, and Coventry. 

The average age of people living in Leicester has gone up by around two years—from 31 to 33—during the past decade. Some economists have argued that this is a result of the rising house prices in the city centre, which have nearly doubled during the past decade.

As the population has grown in Leicester, there has also been more variation in the ethnicities and religions of those living there. According to recent figures, the religious beliefs of people in Leicester are separated as follows:

  • Christian: 24.7%
  • Muslim: 23.5%
  • Atheist: 23%
  • Hindu: 17.9%
  • Sikh: 4.5%

As these numbers demonstrate, Leicester has a large Muslim and Hindu community, and more mosques and temples have appeared throughout the city to accommodate this. The Leicester Islamic Centre is on Conduit Street, for example, and the Shree Hindu Temple and Community Centre is on St Barnabas Road.

Health seems to be improving throughout the city’s population, with 42.8% of residents describing their health as ‘very good’ in the latest census. This is a considerable improvement in the percentage of people who made this statement ten years earlier.

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Leicester’s developments

With Leicester’s population constantly growing and more businesses setting up offices in the city every year, it is no surprise that the city council is committed to developing infrastructure, commercial offices and residential apartments.

A few new developments are in the works: a new school in Hinckley called ‘Normandy Way School’, a new surgery unit at Leicester General Hospital, and a Solar Farm at Poole Farm, Quorn. 

Meanwhile, some of the roads and neighbourhoods that have recently seen new houses being built include:

  • Gartree Road
  • Lubbesthorpe
  • Frog Island
  • Overstone Park, Market Harborough

In other news, Leicester City F.C.’s King Power Stadium has had an application approved to increase its capacity by 8,000 people. This demonstrates not only the club’s growing fanbase but also the overall need to develop in Leicester due to the rising population.

Low-carbon industrial and commercial units are also being developed on the site of former council offices, which shows the city council’s commitment to attracting more businesses to Leicester.

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Leicester’s crime rate

Crime in Leicester is relatively high compared to other major towns in the county. That said, there is evidence that the police and local authorities are cracking down on these challenges.

Firstly, most crime types have decreased in quantity compared to one year ago. Many people who live in the city also describe themselves as feeling safe.

On the other hand, Leicester remains above the national crime average in some of the following areas:

  • Criminal damage and arson
  • Public order crime
  • Drugs
  • Burglary
  • Bicycle theft
  • Possession of weapons

Some areas are safer than others, and this is a factor that people take into account when they move to Leicester. For example, areas in the suburbs, such as Blaby and Harborough, have significantly lower crime levels than the county’s average. Meanwhile, the centre of the city, unsurprisingly, has very high levels of crime. 

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Leicester job opportunities

Figures show that employment has slowly increased in Leicester over the past ten years, which is a testament to the improvement in job opportunities in the city. However, employment levels are still far below the U.K. average.

Many major organisations have committed to expanding their bases in Leicester, such as IBM, Hastings Direct, Octopus Energy, Mattioli Woods and PPL PRS. Meanwhile, the largest industries in the city are:

  • Human Health And Social Work Activities (18.3%)
  • Wholesale And Retail Trade; Repair Of Motor Vehicles And Motorcycles (13.7%)
  • Administrative And Support Service Activities (13.1%)
  • Manufacturing (12%)
  • Education (11.4%)

All the evidence suggests that Leicester is also a great city for people who want to be self-employed. As a percentage of the overall economy, there is a higher proportion of medium and large organisations in Leicester than in the East Midlands. 

Local initiatives designed to encourage innovation in the business world include the ‘Innovation Hub’ at the University of Leicester and the Leicestershire Innovation Festival, which is due to become an annual event.

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Leicester broadband speed

Leicester ranks slightly above the national average regarding broadband speed, with the LE1 postcode being specifically identified on some comparison websites as an area with high speed. 

Almost all the major providers operate in the city, and you can contact them for price and speed quotations on the best deals available. Virgin Media, B.T. and TalkTalk are historically the three most popular providers in the city. You can speak to these companies directly about fibre-optic options.

Despite this, there are parts of the city where connections are lacking, with households around the hospital and the National Space Centre previously experiencing problems.

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Leicester transport links

No matter your age, occupation or lifestyle, it always makes your life easier if the city you’re living in has excellent transport connections. After all, if it is difficult and/or expensive to get around, living there can become a hassle.

Several bus routes are operating throughout Leicester, and many different organisations provide this service. Some of the most instantly recognisable bus brands in the city include:

  • Arriva
  • First
  • National Express
  • Stagecoach

The main train station in Leicester is next to Conduit Street and offers convenient journeys to dozens of towns around the country. Plenty of taxi companies operate in this part of town, and they can take you almost anywhere.

If you are interested in cycling and walking during your visit to Leicester, the city council is committed to making this easier. Cycling maps can be found online for the entirety of Leicester, and more pedestrian crossings are being implemented at several spots around town so that walking becomes easier and safer for the thousands of people who do it daily.

Leicester has an aerodrome in the east of the city, although it is primarily used by private aircraft and does not offer journeys to the public.

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What to see in Leicester

If you want to see all the beautiful things Leicester has to offer, you have come to the right place. It is a city with incredible architecture, beautiful parks, arts and culture, and much more.

Architecture in Leicester will blow you away if you visit the right places and learn about the history of many of these buildings. From art galleries to museums, and everything in between, you can enjoy:

  • Leicester Museum and Art Gallery
  • National Space Centre
  • The Guildhall Museum
  • King Richard III Visitor Centre
  • Leicester Cathedral

For those who enjoy watching sports, Leicester has a rich history in several sports, including football, rugby and hockey. Leicester City Football Club play at the King Power Stadium, and the Leicester Tigers are one of the most instantly recognisable rugby clubs in the country, playing at Mattioli Woods Welford Road Stadium.

Other types of live events can be enjoyed in Leicester, too. Plenty of theatre, music shows, art clubs, speeches and more are held at the following venues:

  • Curve Theatre
  • O2 Academy Leicester
  • De Montfort Hall
  • Just the Tonic Comedy Club

The atmosphere of a live venue is difficult to recreate, and that’s why thousands of people seek out this experience whenever they visit Leicester. It is a city with outstanding performing arts facilities, so be sure to check it out.

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What to visit in Leicester

Leicester has no shortage of gorgeous locations to visit while you are in the city. To start with, the two major universities in the town—the University of Leicester and De Montfort University—have well-designed and easy-to-visit campuses that you may want to stroll around. If you have children with you who might want to attend the university one day, then why not see what the atmosphere is like?

Furthermore, if you enjoy a day out in a relaxing park with your friends or family, Leicester is equally ideal. You will undoubtedly have a lovely experience in the city’s green spaces.

Leicester Market on Market Place, in the middle of the city, is certainly worth visiting.

There are also quirky places that are unique to Leicester – for example, the Retro Computer Museum, Tropical Birdland, and the University of Leicester Botanic Garden.

When you start to feel puckish during your visit to Leicester, the city has many great places to eat. If you’ve already been to Leicester Market (as mentioned above), it may be worth strolling through one of the city’s major shopping centres, where you can find major chains and independent bistros, all of which you will love.

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Where is Leicester in the U.K.?

Leicester is in the East Midlands of England, in the county of Leicestershire. It is around 97 miles above London and is closest to major towns such as Birmingham, Coventry, Nottingham and Peterborough.

The River Soar passes through the city’s heart and then joins the Grand Union Canal. To the west of the city, the M1 motorway passes straight past Leicester. It continues up to Leeds and then Newcastle via the A1. If you travel southbound on the M1, meanwhile, it takes you directly to London.

Leicester is approximately 90 miles from the beach and around 93 miles from the nearest point in Wales

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What’s Leicester famous for?

King Richard III, who headed the monarchy between 1983 and 1985, has strong connections to Leicester. He is currently buried in Leicester Cathedral after dying on Ambion Hill (in Leicestershire) during the Battle of Bosworth. This was the last decisive battle of the Wars of the Roses, marking the end of the Middle Ages in England.

There are lots of other famous names that were born and/or raised in Leicester, such as:

  • Engelbert Humperdinck
  • David Attenborough
  • Gary Lineker
  • Kate O’Mara
  • Peter Shilton

As outlined further above on this page, Leicester has a very multicultural society, and this aspect of the city has become very well-known. For example, Diwali celebrations in the city are often the largest outside of India. 

Leicester is also home to the Golden Mile, a street full of Indian shops, restaurants and jewellery stores.

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Leicester’s Property Market

The average house in Leicester costs approximately £276,920, which is noticeably less expensive than the U.K. mean price of £309,000.

Some neighbourhoods in Leicester are more expensive than others, and this generally correlates to how many people want to live in that part of the city. For example, two of the most costly areas in Leicester are Knighton and Stoneygate, with a typical house in the latter being priced at £320,119. By contrast, the city centre (LE1) is generally considered the least expensive postcode, with an average property price of £132,400.

If you are interested in renting in Leicester, the average monthly cost is £1,089. This figure varies significantly based on the size of the property, though:

  • One bedroom: £832 per calendar month
  • Two bedroom: £1,053 per calendar month
  • Three bedroom: £1,217 per calendar month
  • Four bedroom: £1,506 per calendar month
  • Five bedroom: £1,662 per calendar month

With interest rates high in the U.K. throughout 2024 and many landlords selling off their portfolios, the latest figures indicate that Leicester house prices have decreased by £3,000 (or around 1%) over the past twelve months.

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Education in Leicester

Leicester is home to two major universities: the University of Leicester and De Montfort University. Together, these two institutions have roughly more than 42,000 students.

If you want to further your education in Leicester, though, then your options do not stop there. Several primary schools have been rated as ‘Outstanding’ in the most recent Ofsted inspections, including:

  • Catherine Infant School
  • Highfields Primary School
  • Parks Primary School
  • The Pastures Primary School
  • Glenmere Community Primary School

Some secondary schools that have met the ‘Outstanding’ standard are Gartree High School, Castle Mead Academy, and Rushey Mead Academy. You will also find additional needs institutions that have achieved this rating, including Keyham Lodge School and Ash Field Academy.

Leicester Central Library is on Bishop Street, in the heart of the town. It is open every day except Sundays and can be used for free by anyone who wants to further their learning in any number of different subjects.

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